Learn how to deal with lost certificates of titles, title transfers, and title verifications on TV

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OMI Land Title Services - Title Company in the Philippines

Have you ever lost your property’s certificate of title and didn’t know what to do?

What if you bought or sold a property and you need to transfer the title either to yourself or your buyer but you don’t know how to do it?

What if you are eyeing a foreclosed property but you don’t know how to do any title verification as part of due diligence?

If you are in a situation where you find yourself asking any of the questions above, you’re in luck!

Our friends at OMI Land Title Services, your one-stop-shop for land title service needs, will be featured on Philippine Realty TV, where they will provide useful tips and practical solutions to various real estate problems such as title transfer, lost titles (I believe they will touch on the process of the reconstitution of certificates of titles) and title verifications.

Philippine Realty TV, the real estate lifestyle TV show for local and global Filipinos, is hosted by actress, commercial and fashion model Angel Jacob and comedian and stage actor, Gabe Mercado.

On a personal note, from the time I started to outsource my title transfer needs to OMI, they have already done 4 title transfers for me (these are both double-close deals) and they delivered as promised without a hitch, even if there were complex issues that needed to be fixed (a couple of tax declarations were left behind and had to be transferred to the bank prior to me, etc).

Anyway, the first of four episodes which features OMI Land Title Services will air on Sunday, October 28, 2012, at 9:30pm on ANC.  Replays will be shown on Nov. 3 & 4 at 10am on ANC, and on December 2, 2012 (Sunday) at 8am on Studio 23.

Even if we have no TV at home by choice (we tasted the freedom of not having an idiotbox at home in 2008 and never looked back), I will find a way to watch this, or even a recording of these episodes. I hope they will upload a recording in youtube so I can watch it, and also feature it here (with permission of course!).

For more information regarding OMI Land Title Services, you may call them at (632) 884-11-06 or just visit OMI’s website.

Happy learning!


To our success and financial freedom!

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Full Disclosure: OMI Land Title Services is a trusted business partner for our land title service needs.

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