Eastwest bank repossessed cars for sale updated as of December 14, 2009

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Eastwest bank has just updated their list of repossessed cars for sale on their website. The list of repossessed cars for sale I am posting below has been updated as of December 14, 2009. If you want to learn more about investing in repossessed cars in the Philippines, please visit my first post about bank repossessed cars.

Please keep in mind that I am posting this as a service to all readers and subscribers of Foreclosure Philippines. If you are interested on any of the bank repossessed cars for sale from Eastwest bank, please contact Eastwest bank directly through MELISSA ABEL at 575-3218 or via e-mail at [email protected]

To set an appointment to inspect any of the second hand cars on the list, please call EDMUND AMOR at (0918) 660-3013. Inspections can be done Tuesdays to Fridays during office hours only at the following locations:

  • OFFICE ADDRESS: # 2264 Pasong Tamo Extension Makati City
  • WAREHOUSE: Km.14 Edison Avenue Sanford Compound Parañaque

Monday, December 14, 2009

Stock NumberYearMakeModelColorPlate NumberMileageSelling Price
Whse2006ChevroletAveo HB 1.6L A/T Gas Black ZEM-924 44786P 305,000.00
Whse2006ChevroletAveo HB 1.5L M/T Gas Blue ZEK-251 58823P 280,000.00
DAVAO2006ChevroletOptra LS 1.6L M/T Gas Gray LFS-598 6837P 400,000.00
CEBU2006ChevroletOptra LS 1.6L M/T Gas Black YDU-515 59930P 300,000.00
Whse2006ChevroletOptra Wagon 1.6L A/T Gas Gray ZFP-526 68842P 360,000.00
Whse2006ChevroletZafira A/T Gas Blue XMG-977 93166P 350,000.00
Whse2006FordExpedition XLT Eddie Bauer Ed. 4WD A/T Gas White JPB-111 39927P 1,817,700.00
Whse2006FordEscape 4WD 3.0L A/T Gas Brown ZFR-319 27841P 600,000.00
Whse2006FordEscape XLT A/T Gas Black ZFZ-669 30445P 550,000.00
Whse2006FordEscape 3.0L V6 A/T Gas Red ZFJ-420 31008P 560,000.00
CEBU2006FordEscape Wagon 2WD A/T Gas White YDU-535 84244P 750,000.00
Whse2008FordEscape XLT 4WD A/T Gas Silver ZMT-652 27476P 785,000.00
2008FordEverest 2.5L 2WD M/T Dsl. Silver ZMW-433 13812P 850,000.00
Whse2005FordFocus Ghia 1.8L A/T Gas Silver VCY-121 49593P 490,000.00
Whse2006FordFocus Ghia 1.8L A/T Gas Blue RCR-314 20276P 465,000.00
Whse2006FordFocus Ghia 1.8L A/T Gas Black KYL-333 66486P 490,000.00
Whse2007FordFocus Ghia 1.6L A/T Gas Beige ZGC-740 32864P 550,000.00
Whse2003HondaCR-V Wagon A/T Gas Green XGG-994 62378P 480,000.00
CEBU2003HondaCR-V Wagon 2.0L IVTEC M/T Gas Green FFH-962 64275P 480,000.00
Whse2008KiaRio Sedan EX 1.4L M/T Gas White ZPP-644 9575P 435,000.00
Whse2006Mazda3 Sedan 1.6V A/T Gas Silver ZDJ-371 37051P 480,000.00
CEBU2007MitsubishiAdventure GLS M/T Dsl. Green 30149P 600,000.00
Whse2007MitsubishiGalant 240M A/T Gas Silver ZNG-268 18245P 965,000.00
DAVAO2006MitsubishiLancer GLS CVT 1.6L A/T Gas Beige LFZ-102 13771P 550,000.00
Whse2007MitsubishiL-300 Exceed M/T Dsl. Green AEG-522 231340P 280,000.00
Whse2005NissanCefiro Classic A/T Gas Black XST-132 71901P 500,000.00
Whse2005NissanSentra GS 1.6L A/T Gas Red XSY-305 22640P 290,000.00
Whse2008NissanSentra GX 1.3L M/T Gas White ZMM-451 30196P 380,000.00
Whse2007NissanUrvan Shuttle 2.7L M/T Dsl. Green ZJR-597 56396P 680,000.00
Whse2008NissanUrvan Shuttle 2.7L M/T Dsl. Red ZMR-264 20585P 680,000.00
CEBU2006ToyotaInnova G A/T Gas YDD-956 46756P 570,000.00
Whse2005ToyotaHi-Ace Commuter M/T Dsl. White ZBF-985P 750,000.00
Whse2006ToyotaVios E 1.3L M/T Gas Red ZFP-474 38181P 380,000.00

Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
Sale shall be on an AS IS WHERE IS NO GUARANTEE basis.

For more information please call MELISSA ABEL at 575-3218 or via e-mail at [email protected]
For viewing appointments please call EDMUND AMOR at (0918) 660-3013. Offers will be evaluated the same day (Dec15-18 only).
Viewing schedule: Tuesday to Friday during office hours only.
OFFICE ADDRESS: # 2264 Pasong Tamo Extension Makati City
WAREHOUSE: Km.14 Edison Avenue Sanford Compound Parañaque

Source: http://www.eastwestbanker.com/tool/prop4sale_auto.asp

If any of you have had any experience buying repossessed cars from Eastwest bank, please do share your experiences here through the comments section below. Thanks!

Happy hunting!

To our financial freedom!

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