EastWest Bank repossessed cars for sale as of September 14, 2009

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I chanced upon this fairly new list of repossessed cars for sale from EastWest Bank and I am posting it here for everyone. This list of EastWest Bank repossessed cars is updated as of September 14, 2009. I notice this list has quite a big number of second hand cars on it. I just wonder if their warehouse got affected by the recent floods. Anyway, just make sure you do your due diligence prior to submitting any bids. Please refer to the fine print at the bottom of the list.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Stock NumberYearMakeModelColorPlate NumberMileageSelling Price
11242006ChevroletAveo HB 1.5L M/T GasGrayZEK-41458979P 330,000.00
11162005ChevroletOptra NB 1.6L M/T GasGrayZCA-73522885P 330,000.00
11772006ChevroletOptra LS 1.6L M/T GasGrayZFC-49833542P 300,000.00
9252005ChevroletVenture LT A/T GasGoldZAE-52850000P 550,000.00
7582006FordEscape Wagon 2WD A/T Gas (CEBU)WhiteYDU-53584244P 750,000.00
10092008FordEscape XLS A/T GasBlackRGX-45818762P 750,000.00
AIG2006FordEverest 2.5L 4WD M/T Dsl.BlackZFR-94149327P 600,000.00
8512005FordFocus Ghia 1.8L A/T GasSilverVCY-12149593P 490,000.00
7572007FordFocus Ghia 1.8L A/T Gas (CEBU)BlackYDG-942P 550,000.00
10862007FordFocus Trend 1.6L A/T GasGrayZGK-43223104P 580,000.00
7682006MitsubishiAdventure GLS Sport A/T Gas (CEBU)RedYDP-66442850P 590,000.00
11652006MitsubishiAdventure M/T Dsl.SilverZFS-72564420P 450,000.00
2008MitsubishiAdventure GLX M/T Dsl.WhiteZNB-72729388P 595,000.00
AIG2008MitsubishiGalant 240M A/T GasWhiteRDR-93216903P 1,035,500.00
10982008MitsubishiL-300 FB DAC M/T Dsl.WhiteZPA-89523489P 450,000.00
7782007MitsubishiLancer GLX 1.6L M/T Gas (CEBU)WhiteFWS-449166464P 440,000.00
7792007MitsubishiLancer GLX 1.6L M/T Gas (CEBU)WhiteFWR-977164494P 360,000.00
7822007MitsubishiLancer GLX 1.6L M/T Gas (CEBU)WhiteFWS-490P 380,000.00
6542005NissanCefiro Classic A/T GasBlackXST-13271901P 690,000.00
10742005NissanSentra GX 1.3L A/T GasGrayZBV-45264462P 300,000.00
AIG2007NissanSentra GX 1.3L A/T GasSilverZGV-73627803P 420,000.00
AIG2006NissanSentra GSX 1.6L M/T GasBlackZDV-37717788P 350,000.00
10072006NissanSentra GSX 1.6L M/T GasGrayZCY-39152974P 420,000.00
10812006NissanSentra GS 1.6L A/T GasBlackRDN-87370289P 400,000.00
7632007NissanX-Trail 2.0L 4WD A/T Gas (CEBU)Gray28313P 900,000.00
8972007ToyotaAvanza G M/T Gas (CEBU)HBA-526P 560,000.00
11252002ToyotaCamry 2.0L A/T GasGrayXGY-41766058P 520,000.00
11202001ToyotaCorolla Altis A/T GasBlackWTC-69690450P 320,000.00
11622007ToyotaFortuner G A/T GasSilverZJG-51866391P 930,000.00
12262006ToyotaVios J 1.3L M/T GasBlueZFN-91699818P 350,000.00
AIG2008IsuzuAlterra 2WD M/T Dsl.SilverZRZ-83810629P 985,000.00
AIG2006IsuzuCrosswind Sportivo 2.5L M/T Dsl.TornadeRCR-314P 605,000.00
10912008IsuzuCrosswind XT M/T Dsl.SilverZMZ-3392591P 670,000.00
11482007IsuzuNKR Dropside M/T Dsl.WhiteZJE-94421642P 480,000.00
5562008HyundaiGetz 1.1L M/T Gas (DAVAO)BlackZKC-86217593P 380,000.00
7622006HyundaiSanta Fe CRDi 2WD A/T Dsl. (CEBU)BlackYDU-42043402P 1,100,000.00
10132007HyundaiSanta Fe CRDi 2WD A/T Dsl.BlackZKN-37840705P 1,200,000.00
9972007HyundaiTucson CVVT 2WD A/T GasBlackZGL-68237442P 720,000.00
11332007KiaCarens CRDi A/T Dsl.BlackZJF-19226070P 700,000.00
8832006Mazda3 Sedan 1.6L A/T GasWhiteZEZ-78348484P 520,000.00
AIG2006Mazda3 Sedan 1.6L A/T GasRedZEW-36832756P 550,000.00
11742007Mazda3 Sedan 1.6L A/T GasWhiteZNH-47318128P 550,000.00
11832008Mazda3 2.0R A/T GasWhiteZNC-260P 780,000.00
11342007SuzukiAPV Van A/T GasBlackZNB-80341139P 480,000.00

Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
Sale shall be on an AS IS WHERE IS NO GUARANTEE basis.

For more information please call MELISSA ABEL at 830-8781 or via e-mail at [email protected]
Viewing Days: Tuesdays to Thursdays during office hours only.
Deadline for the submission of bids is Thursdays at 5:30pm.
OFFICE ADDRESS: 19/F PBCOM Tower 6795 Ayala Avenue cor. Herrera St. Salcedo Village Makati City
WAREHOUSE: Km.14 Edison Avenue Sanford Compound Parañaque
For appointments please contact EDMUND AMOR at (0918) 660-3013.

Source: http://www.eastwestbanker.com/tool/prop4sale_auto.asp

Happy hunting!


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