Bahay Financial Services (BFS) Pre-owned Properties for Sale (January 2009)

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Bahay Financial Services or BFS currently has a vast inventory of pre-owned or foreclosed properties for sale that includes investment/budget homes and lots. Their current listing includes properties in attractive locations in the National Capital Region (NCR), CALABARZON, Visayas, and Mindanao.

I have checked the listing and I noted that it includes more than 3,000 properties that are still in “Available” status.

The foreclosed properties for sale are very affordable and easy payment terms are also available. For more information, you may contact BFS directly using the contact details found here:

The BFS foreclosed real estate listing is available online and you may access it through the following link: For those who want to download the complete list by copying it online, you might get frustrated as it could take a long time to download due to the large amount of data, even with a fast internet connection. At least that was what I experienced when I tried it. Anyway, after a long wait, I was able to download the complete listing. If anyone wants to download my copy (which I have already zipped) to avoid the long time to download I encountered, you may download it here.

I know a fellow real estate investor who has already purchased two repossessed houses from BFS which are now part of his portfolio of real estate investments. He is already receiving positive cashflow from these properties.

Bahay Financial Services, Inc. is a pioneering multi-national mortgage servicing platform that combines functional competencies in Mortgage Finance Origination and Credit Underwriting, Loan Servicing, Default Management, Property Management and Secondary Market Development. More information about BFS is available here: http://www,

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