Red Tag Properties For Sale: Buena Mano Red Tag Metro Manila Q2-2009

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If you thought the Buena Mano Yellow Tag properties were cheap, wait till you see the foreclosed properties in the Q2-2009 Buena Mano Red Tag Metro Manila Catalogue. Actually, you won’t find any selling price in the catalogue so you will just have to call up their Metro Manila office to get complete information on any of the properties listed.
Red Tag properties are foreclosed properties that still have pending court cases. There are also instances when some of these properties are still occupied by the former owner, tenants, or illegal occupants. Obviously, Red Tag properties require special handling and the people from Buena Mano Property Management and Sales would be more than happy to guide you on your purchase of Red Tag properties. Just refer to the catalogue for the contact number(s) of the person-in-charge of the specific properties you may be interested in. Don’t forget that purchases for such properties are allowed bigger discounts on the selling prices and these are all negotiable.
Personally, I find the conditions of the properties as stated above quite intimidating and I’m sure new real estate investors feel the same. However, I believe that there are actually buyers out there who have the experience and the resources needed to be able to deal with these kinds of properties.
Other Buena Mano Q2-2009 Catalogues are also available below:
Good luck and happy hunting!

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