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3,267 PDIC foreclosed properties available for negotiated sale as of November 2019

The Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) currently has a total of 3,267 PDIC foreclosed properties for negotiated sale this November 2019.  Details can be found below.

As usual, all foreclosed properties included in the listings below are for sale on an “as-is, where-is” basis, and interested parties should have already done their due diligence prior to submitting offers.

Disclosure(s) applicable for each property

Before submitting an offer for a property, please check the issues pertaining to each property under “Disclosures” included with the details. Here’s a table from the invitation to bid that explains what those disclosures mean:

Please refer to the code/description for footnotes below:

* – The Memorial Lot Contract and other related documents pertaining to the memorial lots were either misplaced or lost and could not be found and beyond recovery, per Affidavit of Loss executed in 1997

** – Deed of Sale in favor of EIB executed in 2006 is on file.

*** – Annotation at the back of the Deed of Sale Contract No. 1047604: Deed of Transfer dated 12/23/11 executed by Provident Plans International Corporation (PPIC) in favor of EIB / Deed of Sale dated 5/13/06 executed by PPIC in favor of EIB

10 – With technical error in describing the boundary/ies of the property

13 – Exact boundaries not determined due to absence of tax mapping in the area.

15 – The property is prone to flooding/landslide/erosion

20 – Buyer to reimburse real estate tax payments advanced by PDIC/closed banks CY 2016 onwards

21 – The property is located within an undeveloped subdivision/area

23 – Property traversed by Road/irrigational canal/transmission line/electrical post/creek

27 – Former Bank Premises

28 – Original copy of Deed of Cancellation of Mortgage on file with PDIC, not annotated in TCT

29 – Owner’s Copy of TCT missing, reconstitution cost for the account of the buyer

31 – All unpaid registration fees, interest and penalties shall be for the account of the Buyer

36 – With Dation in Payment with Right to Repurchase but not annotated on the title.

4 – TD in third party’s name

40 – With discrepancy in the lot area per latest TD and old TD or in the lot area indicated in the TD & COS

42 – With typo-discrepancy in describing lot area of the property in words versus in figure indicated in the title

43 – No available tax map/cadastral map at the Assessor’s Office

48 – With technical discrepancy in describing the lot number of the property between the title and in the subdivision plan

49 – Verification of property records with the Assessor’s / Treasurer’s Office at the buyer’s instance

50 – Shape of the lot does not form a polygon when plotted based on the technical description appearing in the title

54 – Title is not in the records of the ROD/razed by fire

57 – Original copy of Owner’s Duplicate of Title is in the custody of PDIC.

6 – The property is located within the residential compound of the previous owner.

60 – Title registered in the name of the borrower/former owner but the TD is declared in the another party’s name

61 – Based on technical description on the tilte, the property appears to have ovelapped the adjacent lot

62 – With discrepancy in the lot area per latest TD with the title

64 – With errors in the technical description subject for correction which shall be for the account of the buyer.

65 – With discrepancy in the shape of tax map of the property against the technical description when plotted.

66 – Title registered in the name of the bank but TD is declared in another party’s name.

67 – With typographical error in the name of the registered owner on the title.

68 – Exemption of the property from the provision of Article 567 of the Civil Code (on the rights of the usufructuary to the fruits)

69 – Exemption of the Republic of the Philippines from the obligation to grant a right of way to the grantee of the property

7 – Creek/river/legal easement not yet deducted in the area

72 – No records on file with the Assessor’s Office (undeclared)

73 – Notarized Deed of Assignment bears no signature of the vendees and not yet annotated on the title.

74 – No approved subdivision plan on file.

76 – With annotation of Option to Buy; for cancellation of the buyer

9 – Properties to be sold as a whole

A – COS Stamped registered by ROD but not annotated in the Tax Declaration

a – Title registered in PDIC’s name/Closed Bank’s name

B – With notarized Deed of Sale/Dacion en Pago/Deed of Assignment/Court Clearance/Decision/Certification in favor of the bank/PDIC but not annotated in the title

b – Title, OR/CR registered in borrower’s name/former registered owner’s name

d – Covered with TD (only) in PDIC’s name/Closed Bank’s name

e – Covered with TD (only) not in PDIC’s name/Closed Bank’s name

f – Titling/transfer of title on-going

g – Original Owner’s or ROD’s copy of TCT missing/ reportedly gutted by fire — reconstitution for buyer’s account

h – Title not in possession of PDIC but with conditional guarantee for release by entity in possession

i – With notice of levy or attachment, notice, of tax liens, lis pendens or encumbrances/ legal case/adverse claim/affidavit of loss

J – Not yet reflected in the latest tax map

j – With notation of encumbrance for cancellation for buyer’s account

K – Title in the name of mortgagee/originating bank/PDIC but TD still in the name of previous owner

k – With unpaid taxes/dues

l – With lessee/tenants/informal dwellers/caretaker/encroachment/ planted to crops

m – Buyer to determine occupancy/tenancy

n – Needs relocation survey

o – No Right-of-Way or used as Right-of-Way / With annotation of right-of-way

r – Net of Right-of-Way/easement due to waterways, river, creek, erosion/traversed by road

t – Improvement without tax declaration

v – Inconsistencies in data found in the title/TD

w – Only a portion of area indicated in the title/TD for sale

x – With subdivision/condominium restrictions and/or subject to special conditions

y – With annotation pursuant to Rules of Court or RA or Civil Code or other pertinent laws

View list of PDIC foreclosed properties

This list of properties have already been uploaded in our database for easy searching, and you can view them all through the button/link below:

Click to view PDIC and various closed banks’ properties in database for easy sorting/filtering

Download list of PDIC foreclosed properties for negotiated sale

You may download a copy of the list of PDIC foreclosed properties for negotiated sale below:

Click to download list of PDIC properties for negotiated sale

How to submit offers to buy properties for negotiated sale

Interested buyers may get in touch with PDIC through the following contact information:

  • (02) 841-4630 for those in Metro Manila
  • toll-free hotline at 1-800-1-888-PDIC or 1-800-1-888-7342 for those outside Metro Manila
  • e-mail to
  • private message at Facebook through
  • PDIC Public Assistance Center, 3/F SSS Bldg. for letter inquiries

The list of properties for negotiated sale are available on the PDIC website,, for ready reference, while the complete description of the properties are available at the PDIC Asset Management and Disposal Group, 7th Floor, SSS Building, 6782 Ayala Avenue, cor. V.A. Rufino St., Makati City.

Source: PDIC website


Disclaimer and Reminders

  • All foreclosed properties are for sale on an “AS IS, WHERE IS” basis. Interested parties are reminded to conduct proper due diligence prior to the purchase of any foreclosed property.
  • Availability, prices, and property status are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Misprints should not be construed as misrepresentation of the property.

Full disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We are posting this listing as a public service announcement for everyone who have been asking for updated listings of foreclosed properties for sale.

If you have any questions/inquiries regarding a property included in the list, please contact PDIC directly through the contact info included with the details of each property, and also in the article above. Thank you for understanding!

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