Pag-IBIG Foreclosed Properties Auction in Cagayan De Oro City Slated on May 13, 2015

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A public auction of Pag-IBIG foreclosed house and lots shall take place on May 13, 2015, at the 4th Floor, Conference Room, Pag-IBIG FUND Cagayan De Oro Branch, J. R. Borja Street, Cagayan De Oro City. Submission of bids shall be from 8:00AM to 12 PM only. Please refer to the complete list of properties, and general guidelines below.

This public auction includes properties that are mostly from Cagayan De Oro City and Opol. It also has one property each from Medina and Jasaan. All of these are within the province of Misamis Oriental.

The auction also includes a couple of properties from the province of Bukidnon, with one each from Quezon and Valencia. Please refer to the complete list below.

Foreclosed properties for public auction on May 13, 2015

You may refer to the table below which lists all of the foreclosed properties from Pag-IBIG that are included in the public auction on May 13, 2015. A downloadable version is also available below, right after the General Guidelines.

Tip: With the table below, you can quickly search and filter the list, just use the search box at the top right. For example, to only see unoccupied properties, just type “unoccupied” in the search box. You may also sort the table according to Minimum Bid, Lot area, Floor area, etc., just click on the up/down arrows on the heading of each column. Go ahead, try it!
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Item No.City / MunicipalityProperty LocationTypeTCT / CCT NumberLot Area in SQMFloor Area in SQMMinimum Bid / Appraised Value in PHPRemarks
1Cagayan De Oro CityB25, L29, BELLEVUE SUBD. , CDOC., UPPER CARMENHOUSE / LOT137-2012002980154.0074.002,932,900.00Unoccupied
2Cagayan De Oro CityBC, L04, BLOOMINGDALE SUBD. , CDOC, IPONANHOUSE / LOTT-185855152.0050.001,591,800.00Unoccupied
3Cagayan De Oro CityB50, L08, BLOOMINGDALE SUBD., CDOC, IPONANHOUSE / LOTT-200637174.0050.001,667,700.00Occupied
4Cagayan De Oro CityB16, L22, BLOOMINGDALE SUBD. PII, CDOC, IPONANHOUSE / LOTT-18625470.0034.00897,400.00Occupied
5Cagayan De Oro CityB17, L12, BLOOMINGDALE SUBD. PII, CDOC, IPONANHOUSE / LOT137-201400285750.0030.00575,200.00Occupied
6Cagayan De Oro CityB17, L49, BLOOMINGDALE SUBD. PII, CDOC., IPONANHOUSE / LOT137-201400075450.0030.00631,600.00Unoccupied
7Cagayan De Oro CityB34, L16, BLOOMINGDALE SUBD. PIII, CDOC., IPONANHOUSE / LOTT-20029180.0034.00964,000.00Unoccupied
8Cagayan De Oro CityB36, L11, BLOOMINGDALE SUBD. PIII, CDOC., IPONANHOUSE / LOTT-20031480.0034.00964,000.00Unoccupied
9Cagayan De Oro CityB46, L20, BLOOMINGDALE SUBD. PIII, CDOC, IPONANHOUSE / LOTT-20057480.0034.00905,600.00Occupied
10Cagayan De Oro CityB57,L22, BLOOMINGDALE SUBD. PIII, CDOC, IPONANHOUSE / LOTT-20087082.0034.00948,400.00Occupied
11Cagayan De Oro CityB63, L15 , BLOOMINGDALE SUBD. PV, CDOC, IPONANHOUSE / LOT137-201200159550.0030.00685,700.00Unoccupied
12Cagayan De Oro CityB04, L09, CAMBRIDGE SUBD., CDOC., IPONANHOUSE / LOT137-2011001539133.0034.001,348,900.00Unoccupied
13Cagayan De Oro CityB07, L11, CAMBRIDGE SUBD., CDOC., IPONANHOUSE / LOT137-2011001581104.0034.001,241,800.00Unoccupied
14Cagayan De Oro CityB08, L05, CAMBRIDGE SUBD., CDOC, IPONANHOUSE / LOT137-2011001607121.0034.001,322,125.00Unoccupied
15Cagayan De Oro CityB14, L01, CAMBRIDGE SUBD., CDOC., IPONANHOUSE / LOT137-2011001736145.0034.001,435,525.00Unoccupied
16Cagayan De Oro CityB14, L19, CAMBRIDGE SUBD., CDOC, IPONANHOUSE / LOT137-2011001754119.0034.001,285,900.00Unoccupied
17Cagayan De Oro CityB25, L08,10 , CAMELLA HOMES, CDOC, UPPER CARMENHOUSE / LOT137-000753&752130.0083.001,265,300.00Occupied
18Cagayan De Oro CityB08, L10, GOLDSTAR SUBD, BUK., MALAYBALAY, CASISANGHOUSE / LOTT-11889460.0024.00413,600.00Unoccupied
19Cagayan De Oro CityB15, L32,34, LA BUENA VIDA , CDOC-LUMBIAHOUSE / LOTT-169768/769140.0030.00884,000.00Occupied
20Cagayan De Oro CityB02, L53, MINDANAO HOMES, CDOC, PAGATPATHOUSE / LOT137-201400272072.0030.00273,900.00Occupied
21Cagayan De Oro CityB08,L31,33, MINDANAO HOMES, CDOC., PAGATPATHOUSE / LOT137-2014919-920144.0030.00435,300.00Unoccupied
22OpolB21, L20, PAG-IBIG CITIHOMES PII, MIS.OR., OPOL, MALANANGHOUSE / LOTT-53504110.0031.56484,400.00Unoccupied
23OpolB04, L44, PAG-IBIG CITIHOMES PIII, MIS.OR., OPOL, MALANANGHOUSE / LOTT-5530195.0031.32628,500.00Unoccupied
24OpolB04, L46, PAG-IBIG CITIHOMES PIII , MIS.OR., OPOL, MALANANGHOUSE / LOTT-5530395.0031.32628,500.00Unoccupied
25OpolB05, L12, PAG-IBIG CITIHOMES PIII, MIS.OR., OPOL, MALANANGHOUSE / LOTT-5532195.0031.32517,900.00Unoccupied
26MedinaB09, L08, PERLITA'S EXECUTIVE HOMES , MIS.OR. MEDINAHOUSE / LOTT-4390673.0031.36279,100.00Occupied
27OpolB04, L03, PN ROA LCHP, MIS.OR., BARRA, OPOLHOUSE / LOT136-2014000319100.0058.00941,900.00Occupied
28OpolB13, L21, PN ROA LCHP, MIS.OR. BARRA, OPOLHOUSE / LOT136-2014000314100.0030.00551,900.00Occupied
29OpolB34, L19, PN ROA LCHP, MISOR, BARRA, OPOLHOUSE / LOT136-2014002110103.0050.00548,600.00Unoccupied
30OpolB35, L12 , PN ROA LCHP, MIS.OR., BARRA, OPOLHOUSE / LOT136-2014000650100.0030.00548,500.00Occupied
31OpolB40, L05 , PN ROA LCHP, MIS.OR.-BARRA,OPOLHOUSE / LOT136-2014000629134.0034.00637,700.00Occupied
32OpolB47, L08 , PN ROA LCHP, MIS.OR. OPOL, BARRAHOUSE / LOT136-2014000607140.0034.00669,900.00Unoccupied
33OpolB02RES4,L12, PN ROA LCHP PII, MIS.OR.-BARRA,OPOLHOUSE / LOT136-201200091560.0030.00444,200.00Unoccupied
34OpolB27, L07, PN ROA LCHP PII , MIS.OR., BARRA, OPOLHOUSE / LOT136-2014000541102.0034.00709,800.00Occupied
35OpolB47, L12, PN ROA LCHP PII, MISOR, BARRA, OPOLHOUSE / LOTT-51056140.0078.001,037,950.00Occupied
36OpolB48, L23, PN ROA LCHP PII, MIS.OR., BARRA, OPOLHOUSE / LOT136-2013001115138.0034.00601,200.00Unoccupied
37Cagayan De Oro CityB06, L17, REGENCY PLAINS SUBD., CDO-IPONANHOUSE / LOT137-201200154580.0060.00648,000.00Occupied
38Cagayan De Oro CityB12, L04, REGENCY PLAINS SUBD. , CDO-IPONANHOUSE / LOT137-201400293280.0050.00853,000.00Occupied
39Cagayan De Oro CityB12, L11, SAN AGUSTIN VALLEY HOMES , CDOC. CALA-ANANHOUSE / LOT137-201400280754.0048.00561,600.00Occupied
40Cagayan De Oro CityB01, L29, SOUTHVIEW HOMES, CDOC., MACASANDIGHOUSE / LOT137-201400108380.0083.001,192,100.00Occupied
41Cagayan De Oro CityB07, L18, SOUTHVIEW HOMES, MACASANDIG, CAGAYAN DE OROHOUSE / LOT137-201400200080.0034.00600,700.00Occupied
42Cagayan De Oro CityB26, LA , SOUTHVIEW HOMES, CDOC, l26-A,UPPER MACASANDIGHOUSE / LOT137-2014001424256.00190.002,626,500.00Occupied
43QuezonB06, L29, TRANSVILLE SUBDIVISION , BUK. QUEZONHOUSE / LOTT-133696100.0030.25191,200.00Occupied
44ValenciaB06, L03, VILLA EDLIMAR SUBD. , BUK. LUMBO, VALENCIAHOUSE / LOTT-95706120.0080.00408,700.00Occupied
45JasaanB03, L08, VILLA MILA SUBD., MIS.OR. APLAYA JASAANHOUSE / LOTT-42269131.0038.00382,390.00Occupied
46OpolB01, L04, YOUNGSVILLE SUBD. , MIS.OR.-IGPITHOUSE / LOT136-2013000852100.0038.00324,000.00Occupied
47Cagayan De Oro CityB49, L19, XAVIER HEIGHTS SUBD., CDOD, UPPER CARMENHOUSE / LOTT-93654105.0040.00733,700.00Unoccupied

General Guidelines

I have included a copy of the general guidelines below in verbatim for quick and easy reference.


1. Interested parties are required to secure copies of: (a) INSTRUCTION TO BIDDERS(HQP-AAF-104) and (b) OFFER TO BID (HQP-AAF-103) from the office of the Acquired Assets Unit at 2nd flr, Pag-IBIG Fund, Cagayan de Oro Branch, J.R. Borja st., Cagayan de Oro City.

2.The Invitation to Bid shall be published or advertised for not less than three(3) consecutive days in newspapers of general circulation, and posted on the 2nd flr Pag-IBIG Fund, Cagayan de Oro Branch, J.R. Borja st., Cagayan de Oro City.

3. Sealed proposal shall be submitted to Acquired Assets Section, Pag-IBIG Fund, Cagayan de Oro Branch starting at 8:00 AM but not later than 12:00 NN. No proposal shall be accepted by the the committee earlier or later than the scheduled date.

4. The Opening of Bids shall commence from 1:00PM to 5:00PM on May 13, 2015.

5. Purchase of the said property may be either on the following modes of payment:

a. Cash – on which the approved purchase price shall be paid not later than thirty (30) calendar days from date of receipt of Notive of Award(NOA)

b. Installment basis – on which payment shall be in equal monthly installment inclusive of interest and provided the chosen payment term, shall not exceed twelve (12) months.

c. Pag-IBIG Housing Loan -on which the buyer shall be required to file his Pag-IBIG housing loan application and pay incidental expenses within thirty(30) calendar days from receipt of the Notice of Approval of Sale.

6. The Minimum Bid shall be based on the appraisal value. The occupancy status on the ‘REMARKS’ portion is based on the condition of the property upon appraisal.

7. The Bidders shall be present at the opening of bids. Bidders may delegate their Authorized Representative. Provided they shall issue the following documents:

a. Special Power of Attorney for individual-bidder

b. Secretary’s Certificate for company-bidder

8. Each bid proposal shall be accompanied by a BIDDER’S BOND in CASH or MANAGER’S CHECK issued by any commercial bank, payable to Pag-IBIG FUND for an amount equivalent to 10% of the BID PRICE.

9. Properties shall be sold on an “AS IS, WHERE IS” basis.

10. If the winning bidder fails or refuses to push through with the purchase of the property, or fails to pay in full the remaining balance within 30 calendar days from receipt of the Notive of Award(NOA), he shall lose his right as winning bidder and the 10% bidder’s bond shall be forfeited in favor of the Fund.

11. All interested buyers are encouraged to inspect the said property before tendering their offers.



Alternately, you may also download the invitation to bid which also includes the complete list and guidelines  below:

Click to download the list of Pag-IBIG foreclosed properties for sale through public auction on May 13, 2015


Full disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We are not accredited real estate brokers of Pag-IBIG. We are posting this as a form of public service because a lot of you out there have been asking for these listings. If you have any questions/inquiries, please contact Pag-IBIG DIRECTLY by visiting their office at the Acquired Assets Unit, 2nd flr, Pag-IBIG Fund, Cagayan de Oro Branch, J.R. Borja st., Cagayan de Oro City (Sorry, I could not find a phone number on the list). Thank you for understanding.

P.S. If you like to receive more listings like this, you may also subscribe to e-mail alerts to get notified when we publish new listings.

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