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March 2012 Real Estate Brokers Exam results in silence?

*Update dated March 26, 2012: PRC March 2012 real estate brokers exam results have been released! Click here to view the complete list. 
Last year, I reported that the first real estate brokers exam under the PRC resulted in a lot of frustrated examinees. Was it any different this year? Honestly, I don’t know… yet.


It seems this year’s examinees have chosen to remain silent after the real estate brokers licensure examination. I wonder why…

Last year, my wife also took the exam, along with majority of my friends who are active in the real estate industry but were not yet licensed real estate brokers. They served as my eyes and ears. More or less, I knew what the controversy was all about last year, which can be summed up in one word, “ecology”.

This year, I believe the last few remaining friends of mine who missed the exam last year, finally took the exam last March 18, and as I have said, I was very surprised with their silence in the aftermath of the exam.

Maybe they are just waiting for the results to come out before they will speak up. I for one believe there is wisdom in this line of thinking… sometimes it’s best to keep quiet… and wait until the March 2012 real estate brokers exam results are released.

Nevertheless, I am still very curious and await feedback and sentiments about the 2012 real estate brokers licensure examination.

PRC March 2012 Real Estate Brokers Exam Results

Last year’s results were released in just 5 working days after the exam. As I write this, five working days have already passed since the exam was given, so I expect the March 2012 Real Estate Brokers exam results to be released anytime now.

Once the results are available, I will surely post it here, don’t forget to subscribe so you will be notified once posted. I just hope the PRC will release the examination results ahead of the 10 day deadline as mentioned in the RESA Law IRR.

*Update dated March 26, 2012: PRC March 2012 real estate brokers exam results have been released! Click here to view the complete list.

Good luck to all examinees!


To our success and financial freedom!

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32 thoughts on “March 2012 Real Estate Brokers Exam results in silence?”

  1. Hahay….i have read in FB, the results will be out na daw in a few hours, but i guess almost 8 hours na…waiting like this is nerve wracking 🙁 huhuhu. Better to know it early if we pass or fail atleast we can move on….

  2. What a shame!!!That exam was given by the Professional Regulation Commission? The presentation is so unprofessional…handwritten insertions…the DELAY…and they have the right to REGULATE???? Now, now, it’s really FUN in the Philippines!!!! What a joke!

  3. tama ka twit. all passers will be grateful dahil magaling manghula and not because you know reb. nasayang ang ilang weeks of review and of course the fees… maybe we should have consulted fengshui experts prior to the exams…whew!!!

  4.  REB exam covers more on REIT, Ecology, Feng shui, Economics, and irrelevant questions with a lot of corrections… Examinees says, passing REB will be out of luck and not from hard work of studying!!

  5. i took the exam in iloilo and we waited for 2 1/2 hrs for the 1st exam to begin. We were told that there was a technical problem in manila.

  6. Davao Examinees experienced the most annoying, destructive, uncomfortable PRC exam ever…. test 1 started 11am and there was a party going on just outside the school venue since test 2 started until we finished test 3.. there’s only one thing i would never ever forget during the exam.. “Tang orange na orange, tang orange na orange, tang orange na orange..” search in youtube and find out how annoying the song was..

  7. The exam was marked with delays. The 1st set should have started by 8am but became 9am. The delay happened because there were problems in the packaging as per our proctor. Then the next set originally was adjusted to 12nn but started at 130pm because according to our proctor we had to wait for Davao to finish their 1st set and that all PRC regional exam centers should be synchronized to avoid any leakages. Third set ends at 8PM. It was a grueling exam as it seemed that our agony was prolonged.
    There were a lot of corrections made in the questionnaires. Some trivial questions but I guess they were bonuses. Questions were evenly distributed to economics, finance, appraisal, ethics and the different subdivision, condominium, urban planning laws.
    Again, the results are delayed. I believe the number of examinees from last year and this year are almost the same. If that must be the case, then the results should have been already released yesterday. But then we will see. If we are to follow the RESA law, the last day we would expect the result would be next week, March 30, ten working days after the exams.

    • Hi Melynn, i just hope they can release the results soon. If the results are delayed, even if still within the 10 day deadline, it might also feel like “prolonging the agony” for those who took the exam and await for the results.  Thanks for dropping by!

  8. Agree with “Guest”. Questions were poorly written, aside from the delays. Reflective of poor coordination and preparations perhaps. One can only guess why.

  9.  its more on general economics and appraisal with a little hint of feng shui. not really the things that a practicing broker would need. there were like 5 computations, 2 taxation questions and a few ethics. the test was frustrating especially on how the questions were prepared. most of them were grammatically incorrect.

    • I guess this year’s exam was just like last year’s, very frustrating. Nevertheless, I wish it will also be like last year, in terms of having a very high passing rate. Thanks for dropping by!

  10. yes sir….more on economics and appraisal — maybe the results will be delayed since the exam itself was delayed….

  11. major issues in the last reb exams (for me): (1) delay, delay, delay.  1st subject started at 9 am; 2nd subj. started at 1:30pm! i’m speaking for myself, this delay really zapped my energy (which made the 3rd subject doubly hard for me); (2) i’m no english guru but some of the questions were so badly constructed, this inspite of the numerous handwritten correction on the questionnaire.  there was also one question on the 3rd subject requiring computation but no given – it referred to “no. 4 above” but neither question no. 4 or the 4th question on the same page was related to it, in fact nothing in the 3rd subject was even remotely related to that question; (3)  last year it was ecology, this year, it was finance & economics.

    • Hi Guest! I can imagine how the delays can be mentally and physically draining to examinees… not to mention that “weird” question you mentioned… sigh. I suspect the wrong english might be meant as part of the exam, to make it more difficult. Goodluck and thanks for sharing!

  12. I think the reason why it took them so much time to release the results is because there were a lot of confusing questions in the test and mistakes that should be considered as bonus, there were corrections, and the corrections itself has to be corrected!? and the formulation of questions was quite confusing. The test included more of economics, finance and some current events. Ecology was also included. The silence maybe the reason of too much patience given during the exam day, since everyone has to wait for hours for the delay, since the exam should be synchronized, metro manila examinees had to wait for the regional examinees to start. We all waited patiently for a delay on an hour in the test 1 and another delay for test 2. The exam finished at around 8pm. But as they say, patience is a virtue, just hoping our patience was all worth it. 🙂


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