March 2012 Real Estate Brokers Exam results in silence?

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*Update dated March 26, 2012: PRC March 2012 real estate brokers exam results have been released! Click here to view the complete list. 
Last year, I reported that the first real estate brokers exam under the PRC resulted in a lot of frustrated examinees. Was it any different this year? Honestly, I don’t know… yet.


It seems this year’s examinees have chosen to remain silent after the real estate brokers licensure examination. I wonder why…

Last year, my wife also took the exam, along with majority of my friends who are active in the real estate industry but were not yet licensed real estate brokers. They served as my eyes and ears. More or less, I knew what the controversy was all about last year, which can be summed up in one word, “ecology”.

This year, I believe the last few remaining friends of mine who missed the exam last year, finally took the exam last March 18, and as I have said, I was very surprised with their silence in the aftermath of the exam.

Maybe they are just waiting for the results to come out before they will speak up. I for one believe there is wisdom in this line of thinking… sometimes it’s best to keep quiet… and wait until the March 2012 real estate brokers exam results are released.

Nevertheless, I am still very curious and await feedback and sentiments about the 2012 real estate brokers licensure examination.

PRC March 2012 Real Estate Brokers Exam Results

Last year’s results were released in just 5 working days after the exam. As I write this, five working days have already passed since the exam was given, so I expect the March 2012 Real Estate Brokers exam results to be released anytime now.

Once the results are available, I will surely post it here, don’t forget to subscribe so you will be notified once posted. I just hope the PRC will release the examination results ahead of the 10 day deadline as mentioned in the RESA Law IRR.

*Update dated March 26, 2012: PRC March 2012 real estate brokers exam results have been released! Click here to view the complete list.

Good luck to all examinees!


To our success and financial freedom!

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