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How to file your PRC real estate brokers exam application

Jay and I went to the PRC yesterday to file my application for the Real Estate Brokers Exam on March 27, 2011. We decided to file my application for the real estate brokers exam early, even if the deadline is still on March 7, 2011.  Here are some tips based on how we did it yesterday, and we hope these would help those who are going to file their PRC real estate brokers exam application.

Before going to PRC:

1. Bring the filled-out forms already so you can save time.

Please see attached webcopy of the real estate brokers exam application form. The webcopy looks different from the photocopy version but I think they will accept it. Please confirm with the PRC employees. So sorry we were not able to scan the photocopy version of the application form (I thought the webcopy would be the same as the photocopy).

If you already have an application form, then you do not need to fall in line at the Public Assistance  counters. Also, if you fill out the forms at the PRC, you will have a hard time writing because the tables are limited.

Make sure to put the school code (can’t find the link to PRC list) and course code already.  This pertains to your undergraduate course, not the review course. I saw a lot of people looking at the boards with the school codes and you can save time by looking for your code before you get to PRC. If you had further studies, get your school code and course code for that as well.

Look for your Rurban code for your place of birth, and another Rurban code for your address.

(Update Aug 2013: Here is the list of Board codes)

You do not need to have the application form notarized.

Place of examination – Manila (unless you will take the exam in Cebu, etc.)

Other dates usually refer to the date of filing of the application form.

Previous PRC exams taken – This is a bit confusing even for me. I wrote CPA board exams and the Board Code for CPA.  A person I talked to who was in front of me in the line said that he saw someone who wrote Engineering board but he was instructed to remove the same as the exam we will be taking is the Real Estate Broker’s Exam. So one interpretation is that it pertains to the previous PRC exams you have taken which is the same as the one you will be taking now (meaning repeat).  This one I was not able to verify. Anyway, they accepted my application so I think it is not important.

2. Prepare your documents.

Prepare all the originals (put them together in an envelope), and prepare the photocopies (put them together in an envelope as well). They will compare the photocopies with the originals. Once satisfied with the photocopies, they will return the originals to you.

3. Double-check your documents:

  • Transcript of records (TOR) – must have S.O. #, with scanned picture, and noted “For Board Exam Purposes”
  • As an alternative to the TOR, you may present your diploma with S.O.# and scanned picture (I did not present this, only my TOR)
  • 4 pcs. Passport size colored pictures with full name tag. Inside PRC (to the right of the Public Assistance counters), there is a picture-taking service for P80.00. I had mine done at Tronix for P60.00 only.
  • NSO Birth Certificate
  • NSO Marriage Certificate (for married women)
  • Passport (I brought my passport also as additional proof of Filipino citizenship and my name).
  • Community Tax Certificate (Cedula)
  • Any valid identification card
  • Notarized Certificate of Completion of 120 hours
  • NBI Clearance – I gave the Original Copy, but I saw someone pass the Personal Copy and it was accepted as well. To be sure, just prepare the Original Copy. I got mine (renewal) at the Park Square I NBI Satellite Office (in front of Dusit Hotel Makati) and it took me almost 2 hours to get it because of the long line. (Update Aug 2013: I have written about how to apply for an NBI clearance in this post.) 
  • OJT Certification: 60 hours – This is for those who opted to attend CRESAR’s that offer 60-units lecture which should then be accompanied by 60 hours of OJT certified by a licensed real estate broker. In relation to this, a friend of Jay who also filed his application yesterday will have to go back after 3 days as it appears the 60 hours of OJT under a broker needs to be consulted and clarified with the PRBRES. This is one good reason to file your applications early! (Update: No more 60 hours review, only 120 hours. I just can’t find the link to the PRC clarification).

4. You do not need to have a Certificate of Good Moral Character.

5. Bring your own ballpen, paste, and stamp pad.

There is a stamp pad or everybody’s use at the long table at the Customer Service Center, but you have to get out of the line and go outside the main building.

The stamp pad for everyone at the middle of the customer service center

Going to PRC:

The address of PRC is P. Paredes street, Cor. Morayta Street, Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines

PRC building address: P. Paredes., Cor. Morayta St., Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines

Here is a link to a vicinity map to PRC in google maps:

By car – The best route recommended by my husband would be to come from C.M. Recto Avenue then turn right at Nicanor Reyes Street (formerly Morayta). Turn right again at P. Paredes street which is a one-way street.  P. Paredes is the street just before Espana. At P. Paredes street, you will see the PRC building at the left side (the blue building).

Parking is next to impossible at P. Paredes street. Just turn left to Sergio H. Loyola Street and then to P.  Campa street where you should be able to find some pay parking spaces.

By commuting – I suppose you can reach Nicanor Reyes Street or Morayta by riding any jeepney that will pass C.M. Recto or Espana. After alighting at Nicanor Reyes Street, just walk towards P. Paredes street where the PRC building is located.

jeepneys passing P.Paredes street

6. Be early.

According to Ate Guard, the PRC opens at 8:00am. There is a lunch break from 12:00NN to 1:00pm, and the closing time is at 5pm. We just rode a taxi because it’s difficult to find parking space in the area (and Tuesday is our coding day). Downside is that it was hard for us to get a taxi going back to Makati.

7. Buy Documentary stamps.

When you get inside the gate, you can buy metered documentary stamps (P21.00) at the windows at the right side.  I think there are three windows only. If you want to be more efficient, prepare the exact amount.  Give your application form and the PRC employee will stick the doc stamps on your form.

metered documentary stamps windows at the PRC

8. Buy a genuine window envelope.

Go to the left side, passing the windows with letters (Window H, Window K, etc.), and you will see the PRC Coop store beside the stairs. Buy a window envelope with metered stamp for P18.00. Again, if you want to be more efficient, prepare the exact amount. Do not buy a window envelope with metered stamp from peddlers outside PRC. According to a PRC employee at the documentary stamp window, those are fake.

PRC Coop

9. Fall in line for Evaluation.

Go inside the main building, and at the leftmost side, fall in line for evaluation of your application (Windows 5, 6, 7, and 8 ) There is a “manong” who will give you your application form number, which you have to write on your application form (Thus, you must have your own ballpen).

Better  if you have a thick folder which you can use as “patungan” or any hard surface you can write on since you will be doing a lot of writing while in line.  Ask manong to scan your application form as he can help you with some questions.

evaluation-notice the cashier at the right side

10. Fill-up the PERCC form, etc.

After your application form is evaluated, the PRC will give you the PERCC form and another form.  Hold on to it in the meantime.

11. Payment.

Next, pay the Php900.00 fee at the Cashier (right side of Windows 5, 6, 7, and 8). See picture above.

12. Issuance of Notice of Admission.

You will have to fall in line again for the issuance of the Notice of Admission (Windows 9, 10, 11, and 12). While you are in line, fill out the PERCC form and Notice of Admission form if you have not yet done so. Please see attached sample PERCC form so you are aware of what to write on the real one. The real PERCC form you should fill out shall be the one given to you by the PRC.

Note that you need to affix your thumbmark to the PERRC form. This is when having your own stamp pad is convenient, as you don’t have to go outside anymore. I think everyone in the line will thank you if you share your stamp pad with them. Note: There is no stamp pad being sold at the Coop store.

Have your own paste also as you need to paste your picture on the Notice of Admission and the PERCC forms. This is the last step for the day. Go back 2-3 days before the exam for the building and room assignments.

With thousands of aspiring brokers that are going to take the exam on March 27, 2011, I’m sure the long lines at the PRC will become longer and longer as the March 7, 2011 deadline for the filing of the real estate brokers exam application draws near.

Our suggestion is to file your applications for the real estate brokers exam as soon as you complete your requirements, like the 120-unit CRESAR certificates, among the many requirements.

Good luck to all who are taking the real estate brokers exam!

Cherry Castillo

Cherry is the wife of Jay Castillo. She is a certified public accountant (CPA), lawyer, and soon to be a licensed real estate broker.

Text by Jay Castillo and Cherry Castillo. Copyright © 2011 All rights reserved.

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About Atty. Cherry Vi Saldua Castillo
Atty. Cherry Vi Saldua Castillo is a Lawyer (Roll of Attorneys No. 55239), CPA (PRC CPA License No. 0102054), Real Estate Broker (PRC REB License No. 3187), and Real Estate Appraiser (PRC REA License No. 6918). She was also the 2013 Internal Education Head of REBAP-LMP and 2015 REBAP National Legal Counsel. She's the 2021-2022 chapter president of REBAP-LMP.
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43 thoughts on “How to file your PRC real estate brokers exam application”

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  3. Hi sir Jay & Mam Cherry,
    Just want to ask kung ano gagawin ko, I’m a realestate salesperson, hindi ako qualified mag take broker exam since undergraduate ako, my son who is graduating this october BSIT course, gusto nya mag review at mag take realestate broker exam sa March, is he qualified?
    I also thank you sir/mam for sending updates to me. Marami ako natutunan.
    God Bless you & your family.


  4. Good day, Ask ko lang po related to list of requirements, which is the certification of completion of what(120 hrs.). What is that? Is it necessary? Considering I am first timer who is interested to take an exam?

  5. Another helpful article from you Sir Jay! You are helping a lot of people speed up the process, saving time and effort as well. God Bless you, your wife and the rest of your family. God has given you a gift of service to extend your knowledge to people… you will surely reap all the blessings you partake with us! More power!

  6. Hello po!

    ask ko lang, sa mga requirements, sa “OJT Certification” nag note kayo na “for those who opted to take CRESAR” lang. Meaning po ba, pwedeng hindi nalang ako mag review center and i can just get a “Notarized Certificate of Completion of 120 hours” from someone? and where can i get this notarized certificate?
    Thank you po.

  7. Hi.This is very helpful I should have seen this before I applied:( but anyway Just want to ask what happened to those who didn’t get metered envelope did they get admitted in the exam date? Thankyou and Godbless.

  8. Hi Cherry,
       Im bea, a graduate of 4 year course in Mapua,gusto ko lang itanong kasi i already have submitted the necessary documents as salesperson last Jan.2012.Then I decided to take the board exam for this coming March 18 ,my problem is the PRC took the original certificate of my CPE. Paano ngayon yun,i rerequest pa kaya nila ang original kung na submit ko na sa kabilang department? Thanks and more power to you both!


  9. hi cherry, i’m a law graduate. i’d like to know which transcript did you submit: that of your undergraduate degree, that of your law degree, or both? thank you.

    • Hi Yves,

      My latest UP transcript is 4 pages and includes both my grades for law and undergrad so effectively I submitted both. It was the same transcript I used for the bar.

      Good luck and best regards,

  10. hello ma,am cherry im also from davao city about your problem is to much expensive .if i were you focus to your professional teacher.marami ng professional.walang pera dyan sa real estate.masira lang sapatos mo dyan paghanap ng client.15 percent rich people lang comparison out of 100 pilipinos.ang ayaw kulang dyan sa requirements nila may 120 units pa.para lang maka board exam.ka ng real estate profession.masyadong magastos.samantalang sa prc,registration mura lang.comment ko lang dito sana alisin na nila yang units na yan.dapat presentation lang ng cert.experiences sa realtor,tama na yan,sana maintindihan nyo ang mga tao sir.salamat

    • Hi George,

      Pwede magpresent ng certificate ng OJT na 60 hours from a developer, then 60 hours na lang yung certificate for the units. I think may mga developer din na nagso-sponsor nito.  Mas maganda nga sana kung di masyado magastos, pero nasa batas kasi kaya kelangan sundin.

      Best regards,

  11. Hi Sir Jay and Mam Cherry, good day po. I’m so much willing to take the Real Estate Exam this coming March 18, 2012. I’m four yrs course(license teacher) and almost 5 years Agent, connected in one of  Big Real Estate company here in Davao. I’m having completed 12units in CPE Seminar last July,2011. My problem is, I don’t have Cert. of Completion 0f 120hrs one of the requirements in Real Estate Application…Sana po may ma irecommend po kayo sa akin na Company po dito sa Davao na mag conduct po Ng COMPREHENSIVE REAL ESTATE SIMENAR.

    Thank you so much po and God bless.

    • Hi Mary Ann,

      Pasensya na at ngayon ko lang ito nabasa. Baka meron sa REBAP Chapter malapit sa iyo ( Your real estate company can issue a certificate for 60 hours para 60 hours na lang ang iseminar mo.

      Good luck and best regards,

  12. hello sir jay…..baka pwede nyo po akong matulungan about sa reviewer materials sa real estate broker exam this coming march 18, 2012….baka pwede nyong e share sa akin ung reviewer materials nyo po….my cel# is 09186685124…..un lang pong mga sample questions and answers…not the booklet….only the reviewer … email address is
    thanks and god bless

    • Hi Rose,

      I will answer on behalf of Jay ha, all his review materials were destroyed by Ondoy. My review materials naman are from Urban, the sample questions are property of Engr. Cruz so we are not at liberty to share. Hope you understand.

      Good luck and best regards,

  13. Tanong ko lang po!, kasi sa real estate salesperson ay sa PRC na ang lisensya, at may mga requirement na e co comply ,  kung halimbawa may nag submit nang peke na  documento, halimbawa yong deploma , peke yong deploma, may stansa ba na malaman nyo na peke yon? at ano ang gagawin nyo pag malaman nyo yon? kasi minsan kasi pag may nag submit na for filing as a salesperson , minsan estrikto, minsan din ay hindi, yan ang na oobserbahan ko sa PRC office. tong tanong ko ay gusto ko lang fair, sana patas .Salamat po.

    • Hi Eva,

      Depende talaga sa mag-eevaluate na taga-PRC yan. Di mo rin sila masisi kung magaling talaga ang pagkaka-peke. Pero based on experience, strikto sila sa pag-evaluate.

      Best regards,

  14. Wow!!! What can anyone say of  the heart you got inside! Thanking You def wont be enough but still just want to say MARAMING SALAMAT PO! 

    • You’re most welcome Alex, glad to help! I hope this will come in handy for those who plan to take the next Real Estate Brokers Exam on March 18, 2012.

  15. Hi Cherry,

    I am new with the concept of buying foreclosed properties and then become a source of passive income. I just would like to ask if it is necessary to have a PRC brokers license to be able to join in auctions? When is it necessary to have a PRC brokers license? Thanks!

    • Hi Mai,

      So sorry just read this now. You may participate in auctions even without a broker’s license. You may refer to the RESA law for the situations when a PRC brokers license is required.

      Best regards,

  16. hi sir jay and atty cherry,
    i don’t remember having submitted a metered envelope…
    is this necessary?
    my husband and i were not asked to submit when we applied last 7 march…
    was just wondering why…

    all the best!!!

    • Hi Cel,

      Pinakita ko lang yung sa akin dun sa nag-i-issue ng Notice of Admission (NOA), at ini-staple lang nya to the NOA. So I think you need to bring the metered envelope on the day of the exam.

      Best regards,

  17. hi! i filed in prc bicol. documents were sent to manila for review pa daw before they could issue my noa. my cert of completion of 120 units was not notarized coz no one wanted to notarize it here since the cert is issued in makati. d na ba kelangan na notarized?

    • Hi tam,

      As far as I know, it should be notarized. Siguro yung review center mo ang dapat tumulong sayo on this point.

      Best regards,

  18. Good Evening!

    The Deadline for Filing of Exam Permit for MANILA ONLY is extended until March 14, 2011 as per notice of Emerson Mabao of Cesar E. Santos Real Estate Academy 🙂

    God Bless us!

  19. Forgot to buy metered mailing envelope, when i returned it was sold out. I asked when will they have again, the answer is that they are uncertain. They told me that on exam day, there is a proctor who will sell metered envelopes, is this possible? Had this happen before?

    • Hi Vic,

      Di pa ako naka-experience ng ganyan. If I were in your shoes, I would buy a window envelope and have it stamped at the post office just to be sure.

      Best regards,

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  21. This article is REALLY helpful with matching pictures and map. Thank you for sharing, this will definitely help a lot of applicants.

    I went to PRC last Tuesday and it was very unorganized. I hope they will improve their system soon! Especially the lines.

    Just want to add the lines for the cashier, evaluating and issuance didnt stop for lunch break, only the legal department did.

    More Power,
    Kim Teh

  22. I wish I had read this sooner… Unfortunately, I shelled-out an additional P50 for the notarization, just to find out now that it’s unnecessary. There are crooks everywhere! 😛

    Thanks very much for this detailed write-up. I hope you don’t mind that I shared it with my classmates in Urban 🙂

    – jon

  23. Hi Ma’am Cherry,

    Wow naman, very detailed talaga… this is a great help to those who will be taking the exam…. grabeng assistance ito para sa kanila…bow ako sa inyong mag-asawa… you really went out of your way to help other people.
    May your tribe increase.

    Helen P. Aquines


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