How To Begin Finding Good Real Estate Deals (I’ll Show You How)

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Up to now, a lot of people keep asking me this question: “How do I get started with real estate investing?”. It’s quite common really. People want to invest in real estate, but don’t know how or where to start. Today, I’m going to answer this question through a video.

pile-of-newspapers-manila-bulletinMaybe you’re one of those wannabe real estate investors who gather listings of foreclosed properties from several banks, and from the Sunday edition of Manila Bulletin, and yet you really don’t know what to do with all those properties. Those listings would just end up in a pile, somewhere in your house.

I can relate because that was exactly how I felt years ago. I wanted to start investing in 2005, but I actually bought my first foreclosed property several years later.

Looking back, there were three things that helped me to begin to “see” good deals.

It’s not that there were no good deals, it’s more like I did not know what I was looking for. And yet good deals were under my nose, but I could not see them.

I have a pretty long answer to this question, so I’ll just answer through a video.

Note: This video is 26 minutes long, so grab some coffee before watching. 🙂

Update: We noticed last night that the video loads slowly or stops loading when a lot of people are watching at the same time, so we changed where we host the video. We tested and it now loads fast and has been watched 151 times (as of 10:26am, July 11, 2015). If you were not able to watch yesterday, sorry for the hassle, please try again. Thanks!


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