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My Google maps example for a featured foreclosed property

I was blown away by how one can easily use Google Maps to feature foreclosed properties for sale. I stumbled on this yesterday when I had to create a vicinity map for a foreclosed property when I got an inquiry. Checkout the example below and let me know what you think.

In this example, I featured a foreclosed vacant lot located at Senator Gil Puyat Avenue (formerly Buendia) corner Malugay Street, Makati City, Philippines. I have never used Google Maps to feature a property before, which is why I was very pleasantly surprised and I really liked what I saw!

If you will notice, I was even able to embed an interactive map in this post. Nice!

Google maps example for a foreclosed lot for sale (The view below is what you will see after you click on the marker in the center. You can also click and drag any part of the map)

View Foreclosed vacant lot in Makati in a larger map

I was really impressed! Obviously, I’m very excited about this!

If you would like to use Google maps for your own property you are selling, and want to know how I did it, I will create a tutorial on how to use Google Maps next.

By the way, the foreclosed property in the example above is real, I am really selling it. Let me know if you have a buyer or just get in touch with me through my mobile number as indicated in the map for more details. Brokers/agents/referrals are welcome!

To our success and financial freedom!

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PS. It’s been 5 days since my last post, sorry about that. Been busy working on some deals, and we also just finished moving. Expect listings from BDO, Star properties, and some Tax Delinquent properties from Quezon City in the next few days.

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26 thoughts on “My Google maps example for a featured foreclosed property”

  1. Good afternoon Jay (Mr. Jay Castillo),

    If you can create asap a tutorial on how to use the Google Maps, I think everyone will appreciate same very much, especially those who are not so knowledgeable in preparing vicinity/location maps.

    God bless and thank you.

  2. Actually Shaun all accredited brokers(and their respective agents) can market this property. You can also market this under me if you want… hehe!

  3. Hey alam ko ang lot na ito! if you can see the building: “The World Centre” diyan dati ang office ng boss ko when I worked in Makati! hahaha!

    Pero seriously, that lot is a nice one talaga, it’s a great find sir Jay! its near a hospital, a clinic, sports facilities (badminton & golf), cafe’s (mga Starbucks), Mapua, a Jollibee restaurant (lagi ako dun dati haha!), Salcedo park and condo’s and residential areas 🙂 lagi ko yan nakikita dati pero I didn’t know it was foreclosed pala 🙂

    About google maps, i’ve been wondering if there’s a way to place tags on places and describe those tags, akala ko wikimap lang ang mayroong ganoon, meron din pala sa google maps 🙂

    • Hi Peterson, yes this is in a nice location, although it has a creek at the back. A cemetery is also adjacent to it, but if you think about it, SMDC’s Jazz residences is rigjht beside that cemetery. 🙂

      This hac been for sale for a long time, in fact this already had an approved offer before when I inquired, but somehow it’s for sale again.

      Regarding Wikimapia, yeah, anyone can also place tags and people can even make comments. It’s good you mentioned wikimapia, I’ll use it also. Thanks! 😉

  4. Duh… where have you been all this time? I thought this is so, so common knowledge specially among, of all people, brokers!

    • Dear Ms. Guai,

      Thank you for the comment. We have been using google maps ever since we started real estate investing(yes, I invest in real estate, although I am also a licensed broker), in that sense, google maps is common knowledge to investors and brokers alike.

      However, the ability to feature properties like how I did with the example above is new to me and fellow investors, as mentioned in their comments above. Before I though we needed a special API to do this just like how http://haybol.ph does this.

      Sorry if my post made you feel like I have been living under a rock. We would appreciate any more tips from you. Please enlighten us with other tips you might be willing to share with us all, we would really appreciate it.

  5. Hi Jay,

    Wow laking tulong nito!

    I used google map everytime i need more details of a “prospect” property. There i get a bird’s eye-view of the environment, know the street ins and outs of the location , near-by establishments , etc.

    Investing has never been this great using this tool . Google map and REI rocks!

  6. Hi Jay!

    This is very impressive.:) I wonder how you bumped into this interesting technique. Can it be used for marketing, i.e., keyword search of Google?

    Thanks for sharing bro!

    • Hi Bryan, actually I thought about this after I used http://haybol.ph of Edge and Laurence.

      I’m not yet sure how effective this is for SEO. This will not appear in the google maps search results. It is only useful if you send the link of your own map edits which you have made public.

      I’ll share more info in the tutorial.

      Bu the way, it was great to chat with you over coffee last week! Thanks again for the apple fritters. =)

  7. That’s cool, Jay. I haven’t used Google Maps in that way either. Usually I just use it to post a map to the area but I don’t use descriptive markers. Looking forward to that tutorial.

    • You’re welcome Allan. Yup, we’ve been using google maps but I’ve never used it like this, I’m glad I found this feature.


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