Nationwide BDO foreclosed properties listing updated as of January 2013

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The latest masterlist of BDO foreclosed properties for sale located in Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao (updated as of January 2013) is now available. We would like to thank Ms. Marissa Vergara of BDO for providing us with the list.

With 866 properties (excludes subdivision properties), this is by far the largest list we have that is sortable – by place, price, property type, lot area, and floor area. It is very easy for you to find a property you like.

Payment terms

  • Reservation Fee: 5% of selling price (refundable in case offer is not accepted)
  • Minimum downpayment: 30% of selling price (inclusive of 5% reservation fee)
  • 70% balance: Payable over 5 years at 12% per year interest rate. The balance may also be financed through a loan take-out to get longer payment terms and smaller monthly amortization payments, call us for more details.

BDO foreclosed properties july 2012

I would like to emphasize that for BDO in particular, the Offer to Purchase must be accompanied by a check for 5% of the selling price upon submission, as reservation fee. The downpayment and interest rates of BDO are quite high compared to other banks so please do an honest self-evaluation if you can truly afford to purchase any property in the BDO list before proceeding.

BDO foreclosed properties listing

Just click on the following link to access the list of BDO foreclosed properties updated as of January 2013:

Along with the list of foreclosed properties, you will also find all related forms, Frequently Asked Questions, Payment Terms, Interest rates, and contact details.

By the way, BDO acquired assets classified as subdivision properties are not included in the list as we need to verify the payment terms for such. We will update the list once these are available.

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Happy hunting!


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Full disclosure: My wife Cherry and I are licensed real estate brokers who are duly accredited with BDO.


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