Banco San Juan foreclosed properties for sale as of January 2012

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Banco San Juan Makati Branch

Please find below  a listing of Banco San Juan foreclosed properties for sale, updated as of January 2012. All of the foreclosed properties on this list from Banco San Juan are consolidated and have no pending cases. However, I still advice interested buyers to conduct the necessary due diligence! More details after the jump.

The foreclosed properties on this list are mostly from Luzon, with a few from Metro Manila.

Payment terms

The minimum downpayment is 30% with the balance payable from 5 to 10 years at an interest rate of 18% per annum. It is possible to use other banks to facilitate the loan, provided that the minimum downpayment will be paid and the corresponding interest will also be paid (I believe this would be part of the monthly amortizations) until such time that the loan proceeds are released.

Download the list of Banco San Juan foreclosed properties

The complete list of foreclosed properties from Banco San Juan as of January 2012 can be found below

For more details

Please contact Banco San Juan directly through the contact details found on their website http://www.bsj.com.ph

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