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Get Up To 50% Discount On Selling Price With The BFS “Summer 2D’ Max” Discounting Promo

Looking for affordable housing? Look no further as Bahay Financial Services (BFS) has just reduced selling prices of their already very affordable foreclosed properties, through the “Summer 2D’ Max” Discounting Promo. Check out the complete details below.

BFS Summer 2d Max Dicounting Promo
Get up to 50% discount on selling price with the Summer 2d Max Discounting Promo

With the Summer 2D’ Max Discounting Promo, check out the available discounts you can get below:

  • Great Value Properties – Good savings, best appreciation… up to 30% discount on selling price
  • Best Bargain Properties – Superior properties at a great discount… up to 40% discount on selling price
  • Sulit Properties – Nothing beats these prices… up to 50% discount on the selling price

Access these updated listings in our “new” Foreclosed Real Estate Database

I just finished creating our “new” foreclosed real estate database (this is version 3.0), and the first listing I uploaded is the latest from BFS (updated as of March 2014), which reflects the discounted prices as described in their Summer 2D’ Max Promo (I verified this with the old listing and it’s true, prices have been reduced!). You can directly access them through the following links:

Note: All listings accessible below already have the discounts applied. In other words, the listed selling price of each listing is already discounted. But wait, the posted selling prices may still have more discounts, just ask about this when you inquire.

Update as of May 2014: This list has been superseded by the latest listing from BFS as of May 9, 2014. The remaining link below will lead to all BFS foreclosed properties in the database.

Access the entire inventory of BFS foreclosed properties inside our Foreclosed Real Estate Database through the following link:

View BFS Foreclosed Properties Database(includes all properties) 

I highly suggest you use the advanced search function to narrow down the properties that fit your requirements in terms of location and price. Speaking of price, search results are now sorted from the lowest price to highest price by default.

I’ll let you all know the other improvements introduced in the new real estate database in another post. Since this is the first release to the public, please let us know your feedback or if you encounter any problems.

In the meantime…

Happy hunting!

Reminder: Don’t forget to contact BFS directly through their contact info/inquiry form in each property details page.

Full disclosure: BFS is an advertiser on this site. You may access their pre-owned properties through our foreclosed properties database.

*- Offer prices subject to change without prior notice.
**- We do not make any representations of the properties that can be accessed through the links above. We encourage interested parties to make an ocular inspection of the properties – these are sold on an “As is, Where is” basis and the pictures may vary from the actual condition of the properties.

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14 thoughts on “Get Up To 50% Discount On Selling Price With The BFS “Summer 2D’ Max” Discounting Promo”

  1. Hi jay want to ask if bfs sent us our property has been forclosed and go to auction for sale this march 25 to april 1 .2015 can we still pay it in the amount they have given before wich is 446 thousand + . Interest theres no additional amount that we pay when we redeem it?we want to redeem it as soon as possible,,thanks

  2. hi sir jay…. gusto ko po bumili ng bfs property, nasa bfs n po b mga title ng property po n for sale ng bfs? may nagustuhan po kc akong bahay sa antipolo… tanx.

  3. Hi sir Jay, may nagustuhan po akong H&L sa crestview antipolo w/ acct AN-2240306 pero ang sabi po ng broker nyo ung house 3 and a half yrs ng abandoned nung tunay na may ari pero ang sabi po nya my posibilidad pa raw n balikan nung tunay n may ari…. ang tanung ko po kung mabili ko po un at bumalik ang may ari at kunin ung property pano po mangyari sa binayad ko?

  4. hi jay, gud pm….. ask ko lang yong property dito sa cherry homes 2, mambog bacoor, cavite, blk 10 lot 10, kung forclosed na, gusto namin sanang bilhin

  5. Sir Jay, why is it that there are no listings found in all the areas under the Green tags? I am referring to the link above.

    • Hi Shinel, sorry but the listing has been updated and the green tag properties are no longer tagged as green (thus no properties are returned when you clicked on the old link above, which I have removed already). But pricing has been further reduced(based on random checking in my part) and is reflected on the updated listings. Sorry again and I hope this clarifies things.

  6. Hi jay,
    I am an OFW, would it be possible to reserve a property and purchase it when I come back to the Philippines? Getting documents consularized is too much hassle.

  7. Hi Sir Jay,

    I’m just curious, is it okay that it is already declared as “foreclosed” property but at the same time the previous owner/borrower still has the capacity to redeem the property? How long shall i wait for it to become foreclosed? and what is the usual settlement for example i already bought/applied for the acquisition of the property and the previous owner/borrower wants to recall the property back?

    • Hi Drin, I’ve noticed that once a property has already went through the foreclosure auction sale, it is already referred to as a foreclosed property, although the right of redemption is up to 12 months from the foreclosure auction sale.

      As to the specifics in case the former owner redeems the property, please ask BFS directly. Thanks.

  8. Hi Jay,
    Just would like to ask. All BFS properties here in Iloilo have not yet been consolidated in their name. It is okay to purchase ? What would happen if the original buyer showed up during the redemption period and redeem the property?

    • For non-consolidated properties, there is a risk that you cannot transfer ownership to yourself, or to another party in case you sell it, until it is consolidated. If the property is to be used by you, and you have no plans of selling it immediately, then you can wait for the consolidation.

      As for what happens if the former owner decided to redeem the property, please ask BFS directly, or please wait until I get more information about this. Thanks!

  9. Hi Jay,
    Just would like to ask
    The prices indicated are the final price right? So it means that even if the tagging is already GREEN then the indicated price is the final price?
    Is my understanding correct

    • Hi Nel, yes, the discounts are already applied to the selling price for each property, and the indicated price is already the final price.

      Thanks for the question, I have updated the article above to make this clear, and I will also update the individual listings, all 2,300+ of them. 🙂


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