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This page will feature the most updated listings from Bahay Financial Services (BFS). This will serve as the central repository of all listings, and all future updates will point here, which will help ensure you will see the most updated listings, regardless of where you saw the list from



BFS foreclosed properties (Updated as of August 1, 2014)

Note: With this update, we now have a total of  2,082 properties from BFS in our database. Pictures for the newly added properties will be added as they become available.

View BFS Foreclosed Properties Database (ALL LISTINGS) as of August 1, 2014

View BFS Foreclosed Properties Database (NEW LISTINGS) as of August 1, 2014

Downloadable PDF versions can be found below

Download BFS foreclosed properties as of 2014-AUG-01 complete listing – PDF

Download BFS foreclosed properties as of 2014-AUG-01 new listings only – PDF


  • Each property may still have additional discounts, just inquire with our Sales Specialists and they’ll gladly assist interested buyers in their purchase
  • BFS properties are selling fast, so it’s best to check with BFS Sales Specialists for availability and other details

For more details, please call BFS:

For more details, please call BFS directly through the following numbers. Please have the property account number ready when inquiring.

  • 756-6330
  • 756-6376
  • 756-6230 local 303, 332, 385, 388, 479, 490, 510, 543, 546, 551, 582

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* Offer prices subject to change without prior notice. 
** We do not make any representations of the property listed above. We encourage you to make an ocular inspection of the property – these are sold on an “As is, Where is” and the pictures contained herein may vary from the actual condition of the property. 

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  • Jay Castillo

    Hi Ms. Chona, sorry for the confusion, I have just checked and AN-0685962 was included in the initial update for August 2014, but was later removed (after a few days) as this was identified as one of the “special” accounts that are currently not for sale. I believe you were able to access it before it was deleted.

  • Amyr Hadjirul

    Hi Sir Jay,

    Good day to you.

    There seems to be a problem with the inquiry form on your page.
    I have tried so many time sending my query but it always fails to send.
    I would like to inquire about the lot in Talisay Cebu with account number AN- 1710668
    I am interested in buying the lot. Pls. give further details about it if it is still available.
    I would really appreciate your soonest reply.
    Thank you.


    Amyr Hadjirul


    • Jay Castillo

      Hi Amyr,

      Thanks for the feedback, it might be the captcha that helps prevent spam. I have tested in several of the major web browsers and it works, but still, there might be other problems causing this. Anyway, since a lot of feedback regarding this happened when we enable the captcha, I am removing it for now. Will also enter your inquiry (as a test) and let you know if it works. Thanks again!