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Real Estate Brokers Exam moved to March 27, 2011?

*Update – The March 2011 real estate board exams results have been released!

I just hope this does not become a regular thing. I recently received information from very reliable sources that the Real Estate Brokers Exam that was rescheduled for February 5, 2011, has again been rescheduled to March 27, 2011. This is already the second time that the highly anticipated licensure exam for aspiring real estate brokers has been moved.

To date, I have yet to see any public announcements related to the rescheduling of the real estate brokers exam. I did however get reliable information through a couple of e-mails sent to me. Since a lot of people have been asking for updates about the real estate brokers exam, I decided that I might as well share the information I got through this post.

One e-mail was actually forwarded to me by Eden April Alemania, a fellow real estate investor who I also consider to be a friend and mentor. Eden got an e-mail from CRB Rommel Dominguez, Vice President for Internal Affairs, Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines (REBAP), Makati chapter, informing her that the brokers exam has apparently been rescheduled. Eden plans to take the brokers exam, once the schedule is finalized.

The other e-mail was sent to all members of the REBAP – Marikina River City Inc. or REBAP MRCI chapter, where I am a regular member. According to the e-mail, Ms. Emily Quevedo-Duterte, National President of REBAP Inc., mentioned that Chair EG Ong of the PRBRES informed her that the first Brokers Exam to be given by the board has again been moved to March 27, 2011.

President Duterte also mentioned that Chair Ong said that the required 120 units can be broken to 60 hours of classroom training and 60 hours of practical training (which the participant can get through developers/ brokers/ broker affiliations).

Expect the rescheduling of the brokers exam to affect upcoming Certified Real Estate Seminar and Review’s or CRESR’s which would most probably get rescheduled as well.

Accredited review centers for the brokers exam

For those who have been asking me if I know any accredited review centers that can provide the required 120 units, so far I have not yet found any. What I do know is there are tentative schedules for a number of CRESR’s out there and I am assuming these are just waiting for their accreditation from the PRC.

Anyway, if anyone out there knows of any accredited review centers that already have finalized schedules for their CRESR’s, please share them here through a comment below, this would really be a big help for those who want to take the brokers exam.

I will also make a compilation of the duly accredited CRESR’s for easy reference for all of those who are eagerly looking forward to taking the required seminar and pass the brokers exam. Let me reiterate, please let us all know of any CRESR’s that you may know, I’m sure it would be highly appreciated not only by me, but also by a lot of aspiring real estate brokers out there. Thank you in advance.

To our success and financial freedom!

Jay Castillo
Real Estate Investor

Real Estate Broker License #: 20056
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31 thoughts on “Real Estate Brokers Exam moved to March 27, 2011?”

  1. Dear Realtor Jay:

    Warmth greetings.

    Please inform me of your possible Real Estate review schedules in Davao City. Although I am from Gensan City but I was really impress of your quote ” A Home of Topnotchers”. I need to pass the Brokers Exams since I am practicing now as head of my actives salesforce in dealing real estate here in Gensan & even to Davao City as we explore opportunities.

    Hoping to hear your feedback for Davao Schedules. Please call me @ this numbers 0909 369 6792 or 0916 911 7442.


    Very truly yours;


  2. Attn: Roger Salvana

    naka Boxbe po kayo, hence you are not getting my e-mails. please unsubscribe to Boxbe, otherwise you wont be getting e-mails from people who are not subscriber to this site. I was with this site before but I realized it is taking charge of my mails which should not be the case. it decides by itself and is negative impact to our mailbox. not all contacts are member of this and not all wants to be monitored by a site…it can see everything that goes in and out of your e-mail..dangerous!

    anyway…here are some details anyone can use for the CRESAR via PALPP, my group…

    Our schedule for CRESAT (Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar and Training) for 120 units will be every saturday starting Jan. 8, 2011 till March, 2011. Seminar fee is P15 k includes materials and handouts. You may call me at 0922-807-8900 or landline phones 788-6203 and 807-8900.

    Estelita D. Patdu
    Certified Public Accountant
    Real Estate Consultant
    Real Estate Appraiser
    Real Estate Broker

    Warm regards to all,


  3. hi I just want to know ,what if i already attend the review class for licensed broker and unluckily i didnt pass am i entitled to become a registered agent/licensed sales man?thanks

  4. Thanks Ms. Steff,

    Sigh I read it lately so I can’t join…Anyhow, should there be one here in Zambo hope I can join…it is silent up to now….hope u can direct me to right people..and right agencies…tnx…

  5. Hi tnx for the info..I hope you can also furnish me information on accredited review centers in Mindanao…preferably Zamboanga or Cagayan de Oro areas.

    • Hello Cecille, the CRESR reviews in Cagayan de Oro have already started last Nov. 12. I’m not sure if they are still accepting new reviewees. Will have to inquire about Zamboanga though. You may view the schedule for Cagayan de Oro CRESR review HERE

  6. Hello Everyone,

    The CRESR Seminars for the March 2010 Brokers Exam has already started in some areas of the Philippines. I attended the first 3 sessions last weekend. (Attended in Cagayan de Oro). I know a lot of you are looking for the seminar schedules, so don’t be the last to know!

    I posted some schedules I know of. You can view the schedules for the CRESR Seminars: click here make sure to view it quick because you don’t want to be left behind. This will be the last exam after all before real estate becomes a four year course!

  7. hi jay,
    i came across your name while browsing through real estate in the Philippines. your comments are really informative.however, i am a licenced real estate in Ontario ,Canada for the past 27 years, full time, and i’m thinking of pursuing the same career in the Philippines cause i have been going back there for the past 11 years . my question is, how do i get my broker’s licence in the Philippines and do i get an exemption? thanks
    i know this is not a comment, hope you can help

  8. Hi Bryan & Jay

    Bryan, it was really nice of you to give back the property after the owner had called you, though we all know that he has the right to redeem it within the one year redemption period. It happened to me also before but after the redemption period had lapsed. By the way, i also agreed to give it back to the owner but the reaction is different –not very thankful but rather dismayed.

    God is good to you…partner!


    • I admire the fact that you gave away something that was legally yours already. God will bless you abundantly for that. We don’t know how. But it could be good health and safety of the entire family. It could be new business dealings or partnerships. Dami.:)

      May God bless you and your family bro!

  9. I am in Urban Institute’s list of those awaiting for their announcement of the their review classes for the licensure exam.

    I was informed by them last week that they have yet to receive any guidelines as to what subjects to include in their review classes; so everything still up in the air as far as they are concerned.


  10. @Zandro

    You first need a broker who will be willing to accredit you

    Then may mga reviews ka na need i-take for the credit units para maging eligible ka as licensed salesman

  11. Good day!
    Does anyone know the subjects or technical training and the likes an aspiring real estate broker should take in order to be allowed to take the exam?

    • Hello Renz,

      In order to take the exam, you need to fulfill 120 units (120 hours) of CRESR seminars. you can view the schedule for the CRESR seminars here

      Hope you can join the seminars! 🙂 They are essential if you want to be a licensed broker.

  12. I just can’t think of ways of why did they have to reschedule the exams. It makes things more complicated. I hope they would change their system in the future.

  13. Hello Sir Jay,

    I’m also aspiring to take the exam and I’ve been trying desperately to find those CRESR units! From what I read above, wala pa din pala… My problem is I’m located in Iligan City. If you have any updates on CRESR seminars in Cagayan De Oro City, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much!

    Stefanie Uy
    Cagape Coaching Group

  14. hi Jay, meron ba kayong alam na i-move din ang date ng appraiser’s exam? It was scheduled on feb. 6,2011. siguro tulad ng broker’s exam i-move din. sana meron kang alam. pls do inform me.

    Thank you and more power.


  15. yup most probably confirmed yung pag moved kahit wala pang official announcement from prc… a friend of mine who is a licensed real estate broker said it to me last friday…

  16. Pingback: Tweets that mention Real Estate Brokers Exam moved to March 27, 2011?
  17. do i need to go to school to take the real estate exams or necessary to take a review, or can i just have a self study and take the exam..thanks for any comments….

  18. hi sir jay!

    gathered these from Beth of PRC last week (week of Oct. 4, 2010):

    1. no official PRC schedule yet of 1st PRC-directed broker’s exam to date
    2. no accreditation process for review centers has begun yet. still in the process of drafting guidelines for review center’s accreditation to date!

    huh! long way to go for individuals like me who are awaiting and praying to pass the broker’s exam.

    hope this helps…

    thank you.

    ps…..i consume 3 days dialing (intermittent of course) before i can get through Beth of PRC….so tiyaga po sa pagtawag if you want to get official info..

  19. PAREB-Rizal Board of Realtors, Inc.(RBR) is a service provider that gives review/seminar for the upcoming Brokers’ Exam. Some developers have already been scheduling for this review/seminar for their in-house agents. Fil-Estate has started theirs last September on once a week basis.

    If you have a big group that you wish to organize for this Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar & Review (CRESAR), we can discuss about it. Or in the case that the upcoming review that has been arranged by a developer will allow outsiders (other than their in-house agents), you may also let interested takers to join.

    Btw, I am a follower of your Foreclosure Investing column.. it is worth reading.

    I am with 2010 RBR Directorate as PRO. Thanks.


  20. Hi Jay,

    Nabalitaan ko nga from a friend na namove ulit. Thanks for posting the announcement.

    By the way, did you know that I actually gave up the property I got two days ago? Kasi the former owner called me and was pleading me to give it in his favor. My heart dropped because I knew he was the rightful owner and so I willingly let go of the property. He was so thankful and was even willing to pay me for the trouble it has caused me. I told him God has already blessed me and I am just returning the favor. He blessed me back with his words kasi di daw nya ako kayang bayaran monetarily.

    Whew, it was a very liberating moment for me. In hind site, God was actually protecting me from all the trouble it might have caused me if I proceeded with the deal. I got information from him that the house is occupied by his family and that it was not yet completed. And what’s more, the house was flooded by Ondoy up to the second level.

    So, it was just really God’s intervention. Just wanted to share that story as I might forget to tell you about it na.

    God bless bro and thanks for all your help.



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