March 2011 real estate brokers exam results in frustrated examinees

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*Update – The March 2011 real estate brokers board exam results have already been released: Real estate brokers exam results March 2011

If you took the real estate brokers exam last March 27, 2011, I’ll bet you are one of those who feels frustrated, to put it lightly.

You are not alone.

Almost all examinees I know have expressed not so nice things about the recently concluded real estate brokers exam. To think we have not yet even seen the exam results, which should be released within 10 days after the exam, as per section 16 of the RESA Law IRR.

Based on the feedback from people I know who took the exam, most are frustrated, and some are even angry, because they felt the exam did not focus on the real estate service practice, and instead focused more on ecology, among other things.

This leads to the question, “Why was ecology included in the real estate brokers exam in the first place?”

Why did they include basic principles of ecology in the real estate brokers exam?

Here are two reasons:

1. The RESA Law IRR includes basic principles of ecology

Basic principles of ecology is included in the coverage for the real estate brokers exam as per Section 13 (c) of the approved and published IRR of RA 9646, otherwise known as the RESA Law. I have quoted Section 13 (c) below:

(c) For real estate brokers

  1. Fundamentals of property ownership;
  2. Code of ethics and responsibilities;
  3. Legal requirements for real estate service practice;
  4. Real estate brokerage practice;
  5. Subdivision development;
  6. Condominium concept and other types of real estate holdings;
  7. Real estate finance and economics;
  8. Basic principles of ecology;
  9. Urban and rural land use;
  10. Planning, development and zoning;
  11. Legal aspect of sale, mortgage and lease;
  12. Documentation and registration;
  13. Real property laws and taxation; and
  14. Any other subjects as may be determined by the Board.

2. The Table Of Specifications (TOS) includes basic principles of ecology

The TOS In Professional Practice which can be found in PRBRES Resolution No. 4 Series of 2011, indicates that there shall be 33 questions pertaining to basic principles of ecology, as seen below(in red)



WEIGHT – 50%

NO. OF ITEMS – 200

SCOPE: Weight No. of Items Level of Difficulty
Easy Items Moderate Items Difficulty Items
K C Ap An S E
1. Name, discuss, apply and appraise theReal Estate Brokerage Practice 8.00% 33 7 7 14 5
2. Recall, describe, compute/illustrate,  calculate Real Estate Finance and Economics 8.00% 33 7 7 14 5
3. State, discuss, illustrate, differentiateUrban and Land Use 8.00% 33 7 7 14 5
4. Recognize, locate, identify, prepare and examine  the Planning, Development, and Zoning of Properties 8.00% 33 7 7 14 5
5. State, translate, interpret and analyze  the Basic Principle of Ecology 8.00% 33 7 7 14 5
6. Recall, explain, use analyze the Basic Appraisal for Real Brokers 8.00% 33 7 7 14 5


Now what?

One question that comes to mind is “Was the TOS above really followed and did they only include 33 questions related to basic principles of ecology?”

Furthermore “In case there were too many questions pertaining to basic principles of ecology, what would the PRC or PRBRES do to correct this?”

Actually there are a lot more questions that come to mind but I’ll leave it at that for now.

If you took the exam as part of your plans to go into real estate investing, just go ahead. You can still become a real estate investor, whether you pass or not. Check this out: 4 perfectly legal ways to be a real estate investor with the RESA Law

One thing’s for sure, it would not hurt to pray and hope for the best as we all wait until the March 27, 2011 real estate brokers exam results are released.

If you have your own questions or comments about the brokers exam, then please go ahead and leave a comment below.

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