Equicom Savings Bank foreclosed properties for negotiated sale as of January 2012

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Here is the January 2012 listing of foreclosed properties for sale from Equicom Savings Bank, courtesy of Mr. Ronaldo Bartolome, Head of the Asset Management Department, Legal Remedial Division, Equicom Savings Bank.

These foreclosed properties from Equicom Savings Bank are for negotiated sale.

Areas covered by this listing includes the National Capital Region (Metro Manila), Northern and Southern Luzon, and Mindanao. Please refer to the complete listing below to get more details

Download the listing of Equicom Savings Bank foreclosed properties for January 2012

You may download the complete listing of Equicom Savings Bank foreclosed properties as of January 2012 below.

 Equicom Savings Bank foreclosed properties as of January 2012 (XLS)


  • Sale is on an “AS IS WHERE IS” basis
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice
  • Prices are negotiable subject to management approval

For more info

To get more details, interested buyers may send an e-mail to [email protected], or call/text the following numbers: 828-EQUI (3784) loc 221 / Mobile no. 0920-9496496.

You may also contact Ronald through telephone number 8560249. Alternately, you may also look for Jong Ilumin or Atty. Jess Matibag.

Happy hunting!


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PPS – The next listings I will feature shall be the RCBC Savings Bank foreclosed properties for public auction on February 4, 2012, and the Q1-2012 Buena Mano catalogs for the  Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao areas. Don’t forget to subscribe to get notified through e-mail once these are published.



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