Buena Mano Q1-2013 Red Tag Catalog (Metro Manila) Now Available For Download

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The Buena Mano Red Tag Catalog for the Greater Metro Manila Area is now ready for download.

The properties on this catalog are not for the faint of heart as these are all under litigation, which is why they are classified as Red Tag properties.

To know more about Red Tag properties, please continue reading below.

What are Red Tag properties?

Here is the definition of “Red Tag Properties” as printed inside the catalog:

buena-mano-q1-2013-red-tag-metro-manila2Red Tag properties are real estate properties specifically with pending court cases (under litigation) filed by the previous owners against the bank. Titles of these properties are with annotations, adverse claims, or Lis Pendens. Interested party is directed to verify status of the case/s from the courts.

You can also watch the following youtube video which mentions a short description of Red Tag Properties.

If you are an RSS subscriber and can’t see the video, you can watch through this link: http://youtu.be/fMAX-s-v6UM

Download the Buena Mano Q1-2013 Red Tag Greater Metro Manila catalog

To access and download the Q1-2013 Red Tag catalog, please click on the following link:

On the page above, you will also see payment terms, interest rates, answers to frequently asked questions, how to make an offer, a copy of the official offer to purchase form, and more.

More details about Red Tag properties will be added as they become available.

The Q1-2013 Red Tag Catalog completes this quarter’s batch of Buena Mano catalogs of acquired assets for sale. Don’t forget to subscribe to email alerts to get notified when the Q2-2013 catalogs are released and are ready for download here at ForeclosurePhilippines.com.

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