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190th UnionBank foreclosed properties auction (NCR/Luzon) slated on September 22, 2012

As promised, this one is all about the 190th special public auction of UnionBank foreclosed properties from the Luzon and Metro Manila areas, which will be happening on September 22, 2012, Saturday, 9:00am, at the 29th Flr. UnionBank Plaza, Meralco Ave. cor. Onyx Rd., Ortigas Ctr. Pasig City, Philippines. Interested bidders are advised to come early to register as the auction starts promptly.

As usual, interested parties only need to bring PHP 20,000 show money in the form of cash or manager’s check to qualify to bid, per property.

UnionBank offers 5% discount on cash sales. For installment sales, they offer the following payment terms:

Downpayment: ONLY 10% DP (6 months to pay, zero-interest)
Interest: Only 11% per annum (fixed for 15 years)
Term: 15 years (maximum) thru in-house guaranteed financing

Download the complete list of foreclosed properties for sale

To download the list of foreclosed properties from the Metro Manila and Luzon areas included in UnionBank’s 190th public auction on September 22, 2012, just click on the image below…

…or just click on the following link:

Source: Lance Yadao of UnionBank (Thanks again Lance!)

How to inquire

To know more about the foreclosed properties for sale, you may contact UnionBank directly through the following:

Mobile Nos. 0920-96 ASSET (27738) / 0917-81 ASSET (27738)
LANCE 637-1445 or 667-6388 local 8362
ERIQ 638-1445 or 667-6388 local 8373
DORIS 638-0125 or 667-6388 local 8358
RAP 667-6388 local 8364
RONALD 637-1445 or 667-6388 local 8372
GEL 667-6388 local 8374
JENNY 637-1441 / 667-6388 local 8376
MARLON 667-6388 local 8371

The “fine print”

Commercial properties are subject to credit approval

CWT is for the account of the buyer

The sale is on an “as is where is” basis

Misprints are not misrepresentation of any property

UnionBank may, at anytime, withdraw any of the properties listed above prior to auction


Are you bidding?

If you are attending the auction to bid on a property, and you learned about the property from, kindly acknowledge me as your referror during the auction.

Happy hunting!


To our success and financial freedom!

Jay Castillo

Real Estate Investor
PRC Real Estate Broker License No. 3194 
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Full disclosure: If a buyer will acknowledge me as their referror, I may receive referral fees (at no additional cost to the buyer). Thank you in advance for supporting our hard work and this website.

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12 thoughts on “190th UnionBank foreclosed properties auction (NCR/Luzon) slated on September 22, 2012”

  1. Hi Sir,

    I bidded last Feb 18, but until now I still have no notice on it. As per bank employee it is still endorsed for approval. Does it means I win already in the bid? please explain. Thanks.

  2. Hi Jay,

    I was not able to attend the auction. Can I still buy the properties listed if they are still available? I’m interested in items # 32 and 37. Btw, can I occupy after the 10% down is paid? Thanks!


    • Hi LJ, yes you can submit an offer after the auction, but if there is the next auction date is already announced and published in newspapers, then the bank might prefer that you just attend the next auction, to be fair to the others who are also interested and look forward to the auction. I’ll get details for you as requested. Yes, you can occupy the property once you complete the 10% downpayment…

  3. Hi sir. May mga updated foreclosed properties po ba sa Baguio/Benguet area? Your reply is highly appreciated. Thank you.

  4. Hi, Sir Jay. Regarding the properties, do they clean titles na po?..and will there be anything I need to bring if I want to visit one of the properties?..hope to have your feedback soon…thanks much!

    • Hi Teresa, unless they have an asterisk on the list (which means they are still being consolidated), they all have clean titles. Of course, you still need to do your due diligence and verify this. To visit a property, you just need to call the officer-in-charge before the visit to ensure they have a caretaker who can let you in, or they can schedule a tripping with you. Good luck!

      • hi mr. jay

        is consolidated is legal, they awarded me a condo which the title is under consolidated … should i stop paying when i learned the title is on the process..



        • Hi Ryan, yes I believe it is legal to sell a property whose title is still under consolidation, as long as this is fully disclosed. I see no problems with this especially if the document used is a contract-to-sell, where the title will only be transferred to the buyer once the property is fully paid. This should give the seller enough time to finish the consolidation of the title prior to full payment.

  5. Hello, What happens to the 20K show money if you don’t get any property or if you bid and you didn’t end up getting the property anyway? Do you get to keep the 20k back? Please reply. This is my first time to do this and I’m really excited to possibly buy my first own house. I’m almost 30 and I’m still living with my parents!!!

    • Hi Absywabsy, if you don’t win on your bid, your show money is returned to you after the auction. If this will be your first time to buy a foreclosed property, better make sure to do your due diligence. In other words, you need to make sure you inspect the property and see if it is okay for you, and if the repair costs(if needed) are acceptable, etc. Just make sure there are no surprises. Let me know if you need more info so I can provide them as needed. Thanks and good luck!


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