174th UnionBank foreclosed real estate auction slated on September 17, 2011

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The 174th UnionBank foreclosed real estate auction which includes Visayas and Mindanao foreclosed properties shall be held simultaneously on September 17, 2011 at Bacolod City (Business Inn, Lacson Street), Cebu City (Cebu Country Club), Cagayan De Oro City (The VIP Hotel, Don Apolinar Velez Street), and Zamboanga City (Grand Astoria Hotel, Mayor Jaldon Street). Auction proper starts at 9:00 AM. Interested bidders are reminded to come early to have enough time to register.

Interested bidders only need to bring PhP20,000 show money in the form of cash or manager’s check to qualify to bid for each property. By the way, interested bidders are required to inspect the properties before they are allowed to bid as part of due diligence.

The foreclosed properties for public auction consist of residential lots, house and lots, townhouses, condominium units, residential buildings, commercial lots, industrial lots, agricultural lots, commercial space, and industrial / commercial warehouses.

Payment terms

Unionbank offers 5% discount on cash sales. Installment payment terms* are also available as follows:

  • Downpayment: 10%
  • Interest: 13% p.a. fixed for the first 3 years and 15% p.a. fixed for the next 12 years
  • Term: 15 yrs. (maximum) thru in-house guaranteed financing

*No credit checking! (as per auction announcement)

Download the list of UnionBank foreclosed properties

Just click on the image below to download the complete list of Visayas and Mindanao foreclosed properties for sale included in UnionBank’s 174th Special Public Auction on September 17, 2011.  

A copy of the listing above in PDF format is also available through this link: 174th UNIONBANK FORECLOSED PROPERTIES AUCTION VISMIN SEP-17-2011

View the pictures of the foreclosed properties

To view pictures of the foreclosed properties, click here. A snippet of the pictures can be seen below.


Property details

To know more about the properties, please contact the following

  • LANCE: 637-1445 or 667-6388 local 8362
  • ERIQ: 638-1445 or 667-6388 local 8373
  • DORIS: 638-0125 or 667-6388 local 8358
  • MARK: 667-6388 local 8349
  • RAP: 667-6388 local 8364
  • RONALD: 637-1445 or 667-6388 local 8372
  • OYO: 667-6388 local 8369
  • GEL: 667-6388 local 8374

The “fine print”

Happy hunting!


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