Metrobank Acquired Assets For Sale As Of May 19, 2009 – Metro Manila Area

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I would like to share an updated list of Metrobank Acquired Assets for sale as of May 19, 2009 covering the Metro Manila Area. Actually I received this listing of foreclosed properties from Metrobank’s Acquired Asset Management & Disposition Group (AAMDG), after my wife requested a copy of the listing via e-mail. I received the email containing this list about a month ago and I’m so sorry for not posting this sooner. It seems this was one of those listings that got sidelined when I migrated this blog to WordPress.

Anyway, please take note of the important reminders as indicated on the list which I have copied and pasted below for everyone’s reference.


  1. All sales on “AS-IS, WHERE-IS” and “NO RECOURSE” basis.  No warranties.
  2. Prices NOT applicable to buybacks by former owners.  Please contact Sales Division for buyback price.
  3. Properties & prices subject to change anytime & may be removed from the list for any reason Top Management deems appropriate.
  4. The list may reflect properties sold without the knowledge of AAMDG.  For immediate correction, kindly advise AAMDG of such fact if identified.
  5. If multiple offers are received for the same property, a bidding shall be conducted and the property shall be awarded to the highest bidder.
  6. Mere submission of an Offer to Buy does not confer “first option” or “first right” to the offeror.
  7. The deficiencies stated herein are not meant to be exhaustive, comprehensive or complete.  Buyers are advised to conduct their own due diligence prior to making an offer.
  8. The Bank only shoulders Creditable Withholding Tax up to purchase price.  Excess CWT and all other friction costs are for buyer’s account.
  9. This list is an intellectual property of Metrobank. However, Metrobank is not in anyway liable if this shall be copied, reproduced, altered & /or tampered for any activities other than the purpose of marketing properties contained in it.

Do take note that I have attached the list in its original and unaltered form. By attaching the list in this article, I am actually marketing the properties contained in it for free as a service to all readers and subscribers of this blog.


For more details, please refer to the contact info below:

Hotline  – Tel. No. (02)750-1336; Fax No. (02)816-7919

Contact Persons:

  • Metro Manila North/ CAMANAVA Area : Ms. Majo Cabalda  –  Tel. No. (02)857-9686
  • Metro Manila South Area : Ms. Mimi Cuachon  –  Tel. No.(02)857-9685
  • CALABARZON Area : Ms. Vilma Hernandez  – Tel. No.(02)898-9001
  • Countryside – Luzon Area :  Ms. Luchie Quiambao  –  Tel. No.(02)857-9685
  • Countryside – Visayas/Mindanao Area : Mr. Danny Lozada  –  Tel. No. (02)898-8997

Click here to download the listing of Metrobank Acquired Assets for sale as of May 19, 2009.

Happy hunting!

To our financial freedom!

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  • Jojo A.

    “Land of the condominium still registered under MBTC’s name * Common area – w/ Tax declaration under MBTC’s name”. Can you please elaborate on this? I’m interested but still
    to buy properties but quite naive about legal terms and issues. Thanks for the help!!!

  • john

    we are looking for property on or near quezon ave. can you help?

  • jay
  • tina

    hi jay, i just want to thank you for coming up with a site like this. I am a young woman here who is eagerly wanting to buy a house of my own…i will be attending the fair on dec 27. From there, I shall put up my hopes.. thanks again..

    • Jay Castillo

      Hi Tina, you’re welcome and I wish you all the best in finding your new home and a good investment.

  • Reggie

    Hi Jay,

    I’m interested in a property above but the bank has no possession of the property yet. Will they,at least, help me in acquiring the possession? Or it will be a part of the ‘as is where is’ basis?

    More power and thanks a lot!

    • Jay Castillo

      Hi Reggie, unfortunately, if you buy this property, you will be on your own with regards to gaining possession of the property from the occupant. My standard advice would be to walk away as there are a lot of other properties out there. Thanks for dropping by!

  • jhonny8

    hi jay,

    first i would like to thank you for this good deed. you’ve helped and inspired a lot of people. keep it up…
    would like request if it is possible for you to post a photo of a tct with lis pendens, annotations, etc… im sure some if not many of the readers does not even know what a tct looks like. thank you again, God bless and more power!

    • Jay Castillo

      Hi Jhonny8,

      You’re welcome and thank you also for the kind words! Regarding posting a TCT sample, that’s a great idea, thanks! I’ll make a post about this soon. Thanks again for visiting!

  • nightwatch

    Hi Jay,

    What does ‘no warranties’ means? We’re supposed to be transacting these foreclose properties in a bank, right? What happens to your money in case the property is not cleared? I thought if I’m transacting this from a bank, my investment is safe.


    • Jay Castillo

      Hi Nightwatch, it just basically means you buy the property on an “As-is, Where-is” basis and you as the buyer agrees to purchase the property at its present physical condition including but not limited to any problems or legal issues the property maybe involved in. Best practice is for the buyer to thoroughly inspect the property and check for any lis pendens, annotations, etc., on the TCT plus trace-back plus any arrears on taxes, dues, etc. that maybe for the account of the buyer.