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RCBC Savings Bank Dream Buys Auction Slated On February 23, 2013

RCBC Savings Bank foreclosed properties for saleRCBC Savings Bank will be having another Dream Buys Auction of foreclosed properties on February 23, 2013. Venue has been tentatively set at the 6th Floor, Development Academy of the Philippines Building, San Miguel Avenue, Pasig City, Philippines.

Auction proper starts at 9:00am. Interested bidders are advised to come early to register.

RCBC Savings Bank ‘s last auction was held last November 2012 so expect a lot of new foreclosed properties for sale have been added into their inventory during December 2012 and January 2013, although some of them might have “special concerns” where they might be occupied by former owners/tenants and/or the property might have legal issues that need to be addressed.

This auction includes properties that are mostly from Metro Manila and Luzon, although there are properties from Bacolod, Iloilo, and Davao.

Las Pinas and Antipolo foreclosed properties

I noticed a couple of  “interesting” foreclosed properties (because I am familiar with these areas) on the list and have posted their pictures below.

Foreclosed house and lot located at Camella Fronterra, BF Resort Village, Talon 2, Las Pinas City
Foreclosed house and lot located at Town and Country Executive Homes, Antipolo City
Foreclosed house and lot located at Town and Country Executive Homes, Antipolo City

To get more details with regard to the foreclosed properties above, please refer to the listing of foreclosed properties below.

RCBC Savings Bank foreclosed properties listing

Just click on the following link to view the list of foreclosed properties, along with bid terms, pictures, and related forms for buyers.

Note: I have filtered the list and removed properties with special concerns (occupied / with legal impediments).

Reminder: Please direct all inquiries on the link above. Thanks!

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Full disclosure: I am an accredited real estate broker of  RCBC Savings Bank.

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21 thoughts on “RCBC Savings Bank Dream Buys Auction Slated On February 23, 2013”

  1. Hi Jay,
    Please check area of the property in Iloilo City. The one in the RCBC’s website is only 180 sq. meters, but on your post its 315.

    • Hi Carla, thanks for catching that discrepancy. I have double checked the files sent to us by the bank and it states 315sqm for this property, and I’m not sure why their website’s data is different. I’ll clarify this with RCBC Savings Bank on Monday and update this accordingly once I know which data is correct. Thanks again!

  2. hello mr. jay good day po…

    would you mind to send me a photos as well as the vicinity map of the ff:

    property acct nos: 10001000006123,10001000005525,10001000007487 and 10001000000017.

    thank you po.

  3. Hi Jay,

    I’m interested with the property located at Amayan St., Proj. 3 QC.
    I think that this have been posted a long time ago and still not sold.
    May I know what are the issues on this property? Is it occupied by the
    former owner? Under court litigation? Others?
    Please give latest info regarding this property>>


  4. sir, im interested with the property located at bacolod city. do u have vicinity map or pictures of the properties # 151 and #59? how can i bid coz im here in bacolod? who is in charge here in bacolod city if i want to have a site visit? tnx

    • Hi Aldin, we’ll get the info for you and also check who can assist you with a site visit… we’ll get back to you asap…

  5. I browsed thru the RCBC foreclosed properties for public auction on Feb. 23, 2013, Do u have pictures of the property in qc specifically L1 H1&2 No. 11 Amyan St., Brgy. Claro, Proj. 3, Quirino District, QC? Tnx

  6. Hi Jay, I hope everything’s going good for you and your family over there.
    I am interested on Unit 1214 GA Tower 1 Condominium, Malamig, Mandaluyong City and would like to get additional details of the property – specs, photos if available, etc. Can you please reply on my email?
    I have things to be clarified as well.
    Thanks again.
    Kind regards, Marth

    • Hi Marth, I’m fine thanks! Sorry I wasn’t able to reply to you sooner. I checked and the bank has no details for this unit at the moment so I’m planning to visit it myself. I just need to confirm if they have a caretaker for this, etc. I will also reply through e-mail. Thanks!

      • Hi Marth, I was able to confirm with the bank that this unit can be visited anytime, the keys are with the building admin. I plan to visit this tomorrow to get photos.

  7. Hi Jay

    Im interested in this RCBC Foreclosed poperty

    14-B Continental Ave., Banker’s Vill. I, Bagumbong, Caloocan.

    Do you have photos and vicinity map of the property?



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