Buena Mano Visayas and Mindanao Q3-2010 catalogue now available!

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Here is the latest list of properties for sale from the Buena Mano Visayas and Mindanao Q3-2010 catalogue.

You will notice that Buena Mano has combined all of their Green tag, Yellow tag, and Red tag listings into a single catalogue, where the properties are color coded so that you can easily identify their classifications. Learn more about these property classifications below.

What are Green tag, Yellow tag, and Red tag properties?

Green Tag properties are real estate properties with titles and tax declarations duly consolidated/transferred under the name of the bank which foreclosed the properties. The bank holds possession of the foreclosed properties with its authorized caretakers, particularly those with improvements and can be visited/inspected anytime.

Yellow Tag properties are real estate properties with any of the following “special concerns”: Titles and tax declarations are still in process of transfer to the name of the bank which foreclosed the properties; Titles are already under the name of the bank which foreclosed the properties but the properties are still occupied by the former owners, tenants or illegal occupants; or there are property documents that still need to be updated.

Red Tag properties are real estate properties specifically with pending court cases (under litigation) filed by the previous owners against the bank. Titles of these properties are with annotations, adverse claims or Lis Pendens.

Click here to download the Buena Mano Visayas and Mindanao Q3-2010 catalogue (Note: this is a 2.4MB file, downloading may take sometime to complete, depending on your internet connection speed).


Remember, I am a duly accredited broker for this listing so If you are seriously interested in any of the properties on the list, just let me know through the comments section below so I can have one of my agents assist you. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below so that other people with the same question will also benefit from it. Thanks!

Looking for Metro Manila and Luzon properties?

Don’t worry, I was also able to secure copies of the Buena Mano Greater Metro Manila, and Luzon catalogues for Q3-2010, and I will post them next.

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Happy hunting!

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