Metrobank Nationwide List Of Bank Foreclosed Properties For Sale

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I received a real estate foreclosure listing of Metrobank’s bank foreclosed properties for sale from Jennifer Ong, a freelancer. I am now posting the listing after getting permission from Jennifer, and I would also like to give thanks and due credit to Jennifer for letting me post this list of foreclosed properties for sale.

Please take note that this is a nationwide real estate foreclosure listing from Metrobank, which includes more than 3,000 bank foreclosed properties throughout Metro Manila and the rest of the Philippines. This is not an auction, interested buyers can submit their offers or negotiated bids to Metrobank’s AAMDG. If you are interested on candidate properties for real estate investments, or if you have any other questions, you may contact Jennifer through her e-mail address: [email protected]

Although the listing indicates it was updated as of October 7, 2008, the list appears to be unchanged upon checking when I asked for an updated copy at the Acropolis Branch of Metrobank, just before the Christmas break.

I also tried to counter check with Metrobank’s website but when I do a property search, no properties are listed, there’s probably a glitch or their database is under maintenance. Furthermore, the links to download Metrobank’s directory of their Sales Division, Offer-to-buy form, and Client Information sheet also appear to be broken as of this writing. I’ll try to get these and update this post later.

In the meantime, you can download the Metrobank listing of bank foreclosed properties for sale here!

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Update as of March 17, 2009 – You can now download Metrobank’s Directory of Sales People Here


1.) All sales on “AS-IS, WHERE-IS” and “NO RECOURSE” basis. No warranties.
2.) Prices are NOT applicable to buybacks by former owners. Please contact Sales Division for buyback price.
3.) Properties & prices subject to change anytime & may be removed from the list for any reason Top Management deems appropriate.
4.) The list may reflect properties sold without the knowledge of AAMDG. For immediate correction, kindly advise AAMDG of such fact if identified.
5.) If multiple offers are received for the same property, a bidding shall be conducted and the property shall be awarded to the highest bidder.
6.) Mere submission of an Offer to Buy does not confer “first option” or “first right” to the offeror.
7.) The deficiencies stated herein are not meant to be exhaustive, comprehensive or complete. Buyers are advised to conduct their own due diligence prior to making an offer.
8.) The Bank only shoulders Creditable Withholding Tax up to purchase price. Excess CWT and all other friction costs* are for buyer’s account.

*- Does anyone know what “friction costs” mean? Please do leave a comment if you do. Thanks!

  • charina cutin

    can you give me a forclosed property in Palmera heigths, san juan, cainta, rizal. ASAP.

  • luz

    Hi’Jay.I’m a housewife.I want to apply as a partime agent Can You recommend any real estate broker.

  • Bing

    Hi Jay! Which bank gives 5% commission to brokers and agents? How about Unionbank and RCBC. Thanks!

    • Jay Castillo

      I believe PNB, Buena Mano, and RCBC/RCBC Savings Bank give 5% to licensed brokers. Unionbank only gives 3% for cash sales.

  • Sarah

    Hi Vhani! I have 1,000sqm San Juan, Batangas.Give me a ring at 391-4726.

  • Vhani

    Hi, I’m looking for properties in San Juan Batangas,
    1000 SQM, clean title, perhaps you can help me.
    thank you


    • Jay Castillo

      Hi Ms. Vhani, I’ll see if I can find one for you, although I can’t promise anything at the moment.

  • ron

    Hello, i am interested in this… may i know if you have any updates? 
    please reply to me.. ron.amores@gmail:twitter .com…

  • Richard Estradaiii

    do you have any properties in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental?

  • Yas

    Attention!!! Warning to all buyers from Metrobank Acquired
    Assets! The most Horrible Experienced I’ve had buying foreclosed
    property from METROBANK. I purchased a condo of May 2011 and
    paid in cash. They guaranteed me all docs are without a problem
    and that they can transfer the docs straight away within a month.
    months months passed by!!! No sign of calls from them and when I
    Update they told me that they are having problems with the tax
    Dec. I waited for a few more months until sept i could no
    Longer wait… And asked them to just refund all my payments if they
    can’t sort out the tax dec. Which they agreed!!! Not to mention
    I’ve been told they already paid the taxes and will be charged for the payments they made. So no income from my build and sell Proj. and they
    even deduct money on my payment. They told me 2 weeks to get it
    process… 2weeks had gone passed no sign of my refund!!! Had to ring
    Acquired Asset like 10x a day to get my luck to speak to the manager who
    was dealing with my request. She never run out of excuses… She said 1 more week… Then 1 week had passed by!!! Hmmmmmmm she said she is
    waiting for the president to sign the approval! I can’t believe the way this
    Bank treat their customer. We are talking millions of pesos invested not thousand. They don’t have consideration to their clients and would try to hold your money until they can… apparently the unit they are selling was
    on collateral with gSiS. Which is why it’s impossible for them to sort the docs of this property. Don’t buy from this bank!!!! Trust me it will save you from severe headache. Never again Metrobank.


    send me more listing of foreclose property for sale of any bank in leyte

  • jill

    Hi Jay

    Do you have a list of foreclosed residential places in QC and Ortigas?



      Good day!

      You can visit and click SHOP for the list or give me a call (637-1445) so that I can assist you.

      Thank you.

    • http://[email protected] Teodorico pablo

      hi sir maybe i can help you im a telemarketer/ agent in my company (GLOBAL HOMES REALTY AND DEVELOPMENT CORP.) are you interested in buying a property in Quezon city? here’s my contact no. at our office 516-7558

  • marylou

    hi Mr. Jay Castillo
    How r u? I always visit these website. I want to ask your help by giving me lists of foreclosed lots or h/lots in Lipa Bats. Thanx for ur time

    • Jay Castillo

      Hi Marylou, i’m fine thank you! Thank you also for being a regular visitor. I’ll be on the lookout for foreclosed properties in Batangas for you but please bear with me if it might take some time due to work(as usual). Anyway, one more month of patience is all I ask. Thanks!

      • ANNA

        hi jay

        can you give me the update forclosed properties specially lot only in taytay rizal or antipolo please send it by email.

        thank you very much


  • bing paredes-layman

    hello im looking for a property in mandaue lot with bldg. or without . my required area is 1,000-1,500 sqm. hope u could help me. thanks.

  • Jay Castillo

    Hi Elsie, I have just checked and you can now download Metrobank’s Directory of Sales People Here and give them a call. I also updated the post to include this. Thanks for dropping by!

  • Anonymous

    hello jay

    this posting is interesting thanks a lot but i need help for inquiries of few properties its my first time really need more info or number of metro bank to call direct…

    thanks appreciate it


  • Jay Castillo

    You’re welcome Julie. Please update us how it goes. Good luck and happy investing!

  • Julie Ann

    I’ll give them a call then. Thanks!

  • Jay Castillo

    Hi Julie, you’re welcome and thank you also for visiting my blog. Unfortunately, I only have with me Jennifer’s e-mail address. I suppose it would be okay to call Metrobank directly while waiting for her reply, just mention you got the listing from Jennifer.

  • Julie Ann

    Hi Jay,

    This is very interesting. Thanks for the post.
    Would you know Ms. Jen’s contact no?
    I’d like to inquire on some properties listed here. I can’t seem to wait for her to reply on my email.. :-)


  • Jay Castillo

    Sure Lin, what exactly about foreclosed properties would you like to discuss?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Jay Castillo

    Can I meet up with you to discuss more about forclosed properties??

    Thk u


  • Jay Castillo

    Thanks Dins, please don’t forget to tell Jennifer I referred you. Thank you also for visiting!

  • Dins

    this is an interesting post, will ask ms. jennifer about this =)

  • Jay Castillo

    Ah okay, thanks Earth!


    Based on google search:
    Friction Costs
    —>The implicit and explicit costs associated with market transactions
    —>These costs include commissions, tax implications, time value of money, etc.

    Note: Anyone can expand this, for us to learn more… To our success…. Thank you for sharing Jay….