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Discover a Step-by-step system for finding and buying Profitable Foreclosed Properties

The “How to buy foreclosed properties (that are profitable)” training is literally a step-by-step where you get everything you need to actually invest in profitable foreclosed properties

This is a proven, complete step-by-step digital (plus “in-person”) training course that walks you through exactly how to find, analyze, buy, renovate, and sell/lease real estate (with focus on foreclosed properties from banks).

No hype, no fluff, no kidding!

It is literally a step-by-step where you get everything you need to actually invest in profitable properties

In addition to the “Core modules”, I also have additional “Advanced” modules that cover the nitty-gritty of advanced stages of a real estate deal, and these are also step-by-step!

  • 6 Step-By-Step Core Modules that will take you through the whole process of buying and profiting from a foreclosed property
  • 9 Step-By-Step Advanced Modules (Only for "For Core +Advanced" Training Bundle) that guide you through the complicated and sometimes frustrating aspects of having a real estate business
  • Access and login 24/7 - All course materials are digitized and accessible online so you can login to access the content anytime from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Learn at your own pace where-ever you are!
  • Bonus #1: Unlimited access to Q and A webinar sessions
  • Bonus #2: Lifetime access to the online training... (see complete list of bonuses below)
  • This is meant to be an 8-week (For Core Training, additional 12-weeks for Core + Advanced Training ) program that will empower you to identify your first (or next) profitable foreclosed property, with the knowledge and know-how that will guide you from the beginning to the completion of the deal, and you will get more than 9 years worth of "in the trenches" experience gained from working on our own deals (plus lessons from the first 4 years of trying).
  • Training content is available online and downloadable in audio (.MP3) format, slides (.PDF), and spreadsheets (.XLS). Live Q and A sessions are done through webinars (with recorded replays), and these are delivered in a convenient, and organized way, that will give you proper direction for faster learning and success.
  • Access to calculators for analyzing properties - I use excel sheets to quickly analyze properties, and I have created equivalent online calculators for quick and easy analysis. You get access to both!
  • You get time and money saving step-by-step videos. I can say you get hours and hours of training videos, but I would rather focus on the value you will get out of them. I created the videos based on our own experiences and lessons learned, and I edited them all myself to keep them short, and direct to the point, while ensuring nothing important will be left out.
  • In addition to our own real estate experiences, the content for the training is also based on our interaction with thousands of people on our blog where I have answered more than 4,400 questions related to foreclosed properties.
  • With unconditional 30-day money back guarantee! Refer to details below.

Backed By 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I have poured out all my knowledge gained from experience, and I held nothing back in this training. It is my hope that it will empower you to get started with investing in foreclosed properties.

If, however, you are not happy with the training, please let me know by sending an email to within 30 days, and I will return your money, no questions asked.

~ Jay Castillo ~

Who is this training for?

  • Are you someone who decided to start investing in foreclosed properties, but you really don't know how to get started?
  • Are you someone who got inspired after reading a book, or attending a seminar, but you don't know what to do next?
  • Have you attended so many real estate seminars, but you've never landed a deal because something is still missing and/or you have so many questions left unanswered, and these are holding you back?
  • When you actually tried to find a foreclosed property to invest in, you encountered problems and/or challenges that stopped you from moving forward?
  • You actually found a foreclosed property you want to buy, but realized you don't know what to do with it?
  • Do you want to know how to check if it really makes sense to buy a foreclosed property?
  • Do you have more questions left unanswered about foreclosed properties?


Who is this training NOT for?

  • You simply want to buy a foreclosed property for your own use and you don't care if it will be a good or bad investment
  • You want to get rich quick and make millions overnight with real estate
  • You're looking for something easy, you easily give-up when hard work is needed, and you're not willing to exert effort in finding those life-changing real estate deals
  • You always doubt whatever is in front of you because you've made up your mind that nothing works, even if you haven't actually tried

If you’re the type of person described above, then this training is not for you. Sorry.

The story behind the training: How I quit my job so I can be healthy for my family, by investing in foreclosed properties!

Hi, my name is Jay Castillo, and one day, I realized that I was literally killing myself because of my job. This eventually pushed me to invest in real estate. Let me explain…

I remember way back in 2006, I ended up doing the job of 3 people in a multinational company, even if I was the I.T. Manager. I felt overworked and underpaid. So I did what I thought was the solution: I resigned, and transferred to another company for higher pay.

But I was wrong, the higher pay was not the solution. This was the time when I was introduced to the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. From the book, I learned that I was still stuck in the “rat race”!

Since then, I’ve been obsessed with figuring out a way to get out of the rat-race. I wanted to do this, not just for me, but also for my new family.

Me and our first born CJ

I remember I would leave for work and I would kiss my baby boy. He was still asleep.

And then I would come home late at night, and he was already asleep.

Enough is enough, I decided that I will get out of the rat race through real estate investing!

However, I learned the hard way that I would only be able to apply what I learned from the book, if I had time to do it, if I had money to invest, and I also had to be working near where I lived, so I did not have to go far to start looking for promising real estate.

So I swallowed my pride, went back to the company I worked for before, and took a pay-cut. But, I was able to start looking for real estate (for me it was foreclosed properties) during my spare time, just like what was mentioned in Rich Dad Poor Dad!

Things were pretty okay, I also learned to manage my money, and I was saving for my first deal. Having a job made me feel secure again, but time passed and I had nothing to show for when it comes to real estate. It’s like I was back in my comfort zone, and I was in no rush.

But one morning, that suddenly changed… when I woke up and got up, I fell down on the floor, and I saw my whole world spinning, “literally”. I vomited several times and obviously, I was seriously sick.

I only managed to reach the bathroom by holding on to the walls of our house. I still wanted to go to work because I had an important meeting (crazy right!).

So I drove to work, attended the meeting, and after it ended, that was the only time I went to the company nurse. She checked my blood pressure, and at first it was at 140 over 100. Even after resting, it did not go down, and I felt even worse…

I ended up at the emergency room and was later diagnosed with high blood pressure at such a young age.

While on the hospital bed, I realized how stupid I was, and I needed to stop this madness. Of course, I can’t just resign, I needed income replacement. And then I remembered real estate investing!

That jolt was all I needed because this forced me to really start investing in real estate, and I just had to make it work, even if I had doubts that real estate investing can be done in the Philippine setting.

But that was exactly what I did.

After years of trying, and several failed attempts, I ended up buying 3 foreclosed properties on that year alone…

And they all turned out to be successful deals.

I was finally able quit my job in January 2010!

What I thought was not possible in the Philippine setting, can really be done. But it took a lot of time…

I remember seeing listings of foreclosed properties in the Sunday edition of Manila Bulletin, and I would see some on the list that were cheap and appeared to be promising…

But, I really didn’t know what to do next.

Sometimes I would actually go to the properties, and inspect them. Some looked okay, but most looked they badly needed repairs, but I really did not know what to do next.

Later, when I checked the Manila Bulletin again, those foreclosed properties would no longer be on the list… someone had bought them already!

Questions would linger in my mind like “Why did they buy those properties?”.

Or, “What did they see in them that make them worth buying?”.

And I also thought to myself “What?! Those foreclosed properties were so stinking ugly and in bad shape, who in their right minds would buy them?”

There just had to be a way to check if buying a foreclosed property made sense.

After several years of trying to figure it out all by myself, and as I was about to lose hope, I finally learned what it takes for a property to be profitable.

This was through the help of friends, mentors, and the school of hard-knocks.

So from not knowing what to do… I ended up buying several foreclosed properties that turned in more than enough profits that allowed me to quit my job, nice!

And to pay it forward, I’ve been trying to share as much as I can through my blog ever since…

But people needed more…

That was how I ended up creating my blog, where I share as much as I can about our real estate investing journey.

While it felt great to share as much as I can on my blog, somehow I felt that there was something missing.

Have you ever felt like you had so much more to give, especially when people ask for advice?

That’s exactly how I felt before when it comes to real estate, even if I was already being invited to speak on TV shows, seminars, real estate conferences, and other events.

Don’t get me wrong, I always feel honored and thankful whenever I’m invited to speak about investing in foreclosed properties, just like the interview on ANC On The Money below.

But even if people tell me they learned a lot, I know that it’s not enough…

I have lost count how many times people say they want to learn more, and ask if I have my own training.

At first I was hesitant to create my training because I knew how much I have to cover to give the most complete picture of investing in foreclosed properties, and this would be a huge undertaking.

It would take a lot of time and effort to finish, especially since I am working on my own deals.

But through the years, so many people kept asking for help, and I receive more and more questions through my blog on a daily basis… and these have added up to several thousands of questions through the years.

It was becoming obvious that a lot of people simply did not know what to do when it comes to buying real estate the right way, and they ended up with very bad real estate deals. Now if only they knew what I already knew back then…

It became very clear that I just had to create this training!

I feel that it’s not right for people to rely on incomplete information out there, so after more than 4 years, I was finally able to create the first version of this training.

Looking back, how I wish there was a step-by-step training like this when I was getting started. And it turns out that I would have to be the one to create one for everyone.

My goal with this training is to equip you with the knowledge and wisdom gained through years of experience, so that those who go through this training can actually go out there and start investing in real estate the right way.

I have held nothing back and shared just about everything we have learned through the years, and I am committed to helping you achieve your real estate investing success, through this training.

You will know what worked for me so you can do the same, and you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

You will also be able avoid things that will hold you back…

What are the things that hold back people from investing in real estate, and doing it successfully?

Most of the time, it all begins in the mind with common misconceptions that stop us (I should know, it took me years before I got started). Maybe you’re thinking:

  • “But Jay, investing in real estate needs a lot of cash!”

True, you need cash, but you don’t need 100% of the cash to buy a property. On the average, you only need 20% for the downpayment. Of course don’t forget that you still have to consider taxes, repair costs, holding costs, etc.

  • “Can’t I do this with nothing down (no downpayment)?”

On the flip-side, some people might think that they can buy real estate with nothing down. My take on this is: While some have done it, it’s difficult to do with bank foreclosed properties because banks are not that desperate to sell right now. So if you are looking for “nothing down” deals with foreclosed properties because you lack money for downpayment, then you won’t find that here. Sorry.

  • “You can’t find good deals anymore like before…”

I often attend auctions for bank foreclosed properties, and a lot of times I end up as an observer because I didn’t see any “good deals”. But, I am often surprised when a lot of properties are sold, and I even see a lot of bidders slugging it out for one property. More often than not, If I analyzed those sold properties, they turn out to be good deals. So the good deals are still out there, I just didn’t see them.

  • “You need to be a licensed real estate broker to do this?”

Actually you don’t need to be a licensed broker, as long as you are working on properties you own. Yes, being a licensed broker an be a huge advantage, but you don’t need to be one, and this is based on the RESA law, under Sec 28(a). I also believe that you can do this without any real estate experience, that’s how I did it!

  • “This takes a lot of time to do…”

If you will remember my story, I was actually working as a full-time I.T. Manager when I tried to do real estate investing on the side. And I was able to make it work. So you don’t have to do this full-time.

Okay, I hope you get the picture. But there are a lot more things you need to make this work, which I made sure I covered in my own training…

Who will be your trainers?

Jay Castillo

I started as a tool to help me when I was still starting with investing in foreclosed properties. Little did I know that it will be a big help to others who are just starting with real estate.

I am passionate with making things work, and I document what works and what doesn't so others can learn how I did it... and this is exactly what I've been doing with real estate.

After several successful deals, I was able to quit my job as the I.T. Manager of a multinational company to focus on real estate full-time, and I have been documenting my real estate journey ever since.

It is my hope that by sharing what I have learned, I will be able to help fellow real estate investors out there who are on the same journey.

I am also a PRC licensed Real Estate Broker with REB License # 3194.

Cherry Vi Castillo

My wife Cherry Castillo helps me when it comes to legal aspects and taxation of real estate, where she brings in here vast experience during her stay at SGV Inc.

She is a Licensed Real Estate Broker (PRC Real Estate Broker License No. 3187), and placed 4th in the March 2011 Real Estate Brokers Licensure Exam.

Cherry is also a Licensed Real Estate Appraiser (PRC Real Estate Appraiser License No. 6918) and placed 8th in the August 2015 Real Estate Appraisers Licensure Exam.

She's also a lawyer (Roll of Attorneys No. 55239), and CPA (PRC CPA License No. 0102054).

What makes this training different from others out there?

We tell it as it is. No beating around the bush, No sugar-coating. We give you just about everything.

Investing in real estate is like trying to solve a big puzzle. How would you feel if pieces of the puzzle were missing? We won’t hide any pieces of the puzzle.

Wouldn’t you want to get the complete picture when it comes to foreclosed properties? That’s what we want you to have with this training.

Of course, having the most complete training can take a lot of time to run, and it can take days, which means it can be so expensive. I was able to solve this by coming up with an online training.

Another thing you would need is to know what happens and what to expect at each stage of a real estate transaction, what are the costs involved, what are the applicable taxes, how to compute for them, what real estate contracts to use, etc. We have these covered in my training!

One more thing that comes to mind is being part of a group of “like-minded” people who are also into real estate investing, cliche as that may sound. Again, this made a big difference for me when I was just starting out.

So instead of trying to do it all on my own, it was so much better when my friends, fellow investors, and mentors shared feedback, tips, inputs, and information (ex. experiences with buying from a certain village, market values, etc.). This was a big help, and pointed me to the right direction. You get this in my training through our exclusive facebook group.

By the way, my training is not meant to inspire you. Don’t get me wrong, it should inspire you to get started, but I go beyond that by actually showing you how I am doing it, how my friends and mentors are doing it, step-by-step.

Of course, I don’t have a crystal ball, and you might have a unique situation not covered in the training. That’s what the Q and A sessions are for, so you can actually ask and get the help you need.

You also get everything organized in one place, you can access 24×7, so you can go back and get the information you need down the road, whenever you need it (You get lifetime access).

We hold nothing back in this training, because I want you to succeed, and I believe that’s the big difference.

But don’t take my word for it, here are just some of the things you can expect and feedback from training participants

This even works for properties that are NOT foreclosed

Note: Portions are hidden to protect the privacy of training participants.

As seen on:


What’s the difference between the “Core” and “Advanced” modules?

The “Core” modules will be shorter but still covers the entire journey you will go through when finding properties that have profit potential, and then the “Advanced” modules will cover the nitty-gritty/step-by-step/complex situations (which take a long time to explain – hence are longer).

I understand that there’s no “one-size fits all” when it comes to trainings, so you have a choice…

Core Training Bundle – If you simply want the essentials and quickly learn the A to Z of investing in foreclosed properties, you can take the “Core” training bundle. Of course, this option is more affordable.

Core + Advanced Training Bundle – If you are concerned with the complexities you might encounter down the road, the “Advanced” modules are there for you.

New modules will be added if needed, and you will have access at no additional cost… this will be like the netflix of real estate trainings, and you get this with the Core + Advanced training bundle!

A map for your real estate investing adventure!

At a glance, you will see what the training is all about in the following map for your real estate investing adventure. You’ll see the steps, corresponding modules/courses, and the difference between the Core training and Advanced training modules.

To find out what’s inside the modules above, check out the detailed training outline below.

What will be covered in the “Core” modules? (and schedules)

Module 1 – Fundamentals of foreclosed properties (Online workshop on November 6, 2018, 8:00pm – 10:00pm Manila Time, will be recorded)

  • What are foreclosed properties? (So we'll know exactly what to focus on)
  • Why do most successful real estate investors invest in foreclosed properties? So you can be like them!
  • What does a complete real estate deal look like? - Less surprises down the road!
  • Recommended real estate investing strategies for beginners
  • Who can legally invest in Foreclosed Properties in the Philippines?
  • How much money do you need to get started
  • Top mistakes beginning real estate investors make (so you can avoid them too!)

Module 2 – How to find properties that have profit potential (Online workshop on November 15, 2018, 8:00pm – 10:00pm Manila Time, and will be recorded)

  • The one thing you must do before searching for foreclosed properties
  • How to estimate market values of land, rental rates, demand/supply in your target location (so you'll know if it's a good location)
  • How to estimate if there is room for profit if you flip a property
  • How to estimate if a rental can be a good deal
  • Where and how to get listings of foreclosed properties efficiently
  • How much does it really cost to invest in foreclosed properties (so you'll know if it really has room for profits)
  • How to compute for your projected Return On Investment (to help you decide if you will buy a property for flipping or as a rental)

Module 3 – How to identify and avoid problematic properties (Online workshop on November 22, 2018, 8:00pm – 10:00pm Manila Time, and will be recorded)

  • What happens if you don't do enough due diligence
  • Too much due diligence is also bad... find out why in this workshop
  • The non-negotiables when it comes to due diligence (step-by-step)
  • Doing a more thorough due diligence (if you still have time before the auction!)

Module 4 – How to get the best price/terms when buying foreclosed properties (Online workshop on December 6, 2018, 8:00pm-10:00pm Manila Time, and will be recorded)

  • Which is better: Auctions or submitting offers?
  • Up to how much can you offer/bid while still meeting your target ROI?
  • Buying Bank Foreclosed Property Via Auction Step-By-Step
  • Making Offers And Negotiating With Banks Step-By-Step
  • How to get the best financing options for your purchase

Module 5 – All about renovating your property (Online workshop on December 17, 2018, 8:00pm-10:00pm Manila Time, and will be recorded)

  • What you need to consider before starting to renovate your property
  • Should you even renovate or not?
  • How to find someone to renovate your property
  • Contractor or Foreman (etc), which is better?
  • Renovation tips and best practices

Module 6 – How to profit from foreclosed properties step-by-step: In-person workshop on January 12, 2019, Saturday (Tentative), 1:00pm-5:00pm Manila Time, venue to be finalized (Quezon City)

  • Flipping a foreclosed property step-by-step
  • Buy and keep a property as a rental step-by-step
  • A detailed comparison of investing strategies (so you'll know what fits you)

What will be covered in the “Advanced” modules?

Advanced – Real Estate Investing for the long term (on demand video training + monthly live Q and A session)

  • What Do You Need For Long Term Success In Real Estate?
  • Did You Really Make Money? (With Case Study)
  • How many more and what kind of real estate deals do you need to "win the game"? (w/ case study)
  • Lessons learned - Case Study on my first successful deal

Advanced – Closing the deal (on demand video training + monthly live Q and A session)

  • Closing A CTS Transaction Step-By-Step
  • Closing A Purchase Financed with a Mortgage Loan Step-By-Step
  • Closing An All Cash Purchase Step-By-Step
  • How To Transfer The Ownership Of A Foreclosed Property Step-By-Step
  • Property Turnover And Acceptance Tips

Advanced – Marketing your property (on demand video training + monthly live Q and A session)

  • How To Sell Your Properties Fast
  • Internet Marketing For Real Estate (Part 1: Why Sell Real Estate Online)
  • Internet Marketing For Real Estate (Part 2: Online Classifieds And Social Media)
  • Internet Marketing For Real Estate (Part 3: Your Online Sales Funnel)
  • How To Conduct An Open House And Sell Quickly

Advanced – How to detect and avoid real estate investing scams (on demand video training + monthly live Q and A session)

  • How To Detect And Avoid Real Estate Investing Scams (Part 1: Why People Get Scammed)
  • How To Detect And Avoid Real Estate Investing Scams (Part 2: Who Will Scam You, How They Do It)
  • How To Detect And Avoid Real Estate Investing Scams (Part 3: How To Protect Yourself From Scammers)

Advanced – Brokering foreclosed properties for licensed Brokers/agents and also non-licensed referrors (on demand video training + monthly live Q and A session)

  • Brokering Foreclosed Properties (Part 1: Why Broker Foreclosed Properties)
  • Brokering Foreclosed Properties (Part 2: Step-By-Step)
  • Brokering Foreclosed Properties (Part 3: Professional Fees And Referral Rates)
  • Brokering Foreclosed Properties (Part 4: Problems With Brokering And Solutions)
  • Brokering Foreclosed Properties (Part 5: Tips For Brokering And Long Term Success)

Note: There are actually more advanced topics (ex. taxation, closing costs, how to transfer ownership… refer to the map for  your “real estate adventure” above) but I can’t add them all here because this page will be too long. 🙂

How about the Q and A sessions?

Each workshop/ module will have Q and A sessions at the end where we answer each and every question. We will also have regular monthly Q and A sessions during “Office Hours” for the Advanced Modules which also includes “hot seat” style coaching/ mentoring sessions via online webinars.

How much will this training cost?

Before you think that this training will be expensive, think about:

  • How long will it take you to try to figure this all out by yourself, do your own research, and "wing it" until it works?
  • How much would it cost to get a "Guru" to mentor you? (the last "real estate guru" I know who did this was charging Php 10,000/hour)
  • How much does it really cost to attend seminar after seminar that are filled with "Rah rah!" but lack the important details you need to get started?
  • Or think about this: How much time, money, and effort you can lose with every mistake you make when buying real estate? The downpayment alone on a bad deal can cost hundreds of thousands of pesos...

Think about it…

  • If this training saves you from losing your show money (Usually Php20,000.00 for auctions) or earnest money (about 5% to 10% of the selling price when making offers) on a bad deal, then the training has already paid for itself!
  • What more the training helps you to actually get started, and you land profitable deals?
  • Think of the time, effort, and money you can save...
  • If you enroll, you can get the practical knowledge you need, and avoid making those costly mistakes!

So instead of thinking how much this training will cost, consider the value of everything that you will get if you invest in this training!

And you also get these awesome bonuses!

Unlimited/Lifetime Access to "Live" Q and A webinar sessions

When you hit a “road block”, that stops your real estate investing journey, you'll need a mentor who is willing to answer all of your questions.Ask me and I’ll answer them all through these live Question and Answer sessions.​

Lifetime Access to all training content

You get lifetime access to all content, including updates, new topics, new tools, etc.

No more overwhelm with trying to remember everything at once because with this bonus, you can access everything, when you need it, for life!

Bonus Training (For Core + Advanced Bundle Only!): How to invest in tax delinquent properties

Get bonus access to our "How to invest in tax delinquent properties training".

Buy 1 - Take 1 promo for your spouse/ fiancee/ partner/ sibling/ aunt / etc.

Real estate investing is better done with a partner, which is why we are giving you a "Buy 1, Take 1" bonus if you enroll with your spouse, fiancee, tito/tita, sibling, etc. You and your partner will BOTH have access to the training.

Ready to invest for your future? Choose your enrollment option:

Core Training Bundle

1-time credit card payment


  • 6 Core Training Modules
  • 1 "In-person" workshop/meetup
  • Bonus: Unlimited/Lifetime access to Q and A webinars
  • Bonus: Lifetime access to Core training content
  • Bonus:Download rights for offline learning
  • Bonus: Access for spouse / sibling / fiancee
  • 9 Advanced Training Modules
  • Access To All New Advanced Training Modules
  • Bonus Training: How to invest in tax delinquent properties

Core +Advanced Training Bundle

3 monthly credit card payments of


Total of ₱20,991 (Only ₱6,997 today)

  • 6 Core Training Modules
  • 9 Advanced Training Modules
  • Access To All New Advanced Training Modules
  • 1 "In-person" workshop/meetup
  • Bonus: Unlimited/Lifetime access to Q and A webinars
  • Bonus: Lifetime access to Core and Advanced training content
  • Bonus: Download rights for offline learning
  • Bonus: Access for spouse / sibling / fiancee
  • Bonus Training: How to invest in tax delinquent properties

What happens when you enroll via credit card?

  1. After you click any of the “ADD TO CART” buttons above, you will be sent to a secure payment page.
  2. You just have to follow the instructions on the screen.
  3. Once payment is completed, you will be logged-in automatically in the training area.
  4. Login details will also be sent via email.
  5. If you encounter any problems, please call/text me, Jay Castillo, at +639178843882, or send an email to, or click here to submit a support request.

Note: For those who will purchase this training from within the European Union, the European Union Value Added Tax  (aka EU VAT) is applicable, and will be automatically applied on top of the listed price during checkout.

For bank deposit / online transfer / remittance, scroll down below the money back guarantee


Backed By 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I have poured out my knowledge gained from experience, and I held nothing back in this training. It is my hope that it will empower you to get started with investing in foreclosed properties.

If, however, you are not happy with the training, please let me know by sending an email to within 30 days, and I will return your money, no questions asked.

~ Jay Castillo ~

Bank deposit / online transfer / remittance instructions

(Full payment only):

Note: Since its more tedious to pay via bank deposit / online transfer / remittance, I’ll give you Php497 discount compared to Full Payment via credit card.

Step 1:

1-1: Choose the training bundle you want to enroll for and take note of enrollment fee below :

  • Core Training Bundle: Php9,500.00
  • Core + Advanced Training Bundle: Php17,500.00

1-2 Deposit / Transfer / Remit to any of the following bank accounts:


  • Savings Account#: 9786091377
  • Account Name: Jose Dionisio R. Castillo


  • Savings Account#: 006980315942
  • Account Name: Jose Dionisio R. Castillo
  • Branch: SM Center Las Pinas
  • Note: For BDO online transfer, you might encounter a PHP 10,000 limit per day, and because of this, you can just make two transfers over two days to cover the whole amount. Please don’t forget to let me know through the payment details form for each transfer, through Step 2 below, so I’ll know the transfers came from you.

Step 2:

2-1: Scan or take a picture or a screen-shot of the bank deposit slip/bank remittance slip/online bank transfer

2-2: Fill-out the payment details form below:



Please don’t forget to provide your deposit / remittance / transfer details through the form linked above!

This helps us know exactly who sent the payment… otherwise a payment will end up as unclaimed or “unknown sender”.

Step 3:

3-1: Send an SMS/Text message to +639178843882 and/or call (632)585-9200 to inform us of your deposit/remittance.

3-2: Upon verification, you’ll receive an SMS/Text message and/or email confirmation that you have successfully enrolled for the “How To Buy Foreclosed Properties” online training.

3-3: I will send your login details via email.

Note: Please allow 24-48 hours for us to verify your bank deposit/remittance/transfer. Once verified, you will receive your login details, as mentioned above.

Need Assistance?

If you need assistance with your enrollment, you may contact me through any of the following:

1. Call or text me (Jay Castillo) at:  (632)585-9200 / +63917-8843882

2. ==> Click here to make a support request through our helpdesk

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes of course, all webinars will be recorded for everyone who will be unable to attend them live. Same goes for all Q and A sessions.

Yes, the consultations will be done during the Q and A sessions. The Q and A sessions also serve as “Mastermind” sessions where one attendee will be on the “Hotseat” and share the challenges he/she is facing, and other attendees can give feedback, inputs, assistance.

Yes, you can attend even if you are not a licensed real estate broker. You don’t need to be a licensed broker to invest in real estate, and I’ll show you how in the training.

Yes, the training shall be conducted in english. In case attendees ask questions in tagalog/filipino, don’t worry because I will repeat in english, and I will also answer in english, which is our standard practice.

The training is mostly digital, which means you can access it online from where ever you are, as long as you have a reliable internet connection. The venue is basically anywhere you choose, as long as your device can connect online!

At the moment, we cannot guarantee that this will qualify for CPD units as self-directed learning. Technically, it should qualify, but we have not yet tried it. Once online trainings are qualified for CPD, we will definitely work on getting this training accredited!

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What are you waiting for, Christmas?

One of my favorite sayings goes like this:

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

~ Chinese proverb

I believe investing in real estate is just like like planting a tree, because it takes a lot of time and patience to grow and bear fruit. The sooner you start, the better.

Otherwise, you might look back years from now and have regrets for not grabbing an opportunity when you had the chance.

But how would you know if a foreclosed property is really a good opportunity?

That’s what my training is all about.

I look forward to seeing you inside the training area.

Best regards,

Jay Castillo – Owner and founder,

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