Bank of Commerce foreclosed Memorial Lot for sale in Lawn 13 Block 43 Lot K Ozamiz Memorial Gardens Dimaluna Ozamiz City

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by Editorial Staff
Published: September 25, 2017 (2 years ago)

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Lot Area (sqm)
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Property details:

  • Property source: Bank of Commerce – As of 3RD QTR, 2017
  • Property Description: Memorial Lot
  • Property Location: Lawn 13 Block 43 Lot K Ozamiz Memorial Gardens Dimaluna Ozamiz City
  • TCT / CCT No: 08232
  • Posted Price: PHP 30,000.00

Listing Details


1) All sales on “AS-IS, WHERE-IS” and “NO RECOURSE” bases. No warranties.

2) Prices NOT applicable to buybacks by former owners. Please contact Acquired Assets Management Department for buyback price.

3) Properties & prices subject to change anytime & may be removed from the list for any reason Top Management deems appropriate.

4) The list may reflect properties sold without the knowledge of AAMD. For immediate correction, kindly advise AAMD of such fact if identified.

5) If multiple offers are received for the same property, a bidding shall be conducted and the property shall be awarded to the highest bidder.

6) Mere submission of an Offer to Purchase does not confer “first option” or “first right” to the offeror.

7) The deficiencies stated herein are not meant to be exhaustive, comprehensive or complete. Buyers are advised to conduct their own due diligence prior to making an offer.

8) The Bank only shoulders Creditable Withholding Tax up to purchase price. Excess CWT are for buyer’s account.

9) This list is an intellectual property of Bank of Commerce. However, Bank of Commerce is not in anyway liable if this shall be copied, reproduced, altered and/or tampered for any activities other than the purpose of marketing properties contained in it.

10) No application fee is required.

11) Bid Offer should be labeled as “Bids and Awards Committee – Bank Property Bid” and be addressed to:

Bids and Awards Committee Secretariat
Finance and Controllership Group
12th floor SMPC Bldg., Ortigas Center
c/o Maritess C. Claveria

Contact Details

For Inquiries, Please call:

TRUNK LINE : 982-6000


Management reserves the right to change the price and/or to dissapprove offer for the said property.

Source: Bank of Commerce website

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