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Pardon me if I may have been bombarding you with a lot of listings of repossessed cars for sale from a number of banks lately. It just so happens that a bunch of them came out this week and the deadlines for the submission of bids are already next week so I really need to post them here quickly. I’m also quite sure that there are lots of people out there searching for bargain second hand used cars and I really hope that by posting these listings of repossessed cars here, I am able to help in my own little way.

Anyway, this is the last one I will post (for now) as this is the last one remaining. This list of repossessed vehicles is from United Coconut Planter’s Bank (UCPB).

I saw this listing in last Sunday’s copy of the Manila Bulletin and also at UCPB’s website when I was searching for updated listings of foreclosed properties. Last year, I wasn’t able to buy any of the bargain foreclosed properties (yes, there were a lot of them) from UCPB as described in my post about pre-auction bids – another lesson learned and I don’t want to miss the same opportunity this year. This is why I am keeping a close watch for any new listings of UCPB foreclosed properties. I have observed that they (UCPB) only conduct auctions of foreclosed properties once a year.

Before I digress too much, please see below the complete list of UCPB repossessed cars for sale. One item that caught my eye was a 2008 Toyota Vios 1.3E being sold for only Php 415, 800.

vios_pageA similar 2008 Toyota Vios (not actual unit)

The cheapest 2008 Toyota Vios 1.3E with manual transmission that I was able to find at sulit.com.ph was being sold for Php490,000. So does that make this repossessed Vios a bargain? It depends on the physical and legal condition of the car. I also noticed that the mileage for this particular car was stated as “not seen” on the list below. What the heck does that mean?! Anyway, if you are interested, you may contact UCPB’s Asset Management & Disposition Division through the contact numbers below.



Floor  Price

Mileage  / Fuel

2008 Cherry QQ311, Hatchback, Green, ZPA –870



14,854 kms / Gas

2005       Hyundai Starex GRX, Van, Green, FFP-382



66,684 kms / Diesel

2008 Toyota Vios 1.3E Sedan, Black, FGF -610



Not seen / Gas

2006       Toyota Innova J, Wagon, Red, FGC -796



45,203 kms / Diesel

2006 Hyundai Tucson Wagon, Blue, ZGB -300



47,092 kms / Gas

2005 Isuzu Truck Ambulance, White, ZCD – 821




2001 Nissan Patrol 4X4 Wagon, Gray / White,

WSW – 822, Manual


71,434 kms Diesel

2007       Honda Civic 1.8V, Sedan, Black, FGG -381,



29,745 Gas

2008       M. Adventure GLS Sport, Wagon, Aspen

While / Verona Silver, ZSG – 443, Manual


8,595 kms Diesel

2009       M. Adventure GX Wagon, Monzar Silver , ZTY – 642 Manual


7,472 kms Diesel

2008 Mitsubishi Outlander 4X4, Wagon, Gray,

ZSR-953, Automatic


3,778 kms / Gas

2004-Mitsubishi  Outlander GLS 4X4, Wagon,

Silver,  XNM- 155, Automatic


43,796 kms/Gas

2008 Chevrolet Captiva, Wagon, Silver,

ZNY-  570,Automatic,


24,576 kms / Diesel

2008 Mitsubishi Strada GLX, Pick – up, Blue,

ZNJ- 172, Manual


58,586 kms / Diesel

2008 Mazda 3.6S, Sedan, White, ZNT-201



24,640 kms /Gas

2007 Mitsubishi L-300 FB, White, ZLV-429,



53,728 kms / Diesel

2006 Mitsubishi L-300 FB, White, VDZ-223,



34,496 kms/ Diesel


Opening of sealed bids is on September 23,2009 4:30 pm.

Units can be inspected at 1 Vitales Compound, Paranaque City  from 8:30 to 5:00 p.m.   Monday to Saturday. For inquiries, please call Asset Management & Disposition Division at tel Nos.  8119963 / 811-9000


All units are on an “AS IS WHERE IS “basis.  Units and prices are subject to change without prior notice.  The Bank has the right to withdraw any vehicle before the auction.  Inadvertent misprints shall not alter the vehicle’s factual condition  nor shall be deemed as misrepresentation on the vehicle.

FINANCING AVAILABLE – For inquiries, please call Auto Loans Department

at tel No. 811-9000 loc 9044

Source:http://www.ucpb.com/(click on Assets For Sale at the bottom of the left side bar)


Some of you may be wondering if I have already started buying/selling bank repossessed cars. Aside from the fact that I believe I still have lots of things to learn, I really can’t venture into other stuff at the moment as I still have a real estate deal to close. Wish me luck!

Happy hunting!

To our financial freedom!

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    So you actually foreclose on a car in the Phillipines? Sounds like a different process than here in the states.

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    Hello catrosinfo, in terms of price, second hand or used cars are of course worth looking into, it just depends on the condition of the car(physical and legal).

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