Time to outsource my title transfer

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I have been so busy lately with the title transfer of a foreclosed property that I purchased and I realized that it would be better if I just outsourced the title transfer to someone else. The amount of time that I have already allocated for this could have been put to better use finding more income generating properties, among a number of other activities that are more worthwhile doing, which is why I don’t intend to spend more time with the title transfer.


Don’t get me wrong, handling the title transfer is very important for me and my tenant/buyer, and I also want to learn how this is done, which is why I tried to do this myself. However, with the amount of time and effort needed to complete this, it makes better sense to just let someone else do it for me.

Just yesterday, I spent the whole afternoon following up on some documents I needed and I drove more than a hundred kilometers in the process going back and forth from Makati to Antipolo.

Highest and best use of my time

Outsourcing the title transfer to a title company would free up my time and allow me to use it for its highest and best use. As real estate investors, the highest and best use of our time is to find more deals that would generate passive income and positive cashflow. I should always keep this in mind and focus!

Why do I need the title transferred to me?

I have already paid in full for this particular property of mine and my objective is to transfer the title of the said property from the bank to myself, in the shortest amount of time possible, so that my tenant/buyer can apply for a housing loan for it. You will notice that this is a double closing. This was the only option I had with the bank where I bought the foreclosed property from. Yes, this would mean double taxation but it is okay, I factored-in the taxes I am going to shoulder into my expenses and the numbers still made sense for this deal.

Transferring the title of the property

Just to give you an idea, transferring the title of the property to my name would require the following:

Looks easy but in reality, these tasks are very tedious and time consuming but if you are into real estate investing, you will have to do these sooner or later, unless you outsource it.  The tasks above will be done for me by the title company I hired, except for those that have already been done. I’ll update you all of the status of the title transfer in a month or two. Wish me luck!


To our success and financial freedom!

Jay Castillo

Real Estate Investor
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  • Elias

    Hi Jay, do you know of any reliable and reasonably priced surveyor? Appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

  • Shelly

    Hi Jay, I have purchased a forclosed townhouse from BFS (bahay financial services) last April 2012· I have paidd them in cash plus the transfer fees and paid another P10k for their titling service for a year. Everytime I called to follow up they are still on the process of getting the tax declaration to process the Absolute Deed of Sale. I am getting frustrated at the rate of work and thinking that I would be waiting for ages just to have the title transfered to my name. It was a disappointment considering it was my first foreclosure investment project. May I ask for your advice and also from Beverly, Benny and Edwin? Thank you

  • Gray

    Good morning Jay,

    If I intend to purchase a property from a large subdivision developer like VV Soliven or Sta. Lucia Realty, and the size of the lot is only 300sqm or less, do I need a relocation survey first by a Geodetic Engineer before I sign the contract?

    Or do you think it is safe because the land is being sold by a known corporation and surveying would be a waste of time?

    Hope to hear from you.

    Thank you very much.

  • aby

    Hi. I’m planning to buy a lot but the title is not transferred under the name of the seller but is still under the name of the subdivision developer. The seller has all the documents; title, deed of sale, tax declaration. Plus it is a known fact that they own the lot, they just didn’t get around to transferring it to their name. Will it be problematic to transfer it to my name after buying it? Hoping for your input. Thanks.

    • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Jay Castillo

      Hi Aby, one thing you should check is the interest and penalties that may have accrued for taxes left unpaid (if any), just in case they did not pay them yet along with the transfer of the property. Who will shoulder them, if any?

  • http://donthaveany marcy manalo

    I am new here I just wanted to ask the above question.Im not eve sure what a spammer is.

  • http://donthaveany marcy manalo

    Hi Jay,
    I am still in the process of titling my property which is a duplex. The other unit is rented out for 5k monthly , now increased to 7k. Do I have to have my property which is rented registered with the city hall and the BIR?
    Please advice. Thanks in advance.

  • Leno

    I am the only child and both of my parents passed away. The properties are still in their name. What is the procedure in transferring it to my name? How much will it cost?

  • Ting

    Hello Jay! Just wanna ask and hope you could help us out. Just bought a house and paid it in full somewhere in cainta and now we are having a problem on transfering the TCT on my name and notarizing it, Because the Deed of Sale was not named by the real owners and the BIR won’t allow it, The real owners are already migrated in canada and they gave their full written authority (SPA) to the seller their mother to sell and sign for them. But the BIR said that it wasn’t acceptable we need to make another Deed of Absolute Sale and have the real owners signed on it. Pls. advice any help is very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  • Ting

    Hello! Just bought a house in full price somewhere in cainta, we already have the original TCT, deed of absolute sale, Tax declaration named by the owner but the problem is we are having a problem on notarization and registration of the TCT bec. the deed of sale was not named and by the real owners, the owners migrated in canada and they authorized her mother to sell the house we have also the Special power of attorney from them allowing full authority of her mother on selling her property signed by her and his husband but the BIR won’t accept it bec. the Deed of Sale was not named and sign by the real owners. pls. advice, any help is very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  • Arben Abrenica
  • Jon Manilenio

    Did we ever get around to that list of appraisers, surveyors, title transfer agents?  Also, what about the article on roles and responsibilities of seller’s and buyer’s brokers?

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  • She

    Hi Jay,
    I would just like to ask because my sister has a plan to purchase a house from a PagIBig member that is near foreclosure.
    Is it wise to buy the house even in that situation? What complications may arise from this transaction?
    What are the first steps I need to do to transfer the title to my sister once fully paid?
    Thanks in advance.


  • http://www.outsourcinglive.com Tyrone Shum

    Hi everyone,

    It’s great to see a community that we have here – people who actually know how outsourcing can benefit personal and business lives. Legal outsourcing is definitely covering this and there’s nothing to be worried of as long as you have set the right expectations, and you’ve both agreed on things. Plus, getting someone highly experienced to do this is a must as you check references. As an outsourcing expert myself I’m speaking from experience. Good luck to all!

  • hazel

    Resource for foreclosure investing in the Philippines with listings of foreclosed properties, selling and ect are very useful to each and everyone .

  • gian

    tanong ko lang po…ganun ba talaga kabagal ang ma release ng bagong title dyan sa RD-TRECE MARTIREZ CAVITY? 1 month na akong naghihintay pero sinasabi sa akin na for signature pa raw…how many for days do i have to wait…..????iniipit lang kaya dahil naghihintay muna ng lagay???

  • Nochelle

    Hi Jay,

    Been browsing a lot lately about title transfer & really grateful i found ur article. I have a question thou. 5 yrs ago, we applied for a foreclose property in the bank. Actually, the bank officer advised that the property be applied on my mom’s name for higher chance of approval (i was single & working in a government office as casual employee that time). Yes, it was approved and then i was able to pay the installment in full. Now my question is, Is it possible that instead of transferring the title from bank to my mom, the transfer can be done directly on my name? Or should the transfer on my name be done only after that. I really am confuse. I hope you can lighten me up.

  • zene

    hi everyone,

    update on my post:
    to date: the land has already been transferred to our name, the owner really just wanted to get it out of his hands

    thanks for all the advice everyone.
    happy new year to all

  • http://www.365outsource.com/seo-outsourcing Outsource SEO

    I agree. The agreement still stands if it was notarized and both parties had a binding agreement and signed the form. If you have the deed to the house and lot then I think you can sell the property if it has been transferred under your name. However, if the other party still has the deed, they may bring the matter to the court.

  • zene


    some question regarding transfers.

    someone pawned a house and lot to my mom and the time has passed for them to pay for the loan. they pawned it to us at 25000php and its been 2 years and no payment has been done.
    based on the agreement they signed, if after a year, they cannot pay the 25000 we’d get the property.

    how do you go about transferring titles for such deals if the original owner is out of the country?

    the agreement still stands right? we get the property and can get to sell it again now?

    my mom wants it transferred to my name come december.

    again, kudos and thanks in advance.

    • http://www.powersubstationoperationmaintenance.blogspot.com robi

      dear zene,

      I am a bit surprised at your post since the house and lot that was pawned to your mother has a very low price. While I am not in the position to give you advice, It would have been better if you had contacted the other party within the payment period and followed up their payments so that at least they could have plan on how they are going to pay you.

      anyways, the agreement still stands if it was notarized and both parties had a binding agreement and affixed their signatures on the form. If you have the title of the house and lot then I think you can sell the property if it has been transferred under your name. However, if the other party still has the title, maybe they will bring the matter to the court.

  • zene

    just the article i was looking for.
    thanks jay!

  • RR

    A few people have approached me to sell their house. I am a real estate agent for a known Property Developer. I only know how to sell. I don’t know about the documentations and proper compensations I should ask the owner should I sell their property. Could you advise me please. Should I consult and team up with a broker? How should the deal be?

  • http://www.microsourcing.com Karen Cayamanda

    It’s not really fun to deal with paperwork and legalities, but it is important that you get someone trustworthy to handle it for you. Outsourcing is a business though, and companies will be as transparent as possible to attract more clients.

  • http://www.trybpo.com Melissa

    Everything is being outsource today. You can save time, money and effort. Then you will have more time to do important chores. TryBPO is an outsourcing company, visit our blog site to see more things that are being outsource, not just this.

  • Andi

    Hello Jay! Hope you and the other experts here can help us out. My husband has 5 children and he wants to transfer a piece of property to his 3 sons. The lot will be equally divided between the 3 so each son will have their own land title. The 3 sons will also have to pay the 2 girls a fixed sum. How can my husband transfer the land title to the sons but make sure they are not able to sell the property until they have fully paid the girls? He also wants one of the son to not be able to sell the property at all even if he has fully paid the girls. Is this possible? And how does he go about this? Thank you and God bless!

  • robert

    good day!

    hope somebody will still notice my inquiry.

    I want to buy a property from a bank and plan to sell it after a period of time (in less than a year). i read in the discussion that you can sell a property even if the title is not yet under your name provided that all papers and documents are available (unless it is not under pagibig loan which requires the seller to have the title’s name). In that case, what other fees do I still have to pay and documents to secure if I will not transfer the property to my name?
    Will I just pay for Creditable withholding Tax, Documentary Stamps Tax?

    Thanks a lot and God Bless!


  • Chris

    Hi Jay,
    Thanks for reply. Regarding the encumbrances, he does not know what to do. he sort of gave up. He was trying to release the title from pag-ibig. Who have the ownership of encumbrances when its liens to pag-ibig? I guess the lot I bought is just a small piece of encumbrances of the whole subdivision.


    • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Jay Castillo

      Hi Chris, in that case I believe it would be best to consult with Pag-IBIG directly. They would be in the best position to explain what can be done for the encumbrances.

  • http://n/a chris

    Hi Jay,
    I bought a lot in a subdivision in the province. The subdivison was a pag-ibig plan. But I bought it in cash. php 1mill. from the owner of the subdivison. We sign the Deed of Sale. But on the title its encumbrances to pag-ibig php7mill for the whole subdivision (I think). My problem now is that he dont transfer the title to my name. 3months have gone already. what can I do?


    • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Jay Castillo

      Hi Chris, I believe you as the buyer would have to initiate the transfer of the title of the property to you, but the seller should provide you with all the necessary documents, etc. in order for you to do the transfer. This is what I am doing right now with one of my properties although I outsourced it to a title company as described here. With regards to the encumbrances, you can still transfer the title but the encumbrances goes with the property. The question is whether this is acceptable to you or not. Better check with the developer/owner of the subdivision why it has encumbrances and how to remove it.

  • Eddy K. San Gabriel


    We have a small lot around 120sqm in antipolo, we are plaaning to enter a extra judicial settlement with sale, from my family to me (So I can pay my family through Pag-ibig), i am not so aware of the processes, so i am willing to outsource.. would you have time to send a representative so i can clearly explain it. thanks more power..

    • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Jay Castillo

      Hi Eddy, I just want to clarify why you need to enter an extra judicial settlement with sale if the sale is just between your family and you. Can’t you just use a Deed of Absolute Sale?

  • Bienvenido A. Cacatian,Jr.

    Hi Jay, I already received many of your alerts and it’s only now that I have time to read your blogs. By the way,I am a licensed Geodetic Engineer, I would be very thankful if you can give referrals to my company, BAC SURVEYING AND TITLING SERVICES, with email add: [email protected]
    My professional fees depend on the location of the property, land area, consideration and available documents. Thanks and and am looking forward for a mutually beneficial undertaking from any of your bloggers.

    • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Jay Castillo

      Hi Bienvenido, thanks for the information and sorry for the late reply. I will surely add you and your company in our directory once it is fixed. I’m pretty sure we will need the services of a Geodetic Engineer sooner or later. :-)

  • theresa

    hi jay,

    so, if I sell my property thru a licensed broker, he will be the one to take care of the legwork in having the title transferred to the buyer’s name? I won’t have to pay extra for that service since it’s already part of the commission he will get out of the sale?


    • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Jay Castillo

      Hi Theresa, usually it is the buyer’s responsibility to have the title transferred to their name so it really won’t be your responsibility as the seller, unless that is part of the agreement between you and the buyer.

      I suppose the legwork that your broker is obligated to do is the legwork needed to consumate the sale. The buyer may choose to contract the services of your broker to help him with the title transfer down the road when he/she is already fully paid.

      Thank you for bringing this up, I will include this aspect(duties and responsibilities of those involved like the broker of the seller and/or the buyer) when I finish my follow-up article which already includes the steps to be done for the title transfer.

  • http://philreal.com Jun

    Thank you for this great info. I just recently bought a foreclosed PAGIBIG property in Davao and we all know how demanding it can be to our time and effort in obtaining a deed of title. I would just like to ask if how much does it cost to outsource the transfer of title. Thank you and more power!
    .-= Jun´s last blog ..Benefits of Flipping Real Estate =-.

    • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Jay Castillo

      Hi Jun, thanks for dropping by. Depending on the location, complexity, scope of work, I believe the cost would range from a high of Php15K to a low of Php5K

      However, I’m sure Beverly, Edwin, Hardy, and Janno would be willing to give you a more accurate estimate, right guys? :-)

  • Thonee

    Hi Beverly,

    Thanks for your information.

    Just some clarifications:
    1. Should there be only one extra judicial agreement that swill be signed by my siblings and mysels or each one has to have a separate agreem,ent.

    2. I obtained my property from the bank where I worked with before. After paying all the balance, I got the mortgage released from the bank. What is the next steo the.
    3. The lot with only the tax declaration, can you give an approximate cost for titling the lot if I availed of your services. The lot is located in Cavite.

    Your a great help Beverly and to you too, Jay.

  • gabe

    thank you for the info Beverly.

    more power to this site =)

    • beverly

      welcome Gabe…

  • http://www.investingpinoy.blogspot.com Bryan Uy

    Hi Jay!

    I agree that we should outsource work that we are not good at. In fact, my environmental company’s services is an outsources service for company’s who might not have the time to do the hassles of the tasks.

    Thanks also for the contact info of the title company bro!
    .-= Bryan Uy´s last blog ..Housing Microfinance Loans for Rural Banks Approved =-.

    • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Jay Castillo

      Thank you also Bryan for dropping by! You’re welcome!

  • Thonee

    Hi Jay,
    I have several questions I hope you will have the time and patience to reply to them.

    Here are my questions:
    1. My mother left us a piece of lot in Binangonan,Rizal. My mother had four children in her first marriage with only two still living while there are six of us in her second family. The lot is still under the name of my mother and all of my siblings would like the title to be transferred to my name since I am the one paying for the amilyar. What is the process for this to transfer the title under my name and approximately, how much will it cost?
    2. I have a property in Manila, the old house was replaced by a new house in 2004?, when I paid the tax, the calculation provided is only for the lot. The occupancy permit for the new house has been paid. I would like the real amount of tax that I have to pay. Also, there is an encumbrance in the title which should be edeleted / removed since I have paid this lot a long time ago. The tax I am paying is still under the previous owner, I tried to have this transferred but they said they need this document and another document.
    I would like the encumbrance in the title to be taken out and all the records in the City Hall to be under my name.
    3. I am buying a piece of farm lot in Indang, Cavite under a tax declaration only. How would I go about the purchase and to have it titled.

    I will appreciate it Jay if your contact Beverly in real estate services can give the approximate cost for the requirements I ahve detailed above.

    Thank you.


    • beverly

      Hi Thonee, here are some ideas that might be of help: (1)i understand there was no will left by your mother, extrajudicial settlement by agreement among heirs comes first (2) since tax declaration for the building was not declared from 2004, expect penalties, secondly, what particular “encumbrances” was annotated in the title? requirements of cancellation of encumbrances depends on which kind was annotated, you should transfer the title under your name first,then transfer of tax declaration ownership will follow (3)purchasing with tax declaration (only) without the title means a lot more expenses and a little more complicated in transfer of ownership, however, buying is still possible..
      thanks for considering me..i may be reached at 0916-6130465
      have a nice day !!!

      • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Jay Castillo

        Thank you Beverly for answering Thone’s questions. Cheers!

      • Benny

        Sales involving tax declaration only is not so complicated provided the lot is verified to be untilted/unregistered in the Register of Deeds and the DENR. In my experience it is also less expensive since you will not be paying the Capital Gains Tax.

  • rosalita

    Thank you for giving me info about title and referrals.I bought a house and lot and took almost a year for the title to finish and when i was about to get them my middle name was misspelled.it means months of waiting.can i sell my property though the title is not finish yet?thank you for providing contact numbers for title service.

    • beverly

      Hi Rosalita, yes you can still have it sold even if the title is not yet under your name, you just need supporting documents intact. goodluck

      • Eric

        Hi Beverly, can you kindly provide in detail the required supporting documents?

        I am also in the same situation wherein I am planning to sell a purchased property that is not yet transferred to my name. I bought this land in a subdivision but title is not yet transferred to my name (process is ongoing but might take some time accdg to the developer) and I need to sell it right now.

        I really appreciate if you could provide the said info. Thanks!

    • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Jay Castillo

      Hi Rosalita! Yes, you can still sell the property but complications may arise if your buyer intends to pay through a housing loan, depending on the requirements of the bank/lending institution. For example, Pag-IBIG requires the property’s title to be in the name of the seller, unless it is a loan takeout.

  • gabe


    We have this house bought from Pag-ibig, the original owner could no longer pay the mortgage, so we bought the house from them and continued to pay the remaining mortgage in Pag-ibig,

    Now that everything is paid, the title of land/house and related receipts are now with us, I would like to know what are the other advantages of having the title be named to us if we would be selling it in the future???

    or is having the title and documents alone is already enough… ???

    • beverly

      Hi Gabe,Title and other supporting documents is enough for you to sell it. you just need to coordinate with HDMF..goodluck !

    • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Jay Castillo

      Hi Gabe, one advantage of having the title transferred to your name is it establishes ownership, not just for you, but also for your heirs. Even if you don’t intend to sell the property, you can also use it as collateral for loans if the need arises, if the title of the property is already in your name. I hope this helps. Cheers!

      • Benny

        Hi Jay, additional advise to Gabe, he must take note that who ever registers first a document in the Register of Deeds has more legal right eventhough how old the document may be, so it is always for the best interest of real estate buyers to register their documents the soonest even just annotation at the title.

        • ansts marundan

          Will the Register of Deeds annotate the Deed of Sale even if the various taxes like capital gains, real estate, transfer fee and documentary stamps are yet to be paid?

  • http://n/a gene calalang

    There’s an impending foreclosure that I’d like to buy but I’m a bit wary about the one-year redemption period altho I believe the owner can no longer redeem the property back because of the costs and also becoz he is hiding from court cases. Should I be worried? Incidentally, based on my assessment, I believe I can flip this thing around becoz the area is adjacent to a developed subdivision and the price is way too low. Is this a high-risk investment or a win-win situation? Thanks, Jay!
    (Note: I said “flip” becoz I already have a waiting buyer.)

    • beverly

      Hi Gene, just a thought, is the owner willing to sell it to you ? Otherwise, you might have problems when redeeming the property since some institution does not entertain third party buyer. Also, you might need to check how much would it cost you to renovate, atleast, to make it more saleable.

    • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Jay Castillo

      Hi Gene, just like what Beverly said, the owner must be willing to sell the property to you.

      I’m not 100% sure but I heard from a seminar I attended before that the right of redemption can also be assigned so maybe this can be an option if the owner is willing to assign to you his rights. Better check with a lawyer specializing on foreclosures just to be sure. :-)

      • Benny

        I am working on a petition for forclosure at the moment and the only problem I see is for the original owner to redeem the property within a year after annotation of foreclosure sale at the title, after that, the original owner has no more right over the property. To be safe, I let the original owner sign an affidavit waving her right of redemption, in the case of gene calalang, he has to wait for a year, anyway his money can be refunded in case the original owner redeems the foreclosed property.

  • http://filstar.ahyer.com Feliciano B. Tare


    Filstar Real Estate Brokerage

    • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Jay Castillo

      Hi Janno, thanks for letting us know that you also offer these services, I’ll be happy to include you in my directory of Real Estate Service Providers. As mentioned previously, please give me time to fix that page so I can update it as well.

  • http://gladismay.multiply.com Gladis

    Wish you luck and prayers.

    Ako din pala my kelangan ayusin na title thanks for your information!

    • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Jay Castillo

      Thanks Gladis! I really hope this gets finished soon so my tenant/buyer can proceed with their housing loan application. You’re welcome and good luck also with the the title you are handling right now.

  • Ales

    Hi, Im planning to buy a farm land in South Cotabato in MIndanao.. What is the first things I shall do to transfer the title to my name (of course after I pay the purchase price)

    • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Jay Castillo

      Hi Ales, the first thing you would need to do would be to have the Deed of Absolute Sale notarized and you also need to get a certified true copy of the tax\declaration at the assessor’s office. You would need these for the next steps I have outlined in my article. I’ll make a more detailed post about all of these steps in my next post.

      • Benny

        I suggest that you include in transfer of titles the cut off date in paying the Capital Gains Tax, documentary stamps and Inheritance tax to avoid exhorbitant penalties imposed by the BIR

  • http://www.millionaireacts.com Millionaire Acts

    Yes, you are correct. I’ve experienced transferring title before when I was working with an asset management company. It’s not easy. You have to fall in line. Sometimes, when the Register of Deeds is not available, then you need to come the next day. Most often, there are under the table transactions happening especially for RD and the typist for the newly transferred title.
    .-= Millionaire Acts´s last blog ..How to Set and Achieve Your Goals =-.

  • Mike

    same question:
    where can we find title company or can you refer one or two?
    how much is the fee?

  • Edwin Cura

    I am in the business of professional services, Accounting, Land Titling, Auditing and Professional Business Services.

    • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Jay Castillo

      Hi Edwin, thanks for informing us of the services that you offer. Makes me think I should have posted this earlier so I could have at least talked to each and everyone of you and then get the best offer. 😉

      Just like what i mentioned to Beverly, I would be glad to include you in my directory of Real Estate Service Providers. Just give me time to fix that page so i can update it as well.

      • ansts marundan

        Their seems to be a lot of individuals who are in the business of Land Titling Services. Would it not be a nice idea if we could have a Directory for this specific kind of services, say by provinces? Sir Jay’s website could be the avenue for this.

  • Joanna Gonzales-Syjuco

    thanks beverly :)

    actually my sister-in-law & my husband were the co-owners of the house & lot (given to them by my father-in-law) … then after a couple of years, when we got married, me & my husband decided to renovate & divide the lot into 2 (1: my sister-in-law & his husband and 2: me & my husband) …

    do you have any referrals, company or persons that could help us in changing the co-owners (title/deed of absolute sale, etc.)?

  • beverly

    @joanna: as long as your name is included in the Deed of Absolute Sale or Sale Document, your name will be included in the Title when transfered…

  • Joanna Gonzales-Syjuco

    thanks for this article :)

    are the requirements the same if my name will be added to the title, as one of the owners of a house & lot?

    thanks in advance …

    GOD Bless Us More!

    • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Jay Castillo

      Hi Joanna, you’re welcome. Similar to what Beverly said, as long as you are included in the Deed of Absolute sale, the same requirements applies, although as to who will actually shoulder the transfer costs still depends on your agreement with the seller.

  • beverly

    hi jay..

    i understand how tedious it is.
    maybe we can help you with the processing.
    Good luck and more power…..

    • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Jay Castillo

      Hi Beverly, thanks! However I already accepted OMI’s proposal. Maybe I can get your services for one of my other properties or maybe other readers would also be interested. In the meantime, I’d be happy to include you in my list of Real Estate Service Providers, once I find time to fix and update it.

      • beverly

        Hi Jay, thanks for considering….:)

  • John


    Where do we find a TITLE COMPANY? Thanks.


    • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Jay Castillo

      Hi John, the title company I hired is OMI Land Title Services and I found them during the 4th Philippine Housing Fair last December 2009 at SM Megamall. Their office is located at 20th floor, LKG Tower, 6801 Ayala Avenue, Makati. You can call them up through Tel# 884-1106. Just look for Hardy Lipana and mention I gave you their number in case they ask.

      This would be my first time to get their services and I’ll update everyone how it goes.

      • John

        Thanks. Will wait for your feedback of the company.

      • jhun

        Hi Jay,

        Any updates on your title? Were you able to get your title already?


        • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Jay Castillo

          Hi Jhun! Yes, the title was transferred to my name ahead of schedule. I also got their services to transfer the title to my buyer and they are at the homestretch. =)

      • ansts marundan

        Sir Jay,

        Can you e-mail to me the specific work OMI have done and how do they charge you of their services. If they are Manila based can they also offer their services even the land involved is outside Metro Manila, specifically at North Cotabato.