Here’s the complete list of SSS acquired assets for sale as of October 4, 2010

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I was able to visit the Philippine Housing Fair 2010 yesterday at the SM Megamall and one of the booths I visited was the booth of the Social Security System or SSS. Unlike other housing fair participants who told me their listings of acquired assets and foreclosed properties  for sale can be found at their respective websites, the nice ladies at the SSS booth asked visitors to register and provide their e-mail addresses where updated listings can be sent.

Guess what, I got an e-mail earlier today and it contained a complete list of SSS acquired assets updated as of today, October 4, 2010, that was fast! For the benefit of those who were not able to attend this year’s Housing Fair and register for the e-mail list of SSS, I am posting here their complete list of SSS acquired assets for sale I got earlier through e-mail.



as of 04 OCTOBER 2010

1.Lot 26 Block 13 #596 Yen StreetLA = 72 sq. m. TCT No. R-26126913,900.00
Phase 5-A, Bagong Nayon II,FA = 114 sq. m., 2 BR & 1 T&B
Poorly Maintained Two Storey Unit
Antipolo City
2LA = 185 sq.m. TCT No. R-39317857,000.00
Vista Verde Country HomesFA = 88 sq. m., 4 BR & 1 T&B
Antipolo CityAbandoned/Demolished
3Lot 8 Block 4 Rizal View ParkLA = 453 sq.m. TCT No. R-19817449,400.00
Subdivision, Brgy. , SingalongFA = 31.35 sq. m., 1 BR and 1 T&B
Antipolo CityPoorly Maintained Bungalow
4Lot 18 Block 21 Mountain ViewLA = 240 sq.m. TCT No. T-547276 (M)933,000.00
Subdivision, San Jose Del MonteFA = 54.76 sq. m., 2 BR & 1 T&B
BulacanPoorly Maintained Bungalow
5.Lot 7 Block 13 St. Lorraine Subd.LA = 205 sq.m. TCT No. T-122220512,500.00
Tabang, Guiguinto, BulacanCannibalized – with occupants
Lot only
6.#19 Lot 8 Block 1 Villa Segunda Hms.LA=207 sq. m. TCT No. T-557328 (M)1,028,000.00
Pantoc, Meycauayan, BulacanFA = 42 sq. m., 2 BR & 1 T&B
Poorly Maintained Bungalow
7.Lot 36 Block 1 #70 Socorro StreetLA = 240 sq.m. TCT No. 290150723,000.00
Ma. Socorro SubdivisionFA = 93.46 sq. m., 2 BR & 1 T&B
San Pablo, Malolos, BulacanDeteriorated Two-Storey Bldg.
8Lot 14, Block 13, GracevilleLA = 240 sq .m. TCT No. T-253026 (M)751,300.00
Subdivision, Muzon, San Jose,FA = 204 sq. m., 4 BR & 2T&B
Del Monte, BulacanBungalow – unsafe for occupancy
9.Lot 3 Block 21 Mount View Subd.LA = 120 sq.m. TCT No. T-547474408,300.00
San Jose Del MonteFA = 36 sq. m., 2 BR & 1 T&B
BulacanPoorly Maintained Bungalow
10Lot 1323-A Mabalas-BalasLA = 300 sq. m. TCT No. T-281946822,300.00
San Rafael, BulacanFA = 95.87 sq. m., 3 BR & 1 T&B
Poorly Maintained Bungalow
11.Lot 28 Block 9 Modesta Street150 sq.m. TCT No. T-547280 (M)761,100.00
Villacor Village Langka1 BR & 1 T&B
Meycauayan, BulacanDeteriorated Bungalow
12.Lot 2 Block 2 #221 Pinecone205 sq. m. TCT No. 388045(m)716,450.00
Street, Pineville Subdivision,2 BR & 1 T&B
Lawa, Meycauayan, BulacanPoorly Maintained Bungalow
13Lot 7 Block 1 #17 Gold Street186 sq. m. TCT No. T-5410181,651,000.00
Villa Segunda Village, Pantok2 BR & 1 T&B
Meycauayan, BulacanFairly Maintained Bungalow
14.Lot 5 Block 10 Sagrado Village108 sq. m. TCT No. C-376815538,700.00
Caloocan City2 BR & 1T&B
Poorly Maintained Bungalow
15Lot 6 Block 5 Sagrado Village98 sq. m. TCT No. C-372467625,000.00
Deparo, Caloocan City2 BR & 1 T&B
2 BR & 1 T&B
Poorly Maintained Bungalow
16Lot 110-B-3-A-1 621 Brgy. 171130 sq.m. TCT No C-390131662,500.00
Bagumbong, Novaliches2 BR & 2 T&B
Caloocan CityFairly Maintained Duplex
17Lot 15 Block 3 Continental St.,338 sq.m. TCT NO. C-3955971,670,000.00
Banker’s Village, Bagumbong,2 BR & 1 T&B
Caloocan CityDeteriorated Bungalow
18Lot 5 Block 11 Sagrado Village100 sq.m. TCT No. C-362245542,000.00
Deparo, Caloocan City2 BR & 1 T&B
Deteriorated Bungalow
19Lot 5 B4 #468 Santiago Subd.192 sq.m. TCT No. T-12802661,083,300.00
Anabu II, Imus, Cavite3 BR & 1T&B
Poorly Maintained Bungalow
20Lot 13 Block 7 #9 Garcia Street180 sq.m. TCT No. T-1292749810,600.00
Ph 3 Bahayang Pag-asa Subd.2 BR & 1T&B
Tansang Luma, Imus, CaviteDeteriorated Bungalow
21Lot 3 Block 58 #47 Luna Street346 sq. m. TCT No. T-13074671,370,000.00
Bahayang Pag-asa, Phase IV,2 BR & 1 T&B
Imus, CavitePoorly Maintained Bungalow
22.Lot 5 Block 25 Granadilla Street160 sq. m. TCT T-1254140788,500.00
Phase III West, Camella2 BR & 1 T&B
Springville City, Bacoor, CavitePoorly Maintained Bungalow
23.Lot 2 & 3 Block 4 Judge Deogracias272 sq.m. TCT no. T-21547734,400.00
Solis Street, XII MartinezShanty
San Antonio, Cavite CityLot only
24Lot 34, Blk. 3, Sunshine Homes,180 sq.m. TCT No. T-1032002686,350.00
GMA, Cavite2 BR & 1 T&B
Poorly Maintained Bungalow
25Lot 2 Block 21 Mangga Road245 sq. m. TCT No. T-96463515,200.00
Golden Acres Subdivision,2 BR & 1 T&B Unsafe for occupancy
Talon V, Las Piñas CityDeteriorated Bungalow
Lot 1-D-1 # 213 Fonseca Street299 sq.m. TCT No. M-32582598,000.00
(Espiritu St.) Interior M. Sioson St.Shanties
Dampalit, Malabon CityLot only
Lot 1502-L-9-D Arciaga Compound150 sq. m TCT No. 12213, Lot only90,000.00
San Guillermo Street, PutatanFor re-construction; already part
Muntinlupa Cityof the shoreline of Laguna Lake
28Lot 3 Block 4 Verona Drive164 sq.m. TCT No. 28478963,800.00
Camella Homes 2D, Alabang2 BR & 1 T&B
Muntinlupa CityPoorly Maintained Bungalow
291502-L-9-F Arciaga Compound150 sq.m. TCT No. 3251090,000.00
San Guillermo, PutatanNo BR & No T&B
Muntinlupa CityLot only
30.Lot 1 Cruzeiro Street154.5 sq.m. TCT No. 17627967,000.00
Villa Carolina I, Bagbaguin2 BR & 1 T&B
Muntinlupa CityDeteriorated Bungalow
31Lot 1-A-6 #34 Soriano Compound336 sq.m. TCT No. 284771,301,000.00
San Guillermo Street, Putatan2 BR & 1 T&B
Muntinlupa CityDeteriorated Bungalow
32Lot 7 Block 3-E Marigold Street300 sq. m. TCT No. 12293873,300.00
Ruby Park, Victoria Homes Subd.2 BR & 1 T&B
Muntinlupa CityDilapidated Bungalow
33Lot 18-A #22 United Nations Avenue265 sq. m. TCT No. 1663361,759,000.00
Betterliving Subdivision2 BR & 2 T&B
Parañaque CityDeteriorated Bungalow
34.Lot 23 Block 3 Camella Homes75 sq.m. TCT No. 174253791,100.00
Sucat, Parañaque City2 BR and 1 T&B
Poorly Maintained Bungalow
35Lot 4553 A-1-B Waling-waling St.,117 sq. m. TCT No. 182571846,200.00
UPS IV, Parañaque City2 BR & 1 T&B
Poorly Maintained Duplex
36Lot 5-E-2 St. Andrew, San162 sq.m. TCT No. T-173677648,000.00
Agustin Village, Parañaque City4 BR & 2 T&B
Deteriorated Duplex
37Lot 1 Block 1 Cor. A .Bonifacio Sts.282 sq.m. TCT No. N-2874761,613,500.00
Doña Faustina,San Bartolome2 BR & 2 T&B
Quezon CityDeteriorated Bungalow
38Lot 178 Block 3 #9 San Francisco St.770 sq. m. TCT No. 1925934,362,200.00
San Bartolome, Novaliches5 BR & 4 T & B
Quezon CityDeteriorated Bungalow
39Lot 8 Block 5 Graceville Panoramic120 sq. m. TCT No. B-6310668,620.00
Phase 3, Tayuman, Binangonan2 BR & 1 T&B
RizalFairly Maintained Bungalow
40Lot 5 Block 5 #1806 Grace Street120 sq.m. TCT No. B-7201533,000.00
Graceville, Panoramic Homes2BR & 1 T&B
Binangonan, RizalPoorly Maintained Bungalow
41Lot 4 RC Perez Compound138 sq. m. TCT No. B-10277812,600.00
Calumpang, Binangonan, Rizal2 BR & 1 T&B
Fairly Maintained Bungalow
42.Lot 43 & 44 Block 14566 sq. m. TCT No. 594771905,600.00
Palomo Lake Subdivision& 594772
Kalayaan, Angono, RizalLot only
43.Lot 2-F-3-A-5 Dela Cuesta Street247 sq.m. TCT No. 713808994,400.00
Muzon, Taytay, Rizal2BR & 2 T&B
Deteriorated Duplex
44Lot 11 Block 8 Netra Subdivision180 sq.m. TCT No. 210906290,800.00
Patiis, San Mateo, Rizal2 BR & 1 T&B
45.L 171-B-2-A #57 D Interior150 sq.m. TCT No. V-72155577,100.00
Faustino Street, Lawang Bato3 BR & 1 T&B
Valenzuela CityPoorly Maintained Bungalow
46.Lot 2F Don Santiago Subdivision234 sq.m. TCT No. V-90074737,100.00
Malanday, Valenzuela City2 BR & 1 T&B
Lot only
47.Lot 2 Block 3 Pugad Baboy180 sq.m. TCT No. V-81926627,900.00
Polo, Valenzuela City2 BR & 1 T&B
Deteriorated Bungalow
48Lot 12 Block 2 # 856 Puso Street203 sq.m. TCT No. V-90072636,400.00
Caloong I, Valenzuela City2 BR & 1 T&B
Deteriorated Bungalow
49Lot 1-Q Rita Street, Dr. Santiago230 sq.m. TCT No. V-90567713,000.00
Subdivision, Malanday,2 BR & 1 T&B
Valenzuela CityLot only
50Lot 133-B-2 Wawang Pulo,120 sq.m. TCT No. V-74899120,000.00
Valenzuela CityLot only
For more information please visit Asset Management Department, 5th Floor SSS Building, East Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City or call trunkline number 920-6401, locals 5123 and 5125.



(SQ. M.)
1BF VISTA GRANDELot 13, Pcs-13T-1031532231,338,000.00
2Talon Dos, Las PiñasLot 1, Pcs-13T-1031543181,972,000.00
3Lot 5, Pcs-13T-1031551851,110,000.00
4Lot 8, Pcs-13T-1031563492,164,000.00
5Lot 11, Pcs-13T-1031572181,308,000.00
6SHERWOOD HILLS SUBD.Lot 1, Blk 11T-717666001,800,000.00
7Trece Martires, Cavite CityLot 6, Blk 58T-717677622,286,000.00
8Lot 9, Blk 58T-717685371,611,000.00
9Lot 19, Blk 61T-717695841,752,000.00
10Lot 29, Blk 70T-717705091,527,000.00
11BATANGASLot 2-B, Psd-04T-1147943,7535,630,000.00
San Fernando, Malvar, Batangas
12LAS HACIENDAS LUISITALot 11, Blk 9T-4228974531,359,000.00
Brgy. San Miguel, Tarlac
13CITTA DEL SOLE SUBD.Lot 17, Blk 10R-654257152456,000.00
14San Fernando &Lot 18, Blk 10R-654258162486,000.00
15Mexico PampangaLot 5, Blk 6R-654260195585,000.00
16Lot 11, Blk 6R-654262150450,000.00
17MISSION HILLS SUBD.Lot 5, Blk 4R-554731,0385,709,000.00
Brgy. Colaique, Antipolo City
18PARKRIDGE SUBD.Lot 7, Blk 2R-4835251,365,000.00
Brgy. Mayamot, Antipolo City
19NORTHFIELDS ROSEWOODLot 9, Blk 11-AT-195359170595,000.00
20Brgy. Buguion, CalumpitLot 12, Blk 12-AT-195360205717,500.00
21BulacanLot 15, Blk 12-AT-195363213745,500.00
22Lot 2, Blk 5-BT-195370139486,500.00
23Lot 9, Blk 5-BT-195377166581,000.00
24Lot 10, Blk 5-BT-195378170595,000.00
25Lot 11, Blk 5-BT-195379169591,500.00
26Lot 6, Blk 5-CT-195380111388,500.00
27Lot 9, Blk 5-CT-195382111388,500.00
28Lot 10, Blk 5-CT-195383111388,500.00
29Lot 11, Blk 5-CT-195384112392,000.00
30NORTHFIELDS ROSEWOODLot 12, Blk 5-CT-195385112392,000.00
31Brgy. Buguion, CalumpitLot 13, Blk 5-CT-195386112392,000.00
32BulacanLot 14, Blk 5-CT-195387113395,500.00
33Lot 21, Blk 5-CT-195392117409,500.00
34Lot 23, Blk 5-CT-195394118413,000.00
35Lot 2, Blk 9-CT-195397148518,000.00
36Lot 6, Blk 9-CT-195401240840,000.00
37Lot 7, Blk 9-CT-195402225787,500.00
38Lot 7, Blk 5-CT-195381110385,000.00
39TOWN & COUNTRY HEIGHTSLot 10, Blk 8R-23715150450,000.00
40Brgy. San Luis, Antipolo CityLot 44, Blk 12R-23711180540,000.00
41Lot 67, Blk 14R-23717252756,000.00
42Lot 6, Blk 12R-23708192576,000.00
43TOWN & COUNTRYLot 23, Blk 10T-583483108324,000.00
44SOUTHVILLELot 16, Blk 19T-582967108324,000.00
45Biñan, LagunaLot 1, Blk 18T-583360180540,000.00
46Lot 15, Blk 12T-58296596288,000.00
For more information please visit Asset Management Department, 5th Floor SSS Building, East Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City or call trunkline number 920-6401 local 5179 up to 5181 and direct line number 4359877.

Requirements: -Two (2) valid IDs (at least one with photo)

– Proof of Income:
*For Employed = Certificate of Employment & Compensation or ITR and Payslip
*For Self-employed = Latest ITR or Financial Statement or Affidavit of Income
*For OFW = Job Contract and Special Power of Attorney
– One (1) pc. 1×1 picture
– Duly accomplished application form
– Recent Community Tax Certificate

Terms and Conditions:
– Qualifications: Filipino, of legal age, not more than 70 years old.
– Downpayment: 5% of the selling price
– Interest rate: 6% p.a. – P500,000.00 and below; 9% p.a. – Over P500,000.00
– Discount: 10% of the selling price for cash sale; 10% of the selling price for successfully ejection of illegal occupant
– Term of payment: Maximum of ten (10) years but not beyond buyer’s age of 70 on maturity date
– Mode of Payment: Post Dated Checks


If you have any inquiries with regard to any of the SSS acquired properties on the list, don’t forget to contact the respective telephone numbers indicated above DIRECTLY, for each respective list of acquired assets above. I am neither accredited nor connected with the SSS so I really can’t provide any more information for the properties above.

Housing Fair turnout

Surprisingly, the turnout of people during the 5th housing fair was not that bad (at least for the last day, October 3, 2010), even though marketing for the event was not that extensive. Nevertheless, I am quite sure a lot of people missed this year’s housing fair simply because it lacked promotion and less people knew about it. In contrast, last year’s housing fair was jam-packed. I just hope they do a better job for next year’s Philippine Housing Fair 2011.

I will be sharing more information about this year’s housing fair and participants in my next posts.

Happy hunting!

To our success and financial freedom!

Jay Castillo
Real Estate Investor

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  • majah

    may available na po na list for 2012?? thanks po

  • razil

    Gud PM is Lot 3 block 4 verona drive camella homes 2D in Muntinlupa still available? (2BR &1 T7B 164 sqm, TCT No. 28478)

  • Femar

    GudPm  is this available still?

    Lot 4553 A-1-B Waling-waling St.,117 sq. m. TCT No. 182571846,200.00UPS IV, Parañaque City2 BR & 1 T&BPoorly Maintained Duplex

    pls reply.!

    Thank You and God bless!

    • Jay Castillo

      Hi Femar and also to everyone inquiring about SSS foreclosed properties. Since this list is quite old and I am not receiving any updates from SSS and it is quite hard to get through, I would highly suggest that you can check this directly with the SSS. Thank you for understanding and for dropping by.

  • Bida Estolatan

    sir available p po b ung unit s faustino st., Lawang bato valenzuela city

  • Cath

    Sir Jay pahabol meron po ba kayo pictures ng Rizal View Park Subdivision ., Singalong Antipolo just for my reference

    Slamat po ulit

  • Cath

    pwede po ba mhingi ung latest as of October 17,2011

    Thank you so much for the information

    God Bless

    • Jay Castillo

      Hi Cath, ilang araw na rin ako tumatawag sa SSS para makahingi nung latest nila. Kanina, “not available at this time” yung telephone nila… sigh…

      • Cath

        Sir Jay,

        Ganun po ba sige po pa update na lng po ako sa Latest assets nila

        Salamat po sa Informations..

        God Bless :))

  • http://facebookoryahoo Madonna Domingo

    Good day!
    Pls. give your contact number. Im interested to check the list of houses below
    Lot 8 Block 4 Rizal View ParkLA = 453 sq.m. TCT No. R-19817449,400.00Subdivision, Brgy. , SingalongFA = 31.35 sq. m., 1 BR and 1 T&BAntipolo CityPoorly Maintained Bungalow

    Lot 26 Block 13 #596 Yen StreetLA = 72 sq. m. TCT No. R-26126913,900.00Phase 5-A, Bagong Nayon II,FA = 114 sq. m., 2 BR & 1 T&BPoorly Maintained Two Storey Unit

    PARKRIDGE SUBD. Lot 7, Blk 2 R-483 525 1,365,000.00
    Brgy. Mayamot, Antipolo City

    TOWN & COUNTRY HEIGHTS Lot 10, Blk 8 R-23715 150 450,000.00

    Brgy. San Luis, Antipolo City Lot 44, Blk 12 R-23711 180 540,000.00

  • flordeliza

    hi sir,
    i am intersted to this properties Lot 3 Block 21 Mount View Subd. LA = 120 sq.m. TCT No. T-547474 408,300.00
    San Jose Del Monte FA = 36 sq. m., 2 BR & 1 T&B
    Bulacan Poorly Maintained Bungalow
    please advice me the procedure i need to do, i am here now working in qatar.
    thank you very much and God bless….

  • Frediz

    Hi, I’ve already seen this property Lot 3 Block 58 #47 Luna Street Bahayang Pag-asa Ph4 346 sq. m. TCT No. T-1307467 1,370,000.00; There’s occupants in this it wise to buy this property; am i going to have trouble asking occupant’s to vacate the place? what shall i do..m i going to ask them to vacate the place or the sss people will? please help..thanks

  • jacqueline

    Hello, please give me the email address of the SSS contact person as I’m based outside of the Philippines.


  • loreoy


    I have been searching for a lot for a couple of months ago and i found your list and it is near in bulacan, if you could possibly send it to me all the details of the said lot. Lot 3 Block 21 Mount View Subd. LA = 120 sq.m. TCT No. T-547474 408,300.0


    your response is highly appreciated

  • abi ramos

    DO you also have lists of foreclosed cars, trucks, etc.? Thanks.

  • Cel

    Hi Jay,

    Thank you for being so generous.. for sharing almost everything you know about this field. Thank you so much for all the valuable information you sahre with us through your website. May God richly bless you.


    • Jay

      Hi Cel, Your welcome an thank you also for the very encouraging words. Glad to be of help! May God bless you and your family as well!

  • Ram

    please call me at 09228464159 im interested with 90k at muntinlupa lot only

    • Jay

      Hi Ram, unfortunately I have no additional information to offer you regard the property you are interested in. You will have to contact SSS directly, sorry.

  • Glenn

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    Learn how to have money work for you.
    Invest in Real Estate, it’s totally passive!
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  • Helen Aquines

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information to us.
    Please send my regards to your wife, Cherry. We met at SMX Convention Center during the seminar of Mr. John Calub.
    God bless.


    • Jay

      You’re welcome Miss Helen, glad to see you here, thanks for leaving a comment! It was a pleasure for me, my wife, and Bryan Uy to meet you during the money magnet seminar! By the way, I found you in facebook and sent you a friend request. I hope to see you soon!

  • Erlinda Magsino

    This is an excellent job! Is the selling price still negotiable? Is there any available lot in Manila area near the school? what about farm?

    Keep up the good work SSS! Mabuhay ka bansang Pilipinas!

    God bless Philippines!

    • Jay

      Hi Erlinda, as far as I know, these are all negotiable. As for availability of any lots in Manila near schools and farm lots, you will have to ask SSS directly. Thanks for the comment!

  • Francis Isberto

    Thanks for sharing this information. With your busy schedule, I thought you’re not going to attend the event….. I stand corrected.

    • Jay

      You’re welcome Francis. I almost missed this because my original plan was to go on Friday evening but traffic was so bad. I made sure I was able to attend on the last day. Right after we attended The Feast at PICC, we headed straight to SM Megamall. :-)

    • japforms

      SIR JAY,
      ask ko lng ilang months ba ang GOOD AS CASH payment under by NHMFC..!!acquired asset sya>?