Real Estate Brokers Exam test questions breakdown and number of items published

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The PRC and the PRBRES recently published resolution No. 04 which basically contains the breakdown of the real estate brokers exam test questions and number of items per subject.

A copy of the resolution can be seen through the link below. Just click to download.

Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Service – RESOLUTION NO. 04 Series of 2011 – Adoption of the Tables Of Specifications (TOS) for the subjects in the Board Licensure Examination for Real Estate Brokers (BLEREB)

final exam

Final real estate brokers exam?

The actual breakdown of the real estate brokers exam test questions are in the tables contained in Annex A, which I have posted below.

This should help those who are about to take the exam on March 27, 2011 with their exam preparations. Good luck with what should be your final real estate brokers exam (meaning you will all pass!).

Here’s Annex A:



NO. OF ITEMS – 100

CompetencyWeightNo. of ItemsLevel of Difficulty
SCOPE:Easy ItemsModerate ItemsDifficulty Items
1. Name, describe, apply and analyze the Fundamentals of Property Ownership6.25%2555105
2. Recall, explain, practice and categorized the Code of Ethics and Responsibility of Real Estate Practitioner6.25%2555105
3. State, translate/ discuss, interpret and examine the Legal Requirements for Real Estate Service6.25%2555105
4. List, identity, use, classify Real Estate Laws and Taxation6.25%2555105


WEIGHT – 25%

NO. OF ITEMS – 100

SCOPE:WeightNo. of ItemsLevel of Difficulty
Easy ItemsModerate ItemsDifficulty Items
1. Recall, estimate, illustrate, outline/ design the special and technical knowledge on Subdivision Development6.25%2555105
2. State, describe, prepare, differentiate Condominium  Concepts and other types of Real Estate Holdings6.25%2555105
3. List, explain, illustrate, analyze the Legal Aspect of Sales, Mortgage and Lease6.25%2555105
4. Record, translate / locate, schedule/prepare, and examine the Documentation and Registration of transaction6.25%2555105 




WEIGHT – 50%

NO. OF ITEMS – 200

SCOPE:WeightNo. of ItemsLevel of Difficulty
Easy ItemsModerate ItemsDifficulty Items
1. Name, discuss, apply and appraise the Real Estate Brokerage Practice8.00%3377145
2. Recall, describe, compute/illustrate,  calculate Real Estate Finance and Economics8.00%3377145
3. State, discuss, illustrate, differentiate Urban and Land Use8.00%3377145
4. Recognize, locate, identify, prepare and examine  the Planning, Development, and Zoning of Properties8.00%3377145
5. State, translate, interpret and analyze  the Basic Principle of Ecology8.00%3377145
6. Recall, explain, use analyze the Basic Appraisal for Real Brokers8.00%3377145


Wondering what the letters K, C, Ap, An, S, and E stand for? Find out through this article from Real Estate Seminar and Review.

Good luck to all aspiring real estate brokers!

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  • Jay Castillo
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  • marleneymasa

    Hi Jay! How about the test questions breakdown and number of items for this year? any feedback sir? Im currently taking my review in Urban Institute. Hope to hear an updates from you sir! regards and more power to you always! Thank you.

    • Jay Castillo

      Hi Marlene, you are in good hands! I’m sure when the test questions breakdown and number of items for this year come out, Engineer Cruz will get a copy too and he will distribute it to all of you. nevertheless, I will also post it here once it becomes available. Thanks for dropping by!

      • marleneymasa

        I see. Thank you sooooo much sir Jay! as always I’ve been very informative bec of your site. Im learning a lot! Godspeed! thanks

  • Normancmarquez

    Hello, Mr. Jay Castillo:
    K stands for Knowledge, C for Comprehension, Ap for Application, An for Analysis.

  • Jervis_10

    are the exam questions for this year 2012 be the same as last year 2011?

    • Jay Castillo

      Hi Jervis, no one can tell for sure but past exams have always had very similar questions from prior exams when the brokers exams were still under the DTI. It remains to be seen if this will apply under the PRC.

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  • http://na JOHN M. ORTIZ

    I have filed for a new PRC license on Jan. 28, 2011 as a real estate broker… may I know when will the list be released ?

    • Jay Castillo

      Hi John, I also filed mine last January 2011, should be out by April 2011. Those who filed theirs last November got released last February. Cheers!

  • marlyn vinluan catapang

    k=stock knowledge, c=competency, analysis of semi difficult questions and application.

    • Jay Castillo

      Thanks Marlyn!

  • bertdaniel

    This would surely help people who will take the real estate exam. Is this the exact question will be given in the actual examination day?

    • Jay Castillo

      Hi Bert, these are the exact coverage and total number of items per subject. Thanks for the comment.

  • Rose Bernabe

    Hi sir Jay!

    Thank you so much for this post!!! Very informative and helpful for us aspirants!

    I hope you don’t mind my sharing the post to my co-reviewees…we all need this info kaya I shared it with all of them and acknowledge you as my source.

    You are right, this should have come out earlier…we could have patterned the review method….at any rate, we will do our very best in preparing for the Board and leave everything to God Almighty!

    Thanks again and warm regards.


    • Jay Castillo

      Hi Rose, I won’t mind at all and I hope this will help. Actually it was the admin of RESAR that said it in his article (that this should have come out earlier), but my wife and I also wish this was released sooner. Good luck!

      • Rose Bernabe

        Thank you po!

        All are hoping to pass…my prayers are for everyone (=:

        Warm regards.