PRC accreditation guidelines for Real Estate Salespersons published

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The guidelines for the PRC accreditation of Real Estate Salespersons was finally published last August 16, 2011, through Resolution No. 13 (Series of 2011), of the Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Service or PRBRES. The said resolution is an amendment to Section 31, Rule 4 of PRBRES Resolution No. 2 (Series of 2010), which is the Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA 9646, also known as the RESA Law.

Resolution No. 13 basically states that the PRBRES is extending the deadline for the application for accreditation and registration as real estate salespersons from July 30, 2011 to December 31, 2011, and also the guidelines which includes the steps and requirements for the accreditation of real estate salespersons with the PRC.

PRBRES Resolution No. 13 ( Series of 2011) full text

The full text of PRBRES Resolution No. 13 can be seen below (click to enlarge).


A copy of the full text of PRBRES Resolution No. 13 (Series of 2011) in PDF format can also be downloaded through this link: PRBRES RESOLUTION NO. 13 (SERIES OF 2011)

Source: REBAP website


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  • Risa

    Can you please give details on the symbolic meaning of the PRB-RES logo?

  • Mr. Joy Manguerra

    please help me get updated about being a real estate salesperson, and give me inputs on how to be an effective marketing and promotions professional. thank you

  • Hanapmobahay

    i already passed all my requirements last december 31, 2011 as real estate salesperson, what happen next? 

  • SuRe

    nice guidelines its really useful thanks

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  • rommel

    thanks for the post! but I would be more grateful if PRC released this earlier, maybe the same time with the IRR 9646. Many persons who reached only elementary level but had more than 3 years exposure in real estate selling also attended and paid corresponding amount on seminars for the required 120 credit units. IRR 9646 is not specific who are the other persons, it states only those who are in active practice for 3 years with certification from a licensed broker and the law does not include specifically the educational attainment, meaning those also in elementary level are qualified. Obviously, with this Resolution 13, the law is very clear, they are not qualified for they do not hold high school diploma. Now. is it fair to refund the amount they paid for the seminars, it is 8,000.00php? Thanks and God bless!

  • jon

    great, thanks for posting this! finally, they got around to it :)

  • Ojee Bienes

    tnx 4 d post.
    keep up d good work

  • robert

    Thanks Sir Jay!

    Looking for this one for the longest time, now I can accredit my friends who did not make it in the board exam but with CPE dredit units