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Home Loan Philippines Calculator (with Gross Monthly Income Requirement)

Home loan Philippines calculator

Compute for monthly amortization payments and required income with our home loan calculator. Use this for real estate mortgages and installment housing loans from any bank/lending institution in the Philippines where the principal and interest are combined. Check it out below.

Home loan Philippines calculator


How to use our home loan calculator

To calculate for your monthly amortization payments, just enter the values in the fields for data input:

  • Selling Price – This is the selling price of the property you want to buy in Philippine Peso (PHP)
  • Downpayment in % –  This is the downpayment amount you intend to pay upfront in percent
  • Loan Term in Years – This is the number of years you intend to pay the home loan
  • Interest rate in % – This is the annual or yearly interest rate (get this from the listing or the bank/seller)

Explanation of calculated results

After entering the values, the following are automatically calculated and displayed:

  • Downpayment amount – This is the calculated downpayment amount in PHP based on the downpayment percentage you entered, if any. Can also be referred to as the buyer’s equity.
  • Loan amount – This is the selling price less downpayment amount, if any.
  • Gross Monthly Income Requirement – This is the calculated Gross Monthly Income you need to have in order to qualify for a home loan. In the Philippines, the monthly amortization should not exceed 40% of the Gross Monthly Income, and Gross Monthly Income can be calculated by simply dividing the monthly amortization by 40%.
  • Monthly amortization – This is the calculated monthly amortization payments in Philippine Peso or PHP.

Applicable for real estate mortgages and other types of home loans in the Philippines

As mentioned above, you can use this calculator if you plan on getting a real estate mortgage loan and other types of housing loans available in the Philippines.

Aside from a real estate mortgage, installment payments through a Contract-To-Sell are also common in the Philippines, and you can also use our home loan calculator for these types of home loans.

Use for home loans from any bank/lending institution in the Philippines

You can use our home loan calculator to double-check estimates/sample computations from any bank/lending institution in the Philippines.

Simply change the interest rate and loan term that is being offered to you by the bank/lending institution so you can quickly compare and check.


The amounts you will get above are for reference purposes only. Always get the actual amount from the bank/lending institution. As always, our standard site disclaimer applies.

Manually compute for monthly amortizations

How to calculate for amortization payments – If you want to double-check the amounts you got above, you can compute for your monthly amortization payments manually. Check this article for instructions.

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27 thoughts on “Home Loan Philippines Calculator (with Gross Monthly Income Requirement)”

  1. Good day po Sir Jay! Hope all is well po with you and your family. I have just visited your website last week and have been reading all your posts from start here at talaga po naman ang dami kong natutunan these last few weeks. OFW po ako and interesado na po kami ng wife ko mag start ng rental investment journey namin. Itanong ko lang po about home loan kung kaya po may lote na ko, maapprove po kaya yung home loan ko para maconstruct ng multi door apartment about 30 na pinto about 8m. And kung kayo po ang tatanungin, mag personal loan na lang po kami payable in 5 years para mapagawa yung apartment. Nagiisip din po ako kung mainam po na strategy na gawing downpayment na lang yung 4m namin to get a bigger 20m property to maximize leverage tutal may 7 to 10 years pa po kami dito sa abroad. Maraming salamat po ulit for your website, more power to you and God bless you and your family!

  2. Do they have this calculator at Google Play Store? I was looking for it but all I find are mortgage calculators without the estimated monthly salary. Please share us the link if there is. Thank you.

  3. Hi Sir Jay. Do you have an app same as this one that I can download from google play store? Been searching, but none is as good as this one. Please help. Thanks. 🙂

  4. Hi Sir Jay. Do you have an app same as this one that I can download from google play store? Been searching, but none is as good as this one. Please help. Thanks. 🙂

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  9. Hi Sir Jay, i was planning to get a house cost 2.1M my monthly income is 50k, and im willing to pay the 20% downpayment on the spot. But i was told that i cannot apply the housing loan on my own bank which is BPI. Because they said they have tied already with PS Bank. Will the bank can offer me to shorten the payment to 10yrs.? also if i have some extra income can i pay more than my monthly amortization to shorten my payment years? Im kinda new to this things i hope you can enlighten me more. Thanks in advance : )

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  12. hi sir jay. when u are not able to pay the monthly amortization is there any penalty (NHA) and BIR. cause we are not able to pay ours and the homeowners put a bir penalty 1, bir penalty 2, equity row 1 and equity row 2 … and what is this equity row?…. hope you address my concern… I really need your help sir.
    REGARDS and more powers….

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  15. hi! jay,
    i just want to know if i’m correct in calculating the mortgage, i attached the image.
    in case 8.5% is the interest rate, am i correct with my computation.


    • Hi Carlo, you can just enter the percentage value as-is, no need to divide by 100. So if it’s supposed to be 8.5%, just enter 8.5.

  16. Thank you Sir Jay for sharing your knowledge. This new tool will help us a lot. I love reading your blog and I really learned a lot. I am also in the IT industry like you sir and having ambition to be financially free in the near future. I hope I can find good deals soon. Thank you once again. More power and God bless!!

    • Hi Eugz, thanks for dropping by to leave a comment and for the kind words, you just made my day, thanks! Yes, I know you can do it too, I can definitely say IT guys like us can move forward with real estate investing. Good luck and God bless!

      • Thank you sir. I really need to implement the power of self-discipline in order to achieve all the goals I set for myself, one of them is financial freedom. To have more time with the family and to stay with them together,forever. Currently, I am working abroad and it is really difficult to be far from your love ones. Thanks God I found your blog site. It is really very helpful for us. Thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to meet you someday sir. I wish 🙂 !!

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