Home Loan and Mortgage Calculator

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This is a home loan / mortgage calculator will help you calculate the monthly amortization payments for loans that have a diminishing balance. The principal and interest are combined in the monthly payments.

Home loan and mortgage calculator

How to usehome-loan-mortgage-calculator-philippines

To calculate for your monthly amortization payments, just enter the values in the fields for data input:

  • Selling Price – This is the selling price of the property you want to buy in Philippine Peso (PHP)
  • Downpayment in % –  This is the downpayment amount you intend to pay upfront in percent
  • Loan Term in Years – This is the number of years you intend to pay the home loan
  • Interest rate in % – This is the annual or yearly interest rate (get this from the listing or the bank/seller)

Explanation of calculated results

After entering the values, the following are automatically calculated and displayed:

  • Downpayment amount – This is the calculated downpayment amount in PHP based on the downpayment percentage you entered, if any. Can also be referred to as the buyer’s equity.
  • Loan amount – This is the selling price less downpayment amount, if any.
  • Gross Monthly Income Requirement – This is the calculated Gross Monthly Income you need to have in order to qualify for a loan. The monthly amortization should not exceed 40% of the Gross Monthly Income, and Gross Monthly Income can be calculated by simply dividing the monthly amortization by 40%.
  • Monthly amortization – This is the calculated monthly amortization payments in PHP.


The amounts you will get above are for reference purposes only. Always get the actual amount from the bank/lending institution. As always, our standard site disclaimer applies.

Manually compute for monthly amortizations

How to calculate for amortization payments – If you want to double-check the amounts you got above, you can compute for your monthly amortization payments manually. Check this article for instructions.