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You might have been wondering why we have not been posting listings as often as usual during the past month and a half… it was a pain form me NOT to post listings as often I wanted to. But the delay was well worth it. Read on to find out why…

From the time I created, I have been trying to find the best way to consolidate listings of several banks/lending institutions in one place. As a real estate investor and broker, I have been dreaming of the day when all foreclosed properties are in one huge list where I can easily find what I want by location, property type, price, etc., with no need to go through several listings (which is really tedious and wastes a lot of time).

I have been dreaming of this for the past four years… until now!

The dream is now a reality… thanks to our foreclosed properties database!

foreclosed properties databaseForeclosed properties database

Imagine all foreclosed properties in one place, where you can easily search across listings of several banks and lending institutions in one “mega” listing of foreclosed properties.

Find exactly what you are looking for based on location (City/Municipality), selling price, type of property (Agricultural Lot, House And Lot, Residential Condominium, Towhhouse, Residential Lot, Commercial Lot, Parking Slot, Warehouse, etc.), and exclude what does not fit your needs.

Finding foreclosed properties, just got easier… and the key is our advanced foreclosed properties search.

Advanced foreclosed properties search

With our advanced foreclosed properties search, you can find properties through the following criteria:

Keyword(s) – You simply enter the keyword you are looking for and you will only find properties that include those keyword(s). For example, if you are looking for properties in Maia Alta Subdivision in Antipolo, simply type “Maia Alta” (without the quotes). Leave blank to include any.

Location – They say location is the most important thing to consider when buying a foreclosed property and I totally agree, which is why we gave the highest importance to location and categorized all properties by City/Municipality. To search for properties within a location, just choose the appropriate City/Municipality in the drop-down list. Leave it to default if you want to see properties from all over the Philippines.


Maximum Price (Php)- Just enter the maximum price in this field and the search results will only include properties with selling prices that are equal to or below what you put here. Leave blank to include all properties, regardless of price.

Property Type – Simply choose the property type from the drop-down list and the search results will only include that property type. These include the following and more property types will be added when such properties become available:

  • House and lot
  • Vacant lot (residential)
  • Vacant lot (commercial)
  • Vacant lot (agricultural)
  • Condominium (Residential)
  • Condominium (Commercial)
  • Townhouse
  • Apartment
  • Building
  • Warehouse
  • Parking Slot

Minimum Lot Area (sqm) – Just enter the minimum Lot Area you need in this field and the search results will only include properties with Lot Areas that are equal to or above what you put here. Leave blank to include all properties.

Minimum Floor Area (sqm) – Just enter the minimum Floor Area in this field and the search results will only include properties with Floor Areas that are equal to or above what you put here. Leave blank to include all properties.

Property Status – With foreclosed properties, there are some that are occupied (by illegal occupants), while most are already under the bank’s possession. During the recent auctions I have attended, I noticed that there are buyers who buy properties even if they are occupied, which is why I cannot exclude occupied properties from listings. However, if you are one of those who would rather stay away from occupied properties, you can easily exclude them by choosing “Unoccupied” on the drop-down list. The default includes Any properties which will show both Occupied and Unoccupied properties in search results.

One last thing… Don’t forget to click on the orange search button to execute your foreclosed property search!


Putting it all together

So let’s say you are looking for an agricultural lot which is at least one hectare (10,000sqm) in lot area, from Antipolo, can you actually find one?

The answer is yes (of course!), there is actually one foreclosed property that matches these criteria (click here to see the actual search results). Just imagine when we have already added thousands of updated listings of foreclosed properties in our database. 😉


Search results

After you click on the search button, you will see a listing of foreclosed properties with a summary of the property details, which includes a thumbnail picture of the property (if available), location, property description, selling price, lot area (if applicable), floor area (if applicable), and property code.

When you click on a listing, you will see the individual listing page where you will find more details like a bigger picture(s) (click on a picture to enlarge), vicinity map, lot plan, listing type (public auction, sealed bidding, or negotiated sale), Occupancy status of the property (if it’s occupied or not). These details can be seen as long as the bank/lending institution/seller provides us with them, so please bear in mind that some foreclosed properties might NOT have all the info I have mentioned.

For most listings that include a vicinity map, a google map will also be made available where you can see the nearest landmark, cool right?!

By the way, we can only rely on the details provided to us by the banks/lending institutions/sellers, and as always, our site disclaimer applies.

Go ahead, try it out!

You may access our foreclosed properties database through the following link

As I write this, I have already added 332 foreclosed properties from 34 locations (these are from 2 banks) and a lot more will be added regularly. I also have to finish uploading pictures for the properties in the listings of one bank (I have just completed uploading for the other bank).

Update as of May 17, 2013: I have foreclosed property listings from at least five (5) banks that I can already add to the database, although some have no pictures. nevertheless, I will start uploading them … I will keep you all posted once these have been added…

For now, we have the following in our database:

database-as-of-may-16-2013 (2)

What next?

As mentioned above, we will regularly add more listings from various banks, lending institutions, and other entities, in our foreclosed properties database. This means you can expect the listing to grow and include thousands of foreclosed properties quickly. We will keep subscribers informed when we add new listings, so don’t forget to subscribe to email alerts.

Of course, we will continue to improve many aspects of the database, this is called continuous improvement. More truly beneficial features will be enabled as soon as they are fully tested and verified to be ready for live use, we will also continue to improve the “look and feel”, and also add more functionality like sorting of search results, etc. This is quite manageable because I developed the database myself, for our own use. I’m also glad that my database administration/programming skills from my past life as an IT Practitioner have been quite useful.

Anyway, please check out our foreclosed properties database and I would appreciate your feedback, comments, and/or suggestions. Thanks!


To our success and financial freedom!

Jay Castillo

Real Estate Investor
PRC Real Estate Broker License No. 3194 
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Text by Jose Dionisio R. Castillo and Cherry Vi S. Castillo Copyright 2008-2013 All rights reserved

Image courtesy: of renjith krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos

Full disclosure: Nothing to disclose.

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  • len

    hi jay,
    this just made searching a lot easier! :) thank you so much. god bless and more power to you!

  • Jerome Morada

    Congrats Sir Jay! Your site is truly the Innovator and Leader in the industry. Thank you for inspiring us!

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    Hi,Im an OFW , i been searching for quite sometime for a foreclosed property and interested in H/L in Amayan
    St Brgy Claro Quirino District Proj.3,QC -RCBC LIST. (property Acct. 10001000001991, price P2,261.000. Is this still available? How could I acquire this…am currently residing in Proj.4, I appreciate po if u could answer my queries. Thanks and more blessings !

  • beth

    hi sir jay,

    thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

    i am getting married soon and my fiance and i are worried on where we are supposed to live after getting married.

    after almost a decade of working in the bank, we invested our savings in a franchise business that failed. after the initial bout of self-pity, we are now struggling to earn back. it is so difficult since we put all our hopes in that business. now even our wedding preparations are affected because we have to cut our budget even more.

    do you think it is safe for first-time homeowners to join these kinds of auctions? we keep looking at all these condos and townhouses for sale but the prices are just too high for such small living spaces.

    any advice you can give us will be greatly appreciated. thank you!

  • Elvin@ Journey To Millions

    Thanks Jay for working hard on this. This database is really helpful. I hope more listings can be added in the database.

  • fortune

    thanks’s really a big help for us..we’re here in qatar and planning to have our vacation soon..ang number one agenda namin eh makahanap ng lote somewhere in in Tanauan city….

  • Shere

    Hi jay,

    Ur blog is really helpful.. im glad ive found it. i have one question regarding foreclosed properties in bpi. I am interested in one of their properties pro nka red tag cya. And it say theres a court case etc.. my question, is it safe to buy it? I have little background with buying foreclosed properties so if you can enlighten me please.

    • Peter

      hi…inquiry lang po on how to sell a property presently loaned at RCBC pero mejo di na namin kaya bayaran ang monthly amortizations namin.. We have been paying for more than two years already unfortunately bka di na namin kakayanin. thanks.

  • misterIDOL

    CHAPTER 5 story of a first time real estate entrepreneur
    what exactly where the contracts use for that wholesale to work? because in the book I think it was a little bit too simple. can you please elaborate that chapter.

  • Jo

    Hi Jay,

    Wow this is really helpful. I hope to find something here. Thanks !!!

    • Jay Castillo

      Thanks Jo, kamusta na? I saw your inquiry and we’ll get back to you asap. Thanks again!

  • misterIDOL

    Nadagdagan nanaman ang mga website na pede kong malagyan ng properties 😀 . thank you po. salamat din sa mga articles mo dami ko tlga na tutunan.
    tanong ko lang po newbie kac ako.
    pede po ba mag wholesale kahit forclose na ung bahay?
    pede po ba aq mag assign ng buyer habang d ko pa na coclose yung deal sa forclose na bahay na un?

    • Jay Castillo

      Hi misterIDOL, you’re welcome and thank you too! I’ve seen at least one person successfully do the wholesaling of a foreclosed property, so it’s possible, but only if the seller that owns the foreclosed property is willing, and it was a cash transaction.

      For assignment of property rights, I encountered one bank before that allowed this. I noticed they allowed assignment in their contract to sell but that was more than 3 years ago, I’m not sure if they still allow this today… the bank was UCPB. 😉

  • gaudencio pangilinan

    Congratulations Jay! Pinadadali mo ang paghahanap ng mga swak na properties sa mga interesado. Keep up the good work!

    • Jay Castillo

      Thanks a lot Gaudencio! Thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it!

  • Arlet

    Oh my goodness! This is nifty! Thank you so much for this!

    • Jay Castillo

      You’re welcome Arlet and thank you too!

  • Murray Morales

    Hi Jay! Congratulations to your new database! You made a brilliant idea into reality. It will go a long way.

    If you are open to suggestion, I suggest that you include sort option on the search results such as lowest to highest price & vice versa, latest to earliest postings & vice versa, etc. (same tools used by Amazon). It will give your users more analytical tools on your database.

    Please continue sharing your wisdom to us. As they say, it will come back to you in ten folds :). Regards.


    • Jay Castillo

      Hi Murray, thanks! Yup, as mentioned in the post, sorting is a feature I will deploy soon, I just noticed a bug which is why it is not yet deployed in the live database (I noticed sorting by price results in sorting as if the price were characters, not numeric values, where sample values 1, 4, 8, 10 are sorted incorrectly as 1, 10, 4, 8). Once I sort this out (pardon the pun… hehe), I can even sort according to lot area, floor area, etc. I am also working on sorting by date of update, etc. There are so many things I can “play around with” that would really useful to property hunters. Thanks for the tip re: Amazon. Cheers! :-)

  • Ronald

    Who’s the man? You’re the man, Jay.

    • Jay Castillo

      Thanks a lot Ronald! By the way, I’m deferring the launch of the forum to June 1, 2013. I need to focus on adding listings in the database and deploy some updates. Also, based on the spike in pageviews, I might have to upgrade my webhosting as well… still monitoring though…

  • Belle Albino

    This is super nice and very user friendly Sir Jay! Congrats!Looking forward to see other important info about the properties like if it has legal problems on the title etc. Kudos to you Sir!

  • Gideon Rosal

    Great Job Sir Jay,
    This will make our hunting easier, take care always & god bless :)

    • Jay Castillo

      Thank you Gideon, take care and God bless you too. Cheers!

  • Anchela

    Dear Jay,
    Thanks a lot! What you did was really great. It will definitely come in handy especially for busy people like me. Godspeed!

    • Jay Castillo

      You’re welcome and thank you too Anchela, God Bless you!

      • Anchela

        I would appreciate if sooner more pictures will be available especially those with houses.

  • Gerry

    Sir Jay ayus! It’s becoming more user friendly ang website mo. By the way one time meron kaming gathering ng mga kasamahan ko dito sa Qatar eh napagkwentuhan namin regarding the foreclosed properties eh nagulat nalang kami nung parehas pala kami ng website na regular binibisita. Idol ka namin. I know ang dami mo nang OFW natutulungan thru property awareness at inspirasyon ka na lalo na kung nababanggit mo ang salitang Financial FREEDOM. Congrats….

    • Jay Castillo

      Thanks a lot Gerry and to all our kababayans there in Qatar!

  • Franz

    Congrats Jay! Awesome job on the database!

    • Jay Castillo

      Thanks a lot Franz! I still have a lot of things to do though. :-)

  • Joanne

    Thanks Sir Jay! This is of big help.

    • Jay Castillo

      You’re welcome Joanne, thanks for dropping by!

  • Paulo Luna

    Finally!!! A great engine to search for good deals!!! Great job, Sir Jay!!!

    • Jay Castillo

      Thank a lot Paulo, cheers!

  • gleceper

    Galing mo Sir!

    • Jay Castillo

      Thanks Ian! Finally natapos din, puro uploading naman ng listings ang next… hehe.

  • Froilan

    Wow, Jay, your site has already come a long long way, keep it up, you were able to sustain your post, articles and even coming up with an idea of a database like this, surely I know you are really passionate with your current endeavor that’s why you are enjoying every minute of it, even through dull times when you sometimes lazy to do things.

    Good to see a fellow Truly Rich club member like you in your successes : )

    • Jay Castillo

      Hello Froilan, thanks a lot! It was a big challenge and it took a lot of time and effort and trial and error, but now it’s here, finally. Yes, it’s great to see a fellow TRC member here. Cheers!

  • jojo

    Hello Jay,
    Great job!!! surely this will help a lot of people like me looking for foreclosed properties to invest in.
    Again, my congratulations.
    Hope everything is all well with you and your family.
    Best Regards,

    • Jay Castillo

      Hi Jojo, thank you also for the kind words. God bless you and your family!

  • Guia

    I have been dreaming for this as well! Thanks coach Jay for making it a reality! More power to you! 😀

    • Jay Castillo

      Thank you too Guia! Glad to see you drop by here, cheers!