How to check the validity of a Real Estate Broker’s License

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Ever since RA 9646, more commonly known as the RESA Law, took effect, getting a real estate license has become a big deal, at least for those who don’t want to violate the RESA Law. But how do you verify if someone has a valid real estate brokers license or realtor license?

I believe one way to check would be through the “Verification of Professional Licenses” page at the official website of the Professional Regulation Commission or PRC. On this page, you can check if an individual’s name is listed on the Registry Books of the PRC. Checkout how this can be done below.

Actually, I included the following steps in my “About” page in a recent update so that visitors can easily check if I have a valid real estate broker license. I then realized that I should make this information available to everyone who may want to check if someone else’s real estate broker license is valid as part of due diligence, etc. I suggest you use the following steps before you work with a real estate broker!

To verify if a real estate broker is listed in the Registry Books of the PRC, you may use the following procedure:

Step 1 – Visit the “Verification of Professional Licenses” page at PRC’s website: and use the default “Search by name” option:

Step 1 - Visit the “Verification of Professional Licenses” page at PRC’s website:


Step 2 – From the list in the “Profession” box, select REAL ESTATE BROKER:

Step 2 - From the list in the “Profession” box, select REAL ESTATE BROKER


Step 3 – On the “First Name” box, enter the first name of the real estate broker whose license you want to validate:

Step 3 - On the “First Name” box, enter the first name of the real estate broker whose license you want to validate.


Step 4 – On the “Last Name” box, enter the last name or surname of the real estate broker whose license you want to validate:

Step 4 - On the “Last Name” box, enter the last name or surname of the real estate broker whose license you want to validate.


Step 5 – Click on the orange “Verify” button:

Step 5 - Click on the orange “Verify” button


Step 6 – The verification result will be displayed at the bottom of the page and you should see something like this:

Real estate license verified successfully!


Random testing results

I did some random tests using the names of those who passed the first real estate license exam given by the PRC last March 2011, and also those whose applications for registration without examination were approved by the PRC, and noted that all I tested so far were indeed listed in the Registry Books of the PRC.

More tips

However, I noticed that 1) the middle names should be excluded, and 2) only the complete first name(s) should be used. I said complete first names because if a person has a first name with more than one word (like yours truly), the complete first name must be used, otherwise no records will be found.

Why I did not use “Search by license number”

If you will notice, I did not use the “Search by license number” option in my example above. This is because aside from the license number, you would also have to know the exact birthdate of the real estate broker whose license you want to verify. I guess you can only use this option if you are “a close friend” of a real estate broker (which would explain why you would happen to know his/her birthday), or you have a copy of his/her PRC ID, which contains his/her birthdate.

Go ahead and give it a try…

If you have a real estate license issued by the PRC, or if you are about to enter into a real estate transaction with someone who says he or she is a licensed real estate broker, why don’t you try the tool above and let me know how it goes.

By the way, here’s one last reminder…

Deal only with licensed real estate brokers!


To our success and financial freedom!

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  • marie

    hi! good day! I have a question, I really do hope you can help me with this. Here it is: Do i need a US broker’s license to market philippine properties in the US? Are there any permits needed should I start selling there?

    • Jay Castillo

      Hi Marie, honestly, I don’t know the answer to your question, although I was thinking you don’t need a US brokers license as long as you market properties in the Philippines. I’ll confirm with friends who might know the answer and get back to you asap.

  • jason


    Tanong lang. Paano kung yung license nya ay expired na lalabas pa rin ba siya sa PRC website?

    • Jay Castillo

      Hi Jason,

      Dapat hindi. So far wala pa namang expired brokers licenses kasi 3 years ang validity, so ang unang mag e-expire na PRC licenses ay sa 2014 pa.

  • roxanne

    This is so helpful! It put my mind on peace. Thank goodness for people like you :-)

    • Jay Castillo

      You’re welcome Roxanne, glad to be of help!

  • Rosegtoledo

    Good  afternoon, my Boss is asking me if somebody could help him answer his query if his real estate examination taken sometime in the “80’s is still valid and where are we going to locate his records. Thank you very much.

    • Jay Castillo

      Hi Rose. Unfortunately, if your Boss missed the July 31, 2011 deadline for the filing of an application to register without an examination to convert his DTI license to a PRC license, he will have to retake the exam. 

  • Life Insurance Philippines

    Another thing… if the last name has an N-tilde such as ZUÑO, you have to use the N-tilde (alt+165 on keyboard) for the search.

    Also, if you search by license number and birth date, it gives more info such as the initial registration date and when the last license renewal expires.

    • Jay Castillo

      Thanks for the tip for those with Ñ in their names!