Learn How to Make Millions in Foreclosures from Mr. Noli “El Subastahero” Alleje

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Ever wondered who could be the pioneer of foreclosure investing in the Philippines? Ever wished you could learn from the master himself?

Well, we are very lucky because Mr. Noli “El Subastahero” Alleje, will be conducting a seminar on May 25, 2013, Saturday, at the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) Auditorium (also known as the Tektite Building in Ortigas) entitled “Make Millions in Foreclosures”.

Mr. Noli is considered as one of the first Filipinos to specialize in investing in foreclosures.

Make Millions in Foreclosures

Make Millions in Foreclosures

Who is Mr. Noli “El Subastahero” Alleje?

Mr. Alleje started investing in foreclosed assets way back 1999 (This was even before Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, which was published last April 1, 2000). During the time when the Philippine economy was down and banks had billions of non-performing assets, he saw the diamonds in the rough and profited from them. It’s just like buying stocks when the values are at the lowest.

Mr. Alleje has since been able to invest in different types of real properties. He was able to auction billions of pesos’ worth of properties. In other words, he has 14 years of foreclosure investing experience tucked under his belt, surely a veritable treasure trove.

For those who want to know more about Mr. Noli “El Subastahero” Alleje, here’s a video of an interview of Mr. Alleje by Mr. Edric Mendoza of ANC “On the Money” – this is a very good “crash course” on foreclosure investing.


Why should we learn foreclosure investing?

At the moment, the Philippine economy is very strong, property prices are high, and construction of new projects are in full swing, so some may not be thinking too much about foreclosed assets. Real estate being cyclical, however, there are people predicting that the good times will soon be over and a property crash is imminent.

While we would never wish bad things on anybody, it is still better to know how to profit from a property bust in case it happens. In any case, it is good to know how to invest in real estate since there are always foreclosed properties (even now that we are in a boom period) that can bring very good returns.

What can we learn from the seminar?

According to Learning Curve, the seminar provider, the following topics will be discussed:

  • The multi-billion market opportunity in foreclosures
  • The coming real esrare bubble and how you can profit from it
  • The 2 reasons why it’s better to buy bank foreclosures
  • The 3 critical things you should do before buying a foreclosure
  • The proper way to determine the right price of foreclosures
  • The 5 things to look for when inspecting a foreclosed property
  • The problem with real estate gurus and bestselling authors
  • The no. 1 mistake when buying a property
  • The 1 thing that will solve any problem in real estate
  • The 5 strategies to make money from foreclosed properties
  • The 5 key factors to consider before you buy a foreclosed property
  • The 5 options for financing your purchase

What is most important, I believe, is the question and answer portion. I would love to pick his brains! If you have questions that have been brewing for some time, the seminar will be the best time to ask and finally get your answer.

My husband and I, with our 8-year old son CJ, will be attending his seminar, “Making Millions in Foreclosures” on May 25, 2013. The seminar will be from 1:30 to 5:30 pm at the PSE Auditorium in Ortigas. The learning fee is P1,000.00 per person if a ticket is bought until May 20, 2013. From May 21 to May 25, the fee will be P2,500.00.

I am looking forward to learning a lot from Mr. Alleje. I met him in RCBC Plaza a couple of weeks ago and he seems like a very nice guy. Actually, Jay and I already met Mr. Alleje several years ago when Jay won on his bid for a foreclosed property auctioned by Mr. Noli. Jay said he will write an article about it, that is, if he can find time to do so, since he is very busy with our foreclosed properties database.

Anyway, for those who also want to attend, you may purchase a ticket through the following link:

See you there!


Cherry Vi M. Saldua-Castillo

Real Estate Broker, Lawyer, and CPA
PRC Real Estate Broker License No. 3187
PRC CPA License No. 0102054
Roll of Attorneys No. 55239

2013 Internal Education Head, REBAP-LMP


Text by Jay Castillo and Cherry Castillo. Copyright © 2008 – 2013 All rights reserved.

Full disclosure: If purchase a ticket through our affiliate link, we are entitled to a modest affiliate fee.

Picture of Mr. Noli Alleje from Learning Curve

  • lawrence mijares

    Hello, I attended the September 2013 seminar but was unable to join the mentoring course. I intend to join the next batch. Please email me when you intend to start with the next one. Thank you.

  • http://www.davaohomelistings.com alexis

    hi, do you happen to have a schedule in Davao City? Thanks!

  • Jef

    Hi Cherry,
    Just bumped into this post. Will there be any real estate investing seminars by Mr. Alleje for August 2013 and onwards? Or do you know of any real investing seminars that I could attend. Thanks

    Appreciate your help on this.


  • Rosie

    Hi Ma’am,

    I’ve just recently bumped into this post and sadly I am already way behind the seminar schedule indicated. I’ve checked the link that you have provided and it seems that the last seminar date was on June 15 (here in the Phils). I hope you can advise us of future seminar schedule of Sir Noli. Thank you

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  • Percival Villanueva

    Do you still have seminar for this? Thanks..

  • Estrella L. Jison

    I would like to know if there are future seminars by Mr. Alleje, and the dates.

    • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Cherry Castillo

      Dear Ms. Jison,

      There will be a repeat of the seminar on June 15, 2013, 1:30-5:30 pm also at the PSE Auditorium. You may click on this link for details: http://bit.ly/16xrjUx

      It’s a good seminar. Personally though, I am not in favor of rent-to-own (in a tax and legal sense).

      Best regards,

  • Ben Solarte

    Good day!

    I am convinced that real estate investing and marketing can bring someone to his/ her desire to have income aside from employment. My wife have resigned from work and have started a small business. We have agreed however that she will explore the world of real estate.

    May I know if you have schedule/s of seminars on real estate investing that will be held in Davao City or within Mindanao. We are both very interested to attend should we have the opportunity to attend one near from our place (Davao).

    Thank you very much.

    • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Cherry Castillo

      Good morning Sir. As of now po, I am not aware of seminars that will be held in Davao or Mindanao. We will post if we know of one.

      Thank you and best regards,

      • Ben Solarte

        Thanks for the reply Maam. Wishing you and your family the best in everything always. GBU.

        • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Cherry Castillo

          Thank you rin Sir, God bless you too. I suggest po that you invite Mr. Alleje to your place, maybe you can organize those who would want to attend a seminar. He’s very nice.

          Best regards,

  • Bong


    I just want to know if there will be another seminar in the 1st or 2nd week of June. Regards

    • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Cherry Castillo

      Good morning Sir Bong,

      There will be a repeat of the seminar on June 15, 2013, 1:30-5:30 pm also at the PSE Auditorium. You may click on this link for details: http://bit.ly/16xrjUx

      Best regards,

  • Jocie

    Im interested to attend the seminar, but i have a previous engagement. If you think this is like extra income and opportunity, you may send details at my email address.

    • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Cherry Castillo

      Good morning Ms. Jocie,

      Seminar po sya, yung earning opportunity po if you buy and lease or sell. If you already know the principles, you can check our database at http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com/database/ and choose a property to buy.

      There will be another seminar on June 15, 2013, 1:30-5:30 pm also at the PSE Auditorium. You may click on this link for details: http://bit.ly/16xrjUx

      Best regards,

  • Herbs

    I luv what you and your husband are posting. I am a regular
    follower. Will there be another seminar by Mr Alleja? I am an
    OFW. I am not in the Phil on the said date. Pls inform us if Mr
    Alleja will conduct another seminar.I am interested.Thanks.

    • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Cherry Castillo

      Good morning Sir Herbs,

      Thank you po. There will be another seminaron June 15, 2013, 1:30-5:30 pm also at the PSE Auditorium. You may click on this link for details:

      Best regards,

      • john bautista

        Any seminar after june15? Thanks!

        • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Cherry Castillo

          Dear Sir,

          There will be a 3rd run of the same seminar. It will be held on September 14, 2013, 1:30-5:30 pm at the PSE Auditorium.

          Kindly click on this link for details: http://bit.ly/16xrjUx

          Best regards,

  • Cecille

    I am also attending. See you there!

    • http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com Cherry Castillo

      Oy di tayo nagkita! Long time no see