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Updated on September 10, 2013 by 9 Comments
To exchange links with Foreclosure Philippines, just copy the text link listed in the box below and post it on your site. After that, post a comment below and don’t forget to include your site’s URL and Title . Once I have verified the link to Foreclosure Philippines on your site, I can then proceed and include your site in the list below, it’s that easy!

Please do visit the sites listed below and spread the link love! Thanks!
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  • wilj

    Hi Sir Jay,
    I’ve created a link exchange on my website Please add my website as well

  • ron

    title of the website: PinoyAsk – Philippine question and answer website


    – Ron

  • Louis

    Good day Sir Jay! Would like to exchange link with your blog. I have included you in my blogroll which you can check at

    Blog Title/Handle: Investing in Philippines

    Thank you in advance!

  • Hjhornijas

    Good morning po. We have exchanged links before but I can’t seem to find the link on this page. 

    Here’s our links page po. 

    Thank you :) 


  • Rolly Felipe

    Hi Sir Jay,
    Happy New Year! Been reading your site for over a year. Initially, I visited your blog to see the bank foreclosed properties but eventually read your articles on investing. Really a very informative blog! Last October  I decided to get into blogging and I will admit that your blog has influenced me in a way. Keep up the good work!  

    Rolly Felipe
    PRC  REB Lic. No. 10163
    Marikina Valley Realtors Board Inc.

  • Joy Osorio

    Hi I’m an avid fan of your site ever since you inspired me on the Nov.21, 09 TRP seminar. Thanx a lot! Hope you’ll check my new blog

    • Jay Castillo

      Hi Joy, congratulations on your new blog and thank you also for being a frequent reader. With your comment, people might think I’m a celebrity… hehe. Just want to help people like you who are also on the same journey to financial freedom.

      I’ll be adding your site to my blogroll, thanks for the link-love. :-)

  • Penelope Anderson


    Myself Penelope Anderson and I maintain some Finance related websites. I have visited your website and have found it a good and informative one. In fact your site will be very helpful for my visitors and I do feel that your website will fit into my collection of partners.

    I’ll provide you with links from some relevant pages. So if you’d like to exchange links with my websites, then kindly send me your website details and I’ll activate your links within hours.

    Waiting for your reply.

    Best Regards,
    Penelope Anderson