Bank repossessed cars round-up as of August 18, 2010

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If you are looking for bank repossessed cars, then this post is for you. With so many listings of bank repossessed cars for sale coming out lately, I'll just put them all here in a single post. This round-up of listings of bank repossessed cars includes listings from AMA Bank, Eastwest Bank, RCBC … [Read more...]

Car got flooded? Why not consider looking at these bank repossessed cars for sale?

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Did your car get flooded at the height of Typhoon Ondoy (International codename: Ketsana) or Typhoon Pepeng (International codename: Parma) and now you’re still waiting for advice when it can be brought in for repair? What if your car was already under repair but it turns out you will have to wait … [Read more...]

UCPB repossessed cars for sale

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Pardon me if I may have been bombarding you with a lot of listings of repossessed cars for sale from a number of banks lately. It just so happens that a bunch of them came out this week and the deadlines for the submission of bids are already next week so I really need to post them here quickly. I'm … [Read more...]

Conditions Of Sale for UCPB Auction on Nov 29, 2008

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After asking for a copy of the auction guidelines, I received instead a copy of the CONDITIONS OF SALE for the UCPB auction of foreclosed properties on November 29, 2008. I advice interested bidders to carefully read all the provisions in the CONDITIONS OF SALE which I pasted below prior to the … [Read more...]

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