BFS Pre-owned Properties Priced Right


Filipinos continue to flock to BFS for pre-owned properties due to affordability, value for money, extensive inventory, and widely dispersed locations in growing subdivisions.Buying pre-owned properties has its advantages. Communities are developed, roads are built, and businesses are … [Read more...]

Own Your Home Instead Of Renting

ScreenHunter_265 Oct. 07 09.15

Results of the latest Family Income Expenditure Survey (FIES) show that the average Filipino “middle class family” earns a monthly income of P36,934 or P443,208 per annum. On the other hand, the average annual expenditure of each family, at current prices, amounts to P176,000. Food expenditure eats … [Read more...]

Philippine Property Stocks Free-Fall Close to 20%: Time To Cut Your Losses?

Joe and Ian

This is a guest contribution by Ian Mariano of Reno Home Blog (Author's Note: This article was written to serve as an on going dialogue about current market tremors. You may post your questions at the comment section and I'll try to answer them - Ian Mariano)."You must never confuse faith that … [Read more...]

Take a break!


This is a guest post by Sha Nacino of Seminar PhilippinesI love writing! It’s my passion. I feel so alive when I write. I remember a time when I didn’t leave the house for a couple of days because I was so glued to the book I was writing.Last year, I took a two month (unpaid) vacation … [Read more...]

4 Tips That Can Help You With Negotiating With Banks For Their Foreclosed Properties


This is a guest post by Ronald Cagape of Living Cashflow 101.Negotiating with banks for their foreclosed assets can be scary and intimidating when you haven’t done it.We always have this image in our mind that bankers are snobbish people who look at you from head to toe and make a quick … [Read more...]

Will there be a Real Estate Bubble in the Philippines?


This is a guest post by Angie Espiritu of Filben RealtyThe term "real estate bubble" sends shivers to many spines because of the fairly recent sub-prime bubble that happened in the United States. Stripping the word of all its technicalities, a real estate bubble is simply about spiraling prices … [Read more...]

4 perfectly legal ways to be a real estate investor with the RESA Law


This is a guest post by Ronald Cagape of LivingCasflow101.comThe RESA law is a comprehensive law intended to professionalize the ranks of real estate service providers - brokers, agents, appraisers, assessors and consultants.However, this law has cast some doubt on the practice of buying and … [Read more...]

A busy yuppie that wants to have more time and money

Jump for Freedom

A guest post by Sha NacinoFor the past few weeks, I have been on a six-day work week. This set-up really drained my energy. Most importantly, it made it impossible for me to go home to our province, a 10-hour bus ride from Manila. I miss my family so much! How I wish I could go home and see my … [Read more...]